It might shock some of you to know that I have never been to Costco.  I hear my friends talking about it all the time but there's just 2 of us living in this house so in my mind it just didn't make sense to buy in bulk.

Fast forward to the other day when I was leaving my last appointment and I was faint from hunger.  It was about 4:00 and I was passing Costco.  I swerved into the parking lot on 2 wheels because I had also heard stories of snacks at every corner.

I practically ran up to the counter to join......  grabbed my cart and headed to the food area.  Good Lord people it was nirvana.  Cute people with hair nets and blue smocks pushing food like there was a contest.  I tasted everything and even had to circle the cheesecake with strawberries and whip cream 3 times until the line went down.

What really amazed me was that after I gorged, paid for my items I came across this.

Food you have to pay for.  That was weird to me cause there is free food all over the place.

 I  bounced out of there like I had just discovered gold.  Plus I was full:) right?  Although when you think about it I just paid 55.00 for snacks.  I never said I was a math whiz.

As promised I have a few other vendors to share with you from the New York show.  I spent more time here than any other booth!

Holy smokes y'all.  The Guildery was founded by Shane Reilly [founder of Decorati] and Kelly Berger [co founder of Tiny Prints acquired by Shutterfly].


Bottom line.....any pattern in any color on  Belgian  linen, sailcloth, cotton twill and others.

It is mind boggling and of course my ADD set in so I was frozen and could not make a decision.

Some of their designers include Lindsay Coral Harper.

Becki Owens

Are you dying yet?  Well hold on to your hats.  There are 3 pages of collections....


Here are three I put together.

I mean it's ridiculous.  The possibilities are infinity.

And....if your mind isn't already spinning you can design your own fabric.  Yep.  They pretty much covered everything.

Don't ever say I didn't hook you up.



therelishedroost said...

I have been dying to design my own fabric and this is fabulous! THanks for the awesome tip! I have never been in a Costco either.. now I think I have to go.xo K

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this fabric is like Spoonflowers' where the ink is printed on top of the fabric rather than dyed but if it is, don't ever wash it. It fades like crazy. Just an FYI. Shouldn't be a huge problem on drapery or pillow covers but if you use it on furniture, the ink can rub off with age.

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

hahahhahahahahha! oh god costco. i feel like that membership is gold, you can get tom ford glasses at the eyewear shop, pill pockets for the dogs and about 4 tons of rolls that two people can never possibly go through. welcome!

Kathysue said...

Had to laugh about the Costco trip, you are too funny, you always make me laugh. Great looking fabrics and colors, how fun, you will be even more creative with your new source.

René said...

I spend a small fortune at Costco every week. If you go back, look for Caomi red wine. We buy it by the case :), but not every week, ha! Gorgeous wall paper!

Sarah said...

You're killing me with all those amazing fabric options! And, my husband and I finally let our Costco membership lapse. It's amazing how many things we HAD to have every time we went. We used to call Target the $100 store. Costco quickly became the $500 store because every.single.time we went, we couldn't leave without spending that much.

Pink Camellias said...

I love Costco! I have three boys to feed, so I'm at Costco every week stocking up on snacks, La Croix and toilet paper! You really can almost sub in the snacks for a meal. I take my two younger boys there on Saturdays, and they usually eat enough samples that they aren't hungry for lunch!

tanyaj said...

you got out of costco under $100 , that's amazing! the guildery is so cool...thanks for sharing

Mary Beth at said...

My dear husband refuses to pay a shop to shop. He says they should pay us! but I do love when family brings a sheet cake from Costco for parties, it's delicious.

StagerLinda said...

Oh my, those fabrics are DELICIOUS! Sooooo many possibilities! Costco is dangerous for ADD folks -- too many decisions.

Maureen said...

I'm single and I have a warehouse membership- not Costco, but similar. You can't beat it for paper products, soap, dishwasher detergent, dog treats and the number one reason I have my membership- CONTACT LENSES AND EYEGLASSES.

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