Y'all....I have been trying to write this post for a week now....but Lord the week before Thanksgiving was packed with deliveries...and it about broke me:)

There were days when I really wanted to get my workout in and then I had to leave....with no shower....to get everything done.....ugh!

Sometimes you have to do what it takes and you just don't want to disappoint anyone.  

BUT.....I did get invited to the 2021 HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS SHOWHOUSE  preview and of course I did take a shower and clean myself up for that!

Let me share some of my favorite spaces and moments with you....might want to get a glass of wine or coffee depending on when you are reading this:)

This home is located in Buckhead with a little over 11,000 square feet.
You can find more info here

The first room I saw when I walked in was the dining room with these incredible dark walls....

Yes.....I was all in with this space!  Love the plates on the wall.....I think that is a look that will always be relevant in my opinion.

Across from the DR was the LR and it was very sophisticated and extremely curated.  My fav style!

That fireplace mantel gave me goose bumps....so pretty!

Just stunning.

It was really hard to get a picture of the LR....there was a huge tree but I got a few shots.

These chairs below had me at pink and chinoiserie:)

Aren't they just so interesting?  I love an unusual chair and these fit the bill!

I had a hard time getting good pictures as it was very sunny that day and you could land a plane in there with every dang light on.

Take my word....it was stunning!

There were 2 bedrooms on the main level...a guest room and the master.  I like that idea....you don't ever have to go upstairs right?

This bedroom was very pretty done in fresh greens....

With a pretty chandelier....

And cookies!  I stayed in that room for a good while stuffing my face!

The bathroom below had the most incredible light fixture....I really loved it!

The powder room below.....

That sink and those floors!

I wish I had gotten better pictures of this master bedroom.....trust me when I say it was so warm and cozy and the color on the walls was stunning!

I hate to sound like a broken record but give me a cute unusual chair every day of the week!

Cute pink and green room with the prettiest Christmas tree in it!

This was an office and those chairs.....were jaw dropping!

One more bedroom.....

Very cool....and again....curated.  Everything had that "found" look which I love!

Pretty place setting......

This was a back hallway that was such a pretty moment!

The crappy iPhone pictures were mine and the ones that were a 100 xs better were taken by David Christensen

Remember....these designers work so hard putting these spaces together.  I can not even imaging trying to do it this year with the supply chain problems.

I think the stress would have made me crazy:)

So if you go HERE there is a list of sources!

And a list of all the talented designers can be found HERE

If you want to see more try looking on the designers instagram page.

Also it is open Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday through December 12th.
There are all kinds of events so go HERE to see a list!

Y'all.....Thanksgiving was hard.  There was about 11 of us and I know everyone felt the absence of Nancy.
It just sucked.




Well hello peeps!  I've missed you.....but I was down for a while with Covid!  Yup...I was kind of lax getting my booster and I actually thought it was just a cold as those were my symptoms but I noticed my taste and smell were off so that is what made me go to the drugstore and get a test.  

Luckily the few people I did have some contact with were not infected...... except Rose....and I like to share everything with her anyway:)  What was weird was that our symptoms were SO different....She had a fever and I never got one....and she did not lose her smell or taste. 

Anyway I still have the sniffles but feel pretty good over all.  A little tired in the afternoons....

I have a little update on one of my fav projects....it's the one that I did the bathroom for! I am sure all of you have been hearing about the supply chain problems so of course furniture has been slowly trickling in.

I am so used to getting it all in and then doing a major install but at this time I just don't want people to be waiting for things any longer.....

Anyway the bed finally arrived and I remember being so angst about ordering a camel colored bed but in the end I trusted my gut and boy am I glad I did!

This is the bed style I ordered from Bernhardt called the Cooper Wing Bed.

Remember when I installed this amazing Romo wallpaper on just the bed wall?

She already had these lamps so I just got some new shades...and that was an improvement right away!

I ordered these Noir night stands...I needed something that was not too deep as there is a closet door on one said and these were perfect.  Plus I knew I wanted black as they also had this amazing MCM dresser that they wanted to keep!

This is the dresser.....

Here is a closeup of the blinds I ordered....

After the light fixture was installed I found the most amazing vintage rug that was perfect!

Here is a closeup of the bed with the wallpaper....I don't know about you but I am in love!

And here she is in all of her glory.....I think the rug is the shining star!

I love when I room looks curated and I think one has that feeling with some vintage mixed in with the new....

She had the art so I hung it but it will eventually go in the bathroom as I found an amazing piece for this wall.  Need to get it framed first!

I also found a chest for under the TV....I looked long and hard for this as it needed to blend with both the MCM dresser and the black nightstands....

It still has a clean look but it is a darker finish than the dresser.....they really need storage since this  downsizing and I was so happy to find it!

I have been playing around with some accessories!

I also found an amazing mirror to go over the dresser but have not had a chance to get it hung yet!

Of course now I am in a dither to find a  lamp and some accessories.  It's always something:)

So it's been a little over 3 months since I lost my sister to cancer.  I still walk by her house everyday and think all the same things that everyone else thinks when they lose a loved one too soon.....I wish I could pick up the phone and call her.  As a family we are about to spend Thanksgiving in her new kitchen and it will be such a bittersweet moment as she had been talking about this renovation for a couple of years.

 I think the thing about death is... it's hard to realize sometimes how final it is....and of course there is always thoughts of "could I have done more"....other medical treatments that we could have tried....

Maybe it would have extended her life a few months but the outcome would have eventually been the same.

Hope you guys are all well.....


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