So I just dropped of the radar.
Yeah....12 hour days kind of put blogging on the back burner....and yes I agree..... pretty rude of me.

Seriously though..... I just couldn't find the time to multi task with this one.  

Partly because Cari and Greg had just moved in their new house and there was no furniture or internet.  More on that later:)

We left Atlanta on Monday and got to the house around 5 pm..... placing most of the furniture that evening.

Let's start from the beginning....

This little beauty.....

Which got a coat of BM Kendall Charcoal.  New railing and garage doors.  Replaced the funky window over the garage....

House numbers will be on the stained wood wall.



The stairway....before


A little Cole and Sons wallpaper always helps:)

Looking down....

Before image as you came up the stairs....

The wall was opened up about 4 feet since the doorway to the kitchen was so small.  There was a lot of discussion about whether to just remove this whole wall to open up the kitchen and family room....but we really needed it for the fridge and some cabinets.

Added a little shiplap to the wall....

There just wasn't anything left to go on this wall so I left it clean....#eyeneedsaplacetorest



After cabinets were removed!

All Kitchenaid appliances.

I can't believe the sink was not under the window??


Custom iron brackets and the butcher block shelves are from Ikea.  The light is from Hinkley
Rug is from Surya.

It really turned out to be quite a nice size kitchen.
The cabinets and countertops [raw concrete] are from Ikea 


Wider opening and painted all the doors which I will get the color for you!  I can't remember right now.  #braindead 

My favorite Grohe K7 faucet.

Hello cute little mini watermelons....:)

Hardware from


This is your basic classic kitchen....timeless!

Well?  You likey?

So this is what we saw every evening when we came home...

They moved about 7 miles outside of Boulder....and their are 11 cows a few feet from their property!

And they did not want to take any of their old furniture with them....because they want new!  Ahhhhh.....youth.

Of course there is more and we will get to it soon...I promise I won't leave you hanging:)

Thanks for hanging with me.




I seriously feel like I have let you guys down with no funny antidotes lately.  It has been all seriousness over here at casa "design indulgence" with more work than play.

I'll say "this too shall pass" and we will get back to giddiness and crazy after August!

Even my workouts have taken second place  and those that know me.....will say that is definitely not my norm. 

Alrighty then....I did manage to get to the mart for a few days last week so let me share some of my favorites!

First and foremost some things will never change and that is my love for pillows.  Sugar Feather captured my heart a few years ago when I came around the corner to the most spectacular group of black and white pillows.

They have branched out to more colors and I admit that once again I could not resist putting in an order.....because Lord knows I NEED MORE PILLOWS.

If the end of the world comes I will be in my bunker with pillows.

Like brown.....

And blue

Is it just me?  I mean are these fabulous or what!

Currant obsession number 2....baskets.

This company only sells "to the trade" but you can find your own here

And then I saw all this crazy awesome black and white art from Soicher Marin

I wanted to whip out my checkbook right there but then I remembered I have no wall space left in my house.  AND.....try as I might I can't sell a "black and white" scheme to any client!


I bought this little ditty for my Pinewood Forest showhouse.  I needed something with patina....

And I never met a textured or B&W vase that I did not want to purchase.....I might have a few of those in my hoarding  staging room but will be our little secret.  No telling the hubs.


I love.....primitive house art

And....white pots lined up with greenery in them.

This Arteriors lamp gave me some feels.....

Some smashing new Dash and Albert rugs

And I can't remember what showroom this was but now that I am into color.....:)

Here is hoping my life gets a little more exciting soon.


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