OK....this post will give you a little insight to how my brain works....and you might think to yourself...."wonder how she gets anything done"...

Yeah....I started out searching for some black wrapping paper and I thought for sure Target will have some.  Well they didn't.....what?.... but I did see all kinds of black and white Christmas stuff.

Then I switched over to black and white home.... that led to clothes and well....the rest is blog post history.

I gotta crank this out because I have a dentist appointment to get a porcelain filling installed at 10 and have to take my Xanax at 9:00.  Yeah....I am that person with anxiety on a level 10 for anything involving teeth....or spiders for that matter.

OK....let me NOT get distracted so close to the finish line:)

On the last post I hit upon some Christmas I am taking it one step further to make it specific! know where this is going right!

Black and white for the win.

Here is where I went off the rails.

On to some home goods.

Yeah....I'm still at it with some Target Lighting!

Everything above....right!

And of course I had to throw in a few clothes:)

Check Bag [I bought this one!]

So during the holidays does it count if you start out the post with holiday decor and then morph into a regular post?

Kind of like a "fakeout"?

I don't know but it works for me hee haw.

Oh yeah....a little high five for my 1000th post!




Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my Thanksgiving post.  If it made you think....then my job is done here:)

As I was walking through the Atlanta Holiday Home [ for the second time! #obsessedmuch] I was struck by all the pretty wrapped presents under 10 or so Christmas trees!

I wish I could just plop one of them right into my house because if you have been reading my blog for a while you know I am kind of lacking in the Christmas decorating area.  

The last time I did some major decorating was when I had a party about 4 years ago and I think the memory of the stress cured me.....

Christmas wrapping is not just green and red anymore....and I bet when you read the title of this post you laughed and said to yourself...."must be a typo or a guest post".

Lucky for me I remembered to take all these pictures for your inspiration!

All this wrapping got me inspired....haha.  Enough to create a few on my own....well the jury is still out on that!

I pulled a few favorites from Pinterest.

The above and below are 2 that won my heart!

I can tell you this....if by some miracle I do wrap a few presents....they will most likely look like this one below!

Hubba Hubba. Black wrapping paper and black ribbon....I'm all in with this situation!

I felt pretty lame so I looked up some post when I did do some decorating!

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 lame to keep recycling old Christmas decorating and from 5 years ago also.

Who know....maybe a miracle and I will get motivated.





According to Instagram and Facebook it looks like everyone stuffed themselves and had a good time with family!

I was thinking yesterday how blessed I am to have siblings.  As you get older you think about being alone more and more.  My parents are gone and have been for over 20 years.  I remember when my Mom was dying.....she told all 4 of us that we need to stick together.  No matter what.

We might disagree about things but we are all we have now.  I think I have blogged about this before but I was so lucky to have Eleanor "Sis" Crawford Jackson as my Mom.  She taught me about real love and forgiveness.


She had to forgive herself for doing something that goes against her very core.  Give up a child for adoption.....which we learned about after her death.

The facts are kind of fuzzy as it was a huge secret and most of her family is gone.  The details aren't really that important but she did try to tell us during the last few days of her life however I think she was still afraid to share..... having kept the secret for over 50 years.  We aren't even sure my Dad knew.

After giving up her child she moved to San Antonio, Texas and met my Dad.  They were married within a couple of weeks and I was born 9 months later.  The picture above defines their relationship....I believe they were meant to be together.....for 45 years until he died of a heart attack at 63.

About a year or so ago my sister got an email from our brother.  He is a few years older that I am........was adopted and had a great life.  He came to Atlanta for a visit.  

I think he wanted to know what his biological Mom was like and maybe have closure on his part about why she gave him up.  We all answered as many questions as we could to help peace together the story.

All of this today is because I was listening to a podcast....Armchair Expert with Dax Sheppard.

His guest was Gordon Keith [who I had not heard of] but the two of them are pretty darn funny together!  Dax was talking about his Dad who he was estranged from until about the last few months of his life.  He talked about resentment and holding a never make peace because you are determined to WIN.  

I know friends who are estranged from a parent....or a child because they feel they have been wronged but I don't think that has to be your identity.  There are many times I have felt victimized in life but I don't want it to define me  because being right is not that important in the end. 

You know like "you'll show them"  "when I die they will be sorry".....I kind of think you are the one who will be sorry. 

I can honestly say that there is NOTHING any of my family could do that I would not forgive.

Whoa...enough preaching.

My sister had us over for dinner since my brother stayed with his family in Hilton Head and my other sister was in California having dinner with her mother in law who is 98, still drives, pays her own bills and walks 2 miles a day!

I was so thankful to have a sister that owns a restaurant [so I did not have to cook....].

We came home and finished up Netflix Narcos Mexico.

Quiet times.




I really can't stop thinking about how pretty the Christmas showhouse was.  I know how hard it is pulling together a beautiful room....trying not to empty your bank account....but giving y'all a wow moment!

I'm pretty sure I am a [2] and done kind of girl:)
After this summer....

But these designers brought their A game and even though pictures don't really show how wonderful a room is....well it's all I got!

Where to begin...

Lauren Deloach did a beautiful job on the living room.....warm...cozy but elegant all at the same time!

Details everywhere right?

Lauren always brings the "pretty"....

The powder bath was designed by Susan Brady

Beautiful Clark and Clark wallpaper...

My friends Montgomery Gratch Interiors created a fun whimsical bedroom and I love love the hand painted walls by Kari Fisher Designs

The bathroom was dressed in Schumacher Blommen wallpaper,

This lovely room was designed by Interior Philosophy and it was one of my favorites which will surprise you because of the color :)

Some gorgeous pink happening here!

Beautiful combination!

 Love the art by Andrea Costa
It had a nice organic feel

I seriously loved everything in this room....the perfect amount of modern and patina which is hard to do!

The upstairs master...yes everyone has 2 masters and now 2 kitchens....the "pretty kitchen" and then the "scullery" where all the dirty work happens!

Hell....I don't even use my kitchen so I don't get having 2!

This one designed by Wyeth Ray Interiors and it's GOOD!

Lot's of black and white so I was giddy.....

A touch of masculinity which is my jam....

But then the bathroom was all pretty!

The Cowtan and Tout Swedish Tree wallpaper was the perfect feminine choice to juxtapose with the bedroom don't you think? 
These cabinets....

OK....I will save the last few rooms on Friday cause I am sure by now you are snoozing away thinking "when will this post end".....

Thanksgiving.....I'll be at my know the one with the restaurant.  Which makes life easy since all I have to do is showup....haha.


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