Sorry this post is late....but guess what?  I am sick again.  I  This is getting ridiculous and I am now a firm believer that stress DOES make you sick.  I eat right....drink moderately....exercise and take vitamins.  The 2 factors that I think are the cause..... is lack of sleep and the stress.

Damn.  Damn.  Damn.

And of course I am out here in Boulder. 

On Sunday when I arrived the stairwell light fixture [Circa Lighting] was getting installed. 

Let me just say it was a bear to get up but oh so worth it!

These pretties got installed on the wall....

Also the Currey and Co Serpentina in the DR

The bathroom is coming along....

They were painting the vanity yesterday.

That night Greg and I went to dinner at The Kitchen.  It was so good!

The Sticky Toffee Pudding will put you in a coma.

No lie.

And they are definitely ready for the holidays...

The snow started around 3 on Monday and this was 8:00.

It snowed all night....

Seriously about 13 inches!  Which since we are house bound today gives me time to do this post!

It was a busy week getting ready to leave town.  I picked up some art from a new gallery....Jennifer Balcos Gallery here in Atlanta.

Can't wait to get the other pieces framed and hung!

Got this wallpaper hung with some new lighting and now I have to find the perfect mirror and accessories....the hard part of course:)

These gorgeous curtains were hung on Friday.

And ordered some pretty pillow fabrics for the LR

On Thursday night I went to an event at The Hotel Clermont put on by Fabricut/S. Harris fabrics.  Had such a delicious dinner!

Got a glimpse of a project that was featured in Atlanta Magazine home.

So excited to show you the rest of the images.

Also checked on a Ladisic Fine Homes project that I am working on....look at this stairwell!

The furniture got delivered for my sisters porch and I had 5 minutes on Sat to throw it together....More time for zhushing when I get home!

 Happy Thanksgiving to the Jacksons....this image taken a few year ago at my sisters.

My dog sitter sent me this picture of Cami....she seems to be doing OK without me....haha

I hope all of you will be celebrating Thanksgiving with family this year....I am excited to be here with my Boulder crew....even though I am sick.  I could let out a string of cuss words about that but then you would have a different view of me:)

And of course the Black Friday sales....which have morphed into black Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and so on.

Hugs and Love to all of my friends out there!




I guess you figured out that I didn't post yesterday....can't fool you guys:)  I had to run out to a curtain install very early and I wasn't finished organizing all of these showhouse pictures.....soooooo I just ghosted.  

But.....I'm up early on a Saturday before I go teach my spin class so if you are around this weekend....definitely GO!

I have a huge treat for you today.....some gorgeous pictures of the Atlanta Holiday Home.  I was invited to Media Day where I proceeded to snap away but then they sent me some professional that is good for y'all!

This years house was a renovation [they are usually new builds] by Harrison Designs and I know I say this every year but I loved it!  It was set on a beautiful piece of property with privacy.

The kitchen was incredible.....check it out!

Chris Holt of Holt Interiors

Are you killing me?  Those ceilings.....I died.

Below the pantry by Shawn Amtower

Look at all of those dark walls....makes me plain giddy!

The mudroom was spectacular!  Enwright Design.  I would say don't bring any mud in 
here :) 

This space by Anna Braund Interiors was a knockout.  The ceiling was so high gloss it looked like glass!   The color of this room is F B Studio Green

This is the front Anna Louise Wolf.  So darn pretty!

The dining room by my friend Jena Salmon was delightful......

Beautiful master bedroom by James Wheeler Designs.

The master bath by Tish Mills was pretty incredible.  You felt like you were in a tree house!
Yes there were motorized blinds.

Snappy laundry room by Beth Kooby

Off the mudroom there was a tower designed by Jimmy Stanton.

Wall color is BM Dark Pewter.  Might be a new favorite.....

Lower level space by Maggie Griffin sponsored by Ballard designs. 

I have more pictures of this guest bedroom by McLaurin Interiors below which was a great mix of traditional and modern

The showhouse is open Thursday-Sunday.  Sponsored by Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.

Guess what?  I am headed to Boulder for Thanksgiving.  Very excited.  
AND.....I don't have a house to stage.....yup this trip is for pleasure.  
AND....I have a great house sitter to take care of Cami which really is a relief!

Things are pretty status quo around here.  We are headed into the holidays and I'm not gonna lie.....I've been struggling a little.  I am going to rely on my friends and family incredibly hard through these next few months.

If you don't hear from me next week....I might be sleeping which is something that hasn't come easy lately. 

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of my supportive readers.  You guys are a rare bunch:)


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