I am not sure how we got to week 5 but it seems like hours are becoming seconds these days....

It is time to catch up with everyone working on a room design to be completed in 6 weeks.  The plans, the inspiration and stumbling blocks that come with creating on a deadline!

Thanks for the great comments on my fall tour.  Boy....if only I had time to plan for that thing:)

Something I did have time to plan for this week is a better update of the "bunny hutch".  I headed over there on Saturday so we could work on the coffee table.

You guys were spot on....the room did not need more painted furniture.  A good sanding, some light brown Briwax and she was good.  It was a trick question and you got it:)

She went from this....

To this.
Took 2 coats of wax but after we put her back in the room we both agreed that it was the right thing.  I joined in on a small bunny dance.

Now she isn't styled yet.....but wait don't go...I do have a few finished shots!

Remember the drop leaf table that was painted?
All finished and ready for a closeup.

The paint color is ASCP French Linen.

We also got the brackets from HomeGoods hung.

The plates are from Salvation Army.  
They were .50 each.

Started styling this corner.  We used some old suitcases from the "bunny attic".....the black and white stripe throw which is probably the best thing Ikea has ever done right?

The marble bowl is also from HomeGoods.

Started working on the mantel.  We are trying to make an effort to use as much of her own junk items as we can so I took a stroll through the "hutch" to gather.

After about 3 tries I was starting to feel it.  She had the frame, books and clear glass bottles.  I picked up the candlesticks at Goodwill.

Not going to say this is the finished product....can't commit to anything until I am forced to take the final shots:)

Design tip: To keep the room from looking to contrived and "perfectly decorated" it helps to create a casual feel in some areas.

I'm still tweaking the bookcases so I guess they will have to wait until the final reveal.

Don't be left out of the loop.....take a look at the progress from everyone else.

 Get creative today.....




Holy mackerel...I was just hanging out yesterday not doing much....thinking that my tour was on TUESDAY.....and that I had all day Monday to get this post together.

This morning while I was leisurely sipping my coffee I had this small panic feeling and checked to find out my tour is TODAY!!

What the what.

I had to get in gear at 7:00 am....but first I had to wait for a minor thing like the sun to come up.

I just took styled, took 48 pictures and edited them  in 2 hours.


I hope you have been following along with this tour by Kristen and Lindsay!

I really don't change things too much around here [shut up] although I have been know to replace a pillow or 2.

Anyway, as I explained on FridayI do take down the color over the mantel.

I am not tired of my old bottles yet so I just worked around them....
Re-using the bread boards from last year plus adding a few things.

These are the same black and white pillows I had last fall so I just incorporated some texture with the velvet and grain sack pillow.

I helped Sudi for a day in exchange for some for me huh?

I did grab some white pumpkins....good thing I planned ahead right:)

Discovered these old prints at a flea market.  They were both framed and matted differently so I unified them by painting the mats and frames. I was sitting around about 2 months ago and had an epiphany.  Why don't I put my rustic pigeon basket coffee table in the LR and bring in the waterfall acrylic table in the den.  "Honey come here for a minute....I need your help with something.....NOW".

Seriously y'all I am so dang happy with the change.  I have had that coffee table in my den for at least 7-8 years.

Alighty then....fall tour....check.

Who is on board for tomorrow?  Well I am glad you asked me cause it is my girl Lakeitha 

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Hey guys.....I just realized that this is my 501'st post.  Isn't 500  milestone or something?  Are they going to knock on my door [like the publishers clearing house winner] screaming in my face with a microphone and confetti?  

Probably's just something I might celebrate by putting together a giveaway.....stay tuned!

On another note I am feeling better.  Time....the indefinite continued progress of existence and events.  Thank goodness.

Next Tuesday I am participating in a Modern and Fresh Fall Home Tour put on by Kristen and Lindsay.

Every October I take down the colorful art over my mantel.....which helps me from growing tired of it.  

When spring rolls around I am always ready to throw some color back up in the crib. 

Last year I did this to my mantel.

I made a few changes this year......

Sneak peek

I also bring out the fur throw and add texture

A few more shots.

If you are curious as to what other changes I have made...please come back on the 29th.

For those of you who had some questions about the fabrics I showed in Monday's post here is the book they came from

Big's Friday.  

You guy's really helped me this week.  

Love you all for that.




Week 4 of the ORC.

I hope you will forgive me for not having more to show you today.  Last weekend when I should have been working on my project, I was [as you know] grieving.  I just did not have the energy or focus to get some of my projects done.

But being the magician I am...... you are in luck cause I have grabbed a few images and tried to edit the hell out of them to complete my assignment.

I hate letting people down:(

That just means that next week will be epic.

We finished painting the drop leaf table [ it isn't styled yet] but not the coffee table.  The 9 x 12 seagrass rug arrived from Overstock.  

The "bunny" painted the bookshelves and I started styling last week.



You can see that the tape is still on the wall....We are such impatient fools.

The curtains were hung a while ago but I thought I would have more time to get better pictures.  That will teach me to procrastinate.

The hide [from Scott's Antique Market] was layered on top of the seagrass.  One of the reasons why the coffee table hasn't been painted is I am still trying to figure what the hell I want it to look like.  If we win the lottery by next week then you can be sure we will use this for firewood and I won't have to wrack my damaged brain another second.

We also started throwing pillows around.  This is probably not the final display so don't get attached.

I promise next week "bookshelf styling" and soooo much more.  Since this is such a dark room I am having trouble taking good pictures and I need to do it early in the morning for the best sun. 

Again, I have to say thank you.  I know how busy everyone is with kids, school, work, fall festivals, design, and just plain life.  Taking time to reach out to me with your own stories of losing your pet has left me utterly astonished.  It was a feeling of being wrapped in a warm quilt, drinking a cup of tea while someone rubbed your head.  

I don't care what "Martha" said.....bloggers are the best!

Please take the time to visit all the hard working ORC participates today.  I know they would really appreciate it.




I have been incredibly touched by your comments on losing my sweet Zipper.  Hearing how many of you have  been through the same thing was comforting because I know I will get through this.

I am not going to lie....there have been a few breakdowns the last couple of days.
I keep asking myself  "did I do enough....did I give up" but I guess that is normal.  Crikey.....guilt is a bitch.

I know time is a healer and thank goodness I still have his sister to help console me.

Just a little design today.....easing back into things.

This arrived on Saturday.

It is the art for my project [bad iphone pic].  In the beginning I wanted a more modern abstract piece but as design can go I changed my mind for something a little more subtle.

I have posted before about Linda Donahue.  I am so in love with her work and if I can't have one...well this is the next best thing right?

I was at ADAC the other day and browsed through a fabric book in Duralee.

This one caught my eye...

Amazing huh?
Then I saw these embroidered beauties.

So darn pretty.

Color for days

I mean really...and notice that secretary in the reflection?
I need to amp up my painting skills:)

Alright....I've got to get in gear so I will have something for my ORC post on Wednesday!

Mondays are tough but they only come once a week....ha ha.  Sadness makes you goofy.


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