So I got roped into a spring fashion post...and I don't mean that in a bad way....just a "put off until the last minute way" Ha Ha.

Spring in Georgia can last a month or 2 days.  No kidding......

If you want to wear cute linen jackets and light sweaters you better not save anything cause it will be 90 degrees before you know it.

The reason I like spring and summer clothes is that they are usually less expensive and I don't mind buying something trendy....as I will rarely keep it for a long time like I do with wool or nicer items.

Sunday I tried on so many outfits that by the end my hair was a mess and because I am not a type A personality I just went with it....

First up is this cute sundress which I pared with a thrifted mens suit jacket!  I probably won't get much wear out of it because it will be too hot for the jacket soon.....and you know...my old arms might scare somebody:)

Then I got a wild hair and decided to cut off some denim that I had gotten really cheap at Gap a few years ago!

I was being really "fashion designery" and decided to leave a big cuff....not sure what I was thinking but it seemed to dress them up a little:)

The jean jacket is old Target and I thrifted the stripe sweater.  I got the sneakers a while back!

I have had this shirt forever [Banana Republic] and it has little lemons on it which I adore....The sweater is from Quince and I got the sandals from TJ Maxx!

Love it with my navy thrifted jacket and stripe shirt....what is more classic right?  

I mean let's dress it up a little!  The stripe sleeveless top is from H&M and the shirt was thrifted.  The sandals are Dolce Vita

The top is from H&M...pretty recent and the shoes are also Dolce Vita.

Below are some past OOTD post that are still a current look in my opinion....look around in your closet...I bet you can recreate all of these looks!

Even on days when I am not seeing clients I still like to make my casual clothes a little presentable:)

Below are some basics that I put together for you!  I linked everything on my Like To Know It

You are in luck today because my good friends are joining me.....you are going to have plenty of inspiration!

So check out what they have to say about Spring Fashion!




I am stuck sitting in my office while my cleaning people are here....so I thought I would share a few things with you!

Last weekend I was invited to a beautiful wedding and it was pretty amazing!  I have to say that my client did not leave out any details!

I was in a bit of a dither about what to wear and I posted a dress on Instagram that I had ordered from Zara.  It was a stretchy little number and I was definitely thinking that it would be OK but then at the last minute I pilled out a vintage Saks overcoat which was right below the knee....

It turned out to be perfect!

I mean it was only 35.00....which is quite the steal!

Then a friend of mine offered me her vintage Chanel clutch and some earrings!  Boy was I nervous...I asked her if they were insured but she said not to worry....what?  Of course I worried!  The whole night I was checking the back of the earrings to make sure they were secure!

I was going to wear the open toe sandals but my closed toe shoes were actually more comfy so I went with them!  I had some vintage clip on shoe bows that I thought would make them a little more stylish...

These are my shoes and I found these bows on Etsy....I also found some on Amazon so get yourself some:)

I also dug out this velvet bow from probably 20 years ago because I was on a roll.....

Here is a pretty picture of the back of the brides dress....so pretty!

And the cake...

She draped the whole room in this fabric....I wish I had taken more pictures!  The band was exceptional!

And there you have it!

Before the wedding I zhushed a few things at her house....

She had this black chest at the end of a hallway....and I had it custom stenciled.....with a new larger rug!  It was a game changer.

And...I did a little accessorizing in her daughters bedroom....

Nightstand before.....

And after!

Last thing was adding some fresh flowers which always make a space shine!

Alrighty then....cleaners are done so I am off to walk Cami....




Somebody emailed me to say she missed my blog.....I miss it also.

So I need a wife to do all the things that take up my time now so I can get back to what is important:)

I have had a few small installs and one of them was this powder room....

Yes...she was a tad bit dull...just your basic builder grade bathroom.  I was excited to make this room special....

Here is my board after I decided what the heck I was gonna do!

Let's talk about the good parts of this room:

1.  I did not really have to undo anything....as it was pretty much a blank slate!

2.  The paneling was already there which I was really happy about!

I had been looking at these Josephine Munsey wallpapers and fell in love.  This one seemed perfect as it had a neutral background and after looking at some colors I decided on SW Analytical Gray to use as the color for the vanity and the paneling.

In the beginning I was almost thinking to change the  countertop and possibly faucet but after some thought I knew I could make a bigger impact adding other things to the space. 

The paneling was painted and the light fixture went up and I knew she was going to be a stunner.  If you have tall ceilings this fixture from Visual Comfort is wonderful!  It comes in a single, double and tripple and I have used it quite a few times.....

I also ordered one of my favorite mirrors from Currey and Co which I knew would be good because it has silver tones and would go nicely with the faucet.....I don't think all the metals need to match!

I picked up the small watercolors from Vickie Sides at Scott's Antique Market before I even started the project cause they were so pretty and then "bam" they were perfect!

I scored the frames while I was thrifting....remember there needs to be something old in every space to give it life!  In my opinion....

I could not be more in love with the outcome.  I rarely use a colored mat but I am so glad I went out of my comfort zone!

Here you can see that the mirror has an antique feel to it!

The towel ring is from Kohler and the larger towel is from Target!

Of course where do we get all of out soap pumps....Homegoods!

If you know me then you know I love some texture so I got the kleenex box from Target

And there you have it!  

Powder rooms are my jam and I love to give them a refresh!  Almost everyone see this space.....

Hope everyone is having a great Friday.....I had a big install on Wednesday and I will try to get a post up about that soon....

Love you guys...

Sherika the Freaka

Oh yeah I had a birthday and now I am 72.....not sure how I feel about that!



Well...hello there friends!  

Yes.....December came and went and I have to tell you that it was a hard month.  Something about the holidays make me sad.  I think it could be many things but probably missing my sister.

But hey....everyone struggles at some time or another so we have to just keep moving forward!

I made a trip out to Boulder to visit family!  I had not been anywhere since last May when I went to Nantucket.  

Always anxious to leave Cami and sure enough she got sick while I was gone but my dog sitter [who lives in my neighborhood] took her to the emergency vet and all was well.  Of course they never get sick during the daytime......right.

I was starting to think Boulder was cursed for me as I was there when my husband left me and when I got the news that my sister was going into hospice.

We made a trip to Vail for 2 nights!

So much fun!

I was happy to see this little bugger when I got home!

Before I left I had a small porch install for a friend who was having a party.

I added a bigger wall sconce and some texture with the large planters!

Below is the old one.....

Below is another before....

And the after...new rug and pillows plus a different table in between the chairs.

All the plants were refreshed which made a big difference!

Another before below....the new pillows which I found on Etsy also helped to give it a more cohesive look....

I also like the larger outdoor light from Currey and Co.

And there you have it....this was in late November:)

I am not even going to say that I will be better....cause it never fails that I don't.  So let's keep the expectations low...and maybe we will be surprised:)

As always thanks for reading and just so you know....Blogger will not send out blogs anymore so that's that.  

It's always something....right!


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