An easy makeover.....

OK....when I was doing this beach house, I found this awesome table. It was kind of pricy but SO perfect for the space. I loved the zinc top because it would be so durable. So I knew I had to find some serious budget seating! I went to the Goodwill and found these chairs. They were cane back, but the cane on some of the chairs was damaged. I knew I could paint them white but I had the idea to make covers for the back and then sew on starfish! I covered the seats in raffia which is perfect for wet bathing suits. I literally found the bench on the side of the road. It needed some glue, a coat of white paint and a raffia seat cushion. It has held up for 5 years, and occasionally I have to re-sew on one of the starfish! So 6 chairs and a bench were 100.00! I found the raffia online for about 15.00. There are lots of things you could use to enhance the back of a chair cover...buttons, stencil numbers, a small piece of driftwood, ribbon,or rope are a few that come to mind.

OK...for my first design post, I have chosen a very simplething. This was a one day design job that Denise [my partner] and I did. To me the most impact comes from the mantel. Since a fireplace is usually square, it is nice to hang something round above it for softness. The easiest thing was cutting some Magnolia Branches from her yard to flank the mirror. They are the best because they will last about 2 weeks. listen up! Tip of the day.....You do not have to use fake greenery! Remember the fake ivy days? Everybody had it above their kitchen cabinets! Take it down now! It will look much cleaner without it. You don't have to fill up every empty space. The eye always needs a place to rest. When I am entertaining, I go out to my yard and cut things that I easy and cheap!
My wonderful web designers have updated my website. Please take a look and tell me what you think!



That is a CUTE face!

Too much time on my hands.....

ok....since I love looking at blogs I decided to start one. We will see where this goes. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with it. Hopefully it will not be a choice of whether to clean my house or blog. I am known for making the wrong decision on that one. Anyway, my husband (he is a pilot) just left for China so I am just hanging out on Saturday night with my dogs, Patches (the girl) and Zipper (the boy). We took them to the dog park today and they are 2 tired pups right now. Can I just say how much they love going to the park???? If it was up to them, we would go every day, but sadly it isn't and sometimes they just get a little walk around the block. They deal with it.
So, I am going back to the directions about blogging to see how to add photos. I am sure you want to see some pictures of them.
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