FASHION promised I am sharing my outfits for all of the wedding festivities!  For once I feel pretty organized with just a few things missing on the actual wedding outfit.

As I mentioned one sister is having the cocktail party on Thursday night and I am having a light brunch on Sunday for anyone that is still hanging around.  Weddings are nothing if you are not managing everyones time right?

First up is the cocktail party.  I found this cute Vince Camuto lace number at Dillards on major sale.  Now I know what you are looks short.  It isn't....and so comfortable:)  I pared it with flats for even more comfort....


Next up is the rehearsal party.  This dress [which is no longer available] is from Dillards Antonio Melani line and I gotta tell you whoever designs for them has it going on!  They are well made and not really too expensive.  I got this one on sale for 69.65 which was a steal!  

In reality the shoes are a perfect match to the dress.  And on sale for 47.99!  Winning....

Here is where we hit a snag.  I bought this dress and I love it.  It is navy which is the next best thing to wearing black but not as harsh right?  But what color shoes?  Should I go nude like they show or black or matte gold....come on help me out?


Sunday Brunch is casual...... I bought these "mom jeans" at Abercrombie for 44.00 on sale.  The 12 year old working the register tried to tell me these were exempt to the "all jeans 50% off" sign so I dragged him by the collar over to the table [where there was a sign] and set him straight.

The shirt is from H&M and it's so cute!  I am going to tuck it in and wear just a black ribbon as a belt!

Thought I would also show you another way you could wear the same jeans!

Then I got all crazy and couldn't stop.....because as long as I have been looking for some cute red shoes I finally found a pair at Dillards....have I mentioned that they have the BEST shoe department?

shoes more!  I want to order all of this!

purse  on sale
top on sale

But are all the shoes you need for fall!  Animal for every occasion!


Need every pair!

Alrighty to workout.  Now please be thinking about my shoe dilemma cause tick tock people....12 days to go!




Man.....this wedding stuff is a lot of work!  Let me spell it out for you.....My sister has one daughter and she is a type A+.  Girl has a notebook the size of War and Peace and is handling EVERY detail like it was her job!

As I said my baby sister is doing a Thursday night cocktail party and I am doing a brunch on Sunday.  And believe me it is all organized [meaning HER part of the events]........Of course I am still running around trying to get a door painted and my house power washed, windows cleaned and yard work done with 15 days to go.

If only I was organized......sigh.

I am also in charge of the welcome table at the wedding so yesterday my sister and I did a mock up on my kitchen counter....It's a 7 ft table.

She wanted it to be black and white and vintage silver....check.  I am going to use some black and white fabric and tie some black ribbons around the books.....

Guess who is in charge of polishing all the silver....I don't think I have to spell it out for ya.

Oh yeah and my client is having a party on the 6th so there's that....

Sherika on overload.

Have you guys ever been to At Home?  I took a ride out there on Sunday to see if there was anything I needed for the welcome table.

I would say 85% of is junk....but....there were some good things and if you needed a few accessories you could get lucky!

A boatload of vases and small accessories....

The raw wood bowls and the pottery looking bowls caught my eye!

These iron candlesticks were really tall....[you know how I love my Crate and Barrel ones that aren't available anymore]

I did find some good pillows which was surprising....don't get me wrong you have to look hard.  I would say this place is like HomeGoods but on Steroids!!

Large white concrete looking was big!

I saw these headboards there but didn't get a picture so I pulled from the website.

And here are a couple of nightstands I also saw...

Y'all this place is the size of a Costco....and there were 50-60% off signs everywhere you looked.

The only thing I bought?

A broom.

I know....that's weird.

So I don't have to tell you what I am doing this weekend.....still no shoes for my wedding outfit.  I need comfort and pretty....think my lace sneakers will work?




Who can believe it is the middle of July?  What if I said there are 155 days until Christmas.....that will shake you awake from your "summer slumber" huh? 

It's only 18 days until my nieces wedding....I have all my outfits planned out for 4 occasions which I will share in another post! 

I also got suckered into having an after wedding brunch on Sunday morning so now I am in a dither to redecorate my whole house....haha...just kidding....haha....maybe not.

Blah....blah....blah.....first world problems.

Do you guys remember when I was doing the House Beautiful showhouse? the same time I was also designing a room for another showhouse down in Fayetteville Georgia which is at least 35 miles from my house. was a busy month!  A lot of rule breaking when I said I would never do another room at a showhouse again after I did one about 5 years ago.  

But whatever....#slowlearner

The point of all the complaining is I never shared the professional pictures of my space. [taken by Lauren Rubenstein 

STOP.....before you start firing off questions about where everything came from here is the link to the post I wrote about it all:

Part One
Part Two

So yes I get it....this post could be mistaken for a complete sham.....meaning I have already shown most of these but I swear these are new pictures....lest the blog police come after me for recycling content.

Summer blogging is tough y'all....taps on the anyone NOT on vacation?

In other news....August 2nd I will be in Marietta at DK Gallery curating a piece of art along with a few other designers!


Here's the art that I chose....
This one just spoke to me......Come on by!

AND....I posted this on insta stories....I had never heard of this stuff!

But seems like I am in the minority here....

Alrighty's lower body day at Bach so I have to get going!

Sheriky freaky



OK.... are y'all ready for pillowrama?  

It's no secret about my love for something that will change the look of a room in a nanosecond.

I've been known to overbuy and if truth be told I might have bought a few while I was there last weekend.  


Beginning with Sudi.....

Love the details on this one with the stripe back!

This Thibaut fabric is a favorite of mine.....

Blues are still strong for her!

Then of course I ran by Sugar Feather which is a favorite of mine....

Stripes are my jam....

I'm asking everyone this brown the new black?

Loving the pink colorway!

Next up is Ryan Studio who never disappoints!

Love all of the greens....

I discovered Filling Spaces Design and was 100% smitten....I'm sure y'all know how I feel about this collection;)  

Picture me dancing like Elaine on Seinfeld

Never met a block print I didn't like.....

Last one....

I might have bought a few of these....

So OK.....thoughts......favorite collection?

What is it about these squishy things that have captured my heart so huh?

Not sure if you can tell but I mistakenly grabbed the wrong end of the curling iron yesterday and blistered my fingers.....

That hurt like a mofo my friends. 


Are you ready for the weekend....


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