My little neighborhood party was pretty swell.  What was billed an open house from 6-9 somehow crossed the threshold into a full blown party that lasted until 11:30 pm!  Yep.

I have discussed how this happened with my friends and we decided that if you have enough food and booze [which I apparently did] then people will not only stay they will be there for breakfast.....

And another thing.....I think I may have had just a little "too much fun" at my party if you get my drift:) My 2 drink limit radar somehow malfunctioned and "Party Sherry" made an appearance.  Whoop Whoop!

Of course I spent 2 whole days cleaning [I wanted to serve the food in my bathroom....on the floor....it was that clean] and zhushing.  And... I had to up the ante a little with the Christmas decor so back up to the attic for more bling! 

OK....on to some pretty things.

Sometimes clients can have a sense of humor.  Like the one who asked me a week ago if she could get some new pillows on her sofa before Christmas.  Hahahahahahahahaha.


So the key was if they had the fabric at Lewis and Sheron then it could happen.  Off I went.

 I was in luck because they did have her fabric and some other gorgeous ones caught my eye.

Don't these colors make you think of spring?

And this is clearly why I can never make a decision....I love them all!

Including this gorgeous trim....hubba hubba.

The good news is...... I delivered her pillows yesterday and she was so happy:)

I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas....I thank you for being such great friends.  Reading my blog....leaving me encouraging comments, donating to my causes [this year The Furniture Bank became special to me] because after all without you I would not get such pleasure writing Design Indulgence.

Stay safe and be healthy.....




How lucky for me that I recently had 2 design projects shot for upcoming magazine features!  

The first one was that small kitchen makeover...

Photographers Owen and Christine worked their magic  skills to get some gorgeous shots along with just being cool and fun to hang out with.

I love working with these guys....go here to read 10 things you didn't know about them!

Then just recently I spent the day with Lisa Mowry  [thanks for always being so supportive!] and the talented Emily Followill shooting the modern rustic bath.

It can be a great learning experience watching them work..... Especially deciding what their detail shots will be.

Here is a pretty one from Emily's site.

Alrighty then....I am in full party mode.  What does that mean actually?  Well....I made a list that could only be accomplished if I had a crew of 10 and about 3 months to do it in.

Yeah....I always over estimate what can and can't get done in the roughly 5 days I gave myself to pull this off.

I guess renovating my kitchen is probably not gonna happen:)

I did buy some of these cool lights and you would have thought I discovered toilet paper....at least in my mind.

Turns out that after I posted on Instagram I am the last person in the United States or maybe the world to actually get some....




I decided to cast aside all responsibility last Friday and head to Scott's.  I have an uncanny ability to be able to shirk my duties at any given time and retreat to a better place....like shopping and looking at pretty things.

Anyway.....forget about my faults.

It happened to be a beautiful day and I used the excuse that I needed a few accessories for an install.  I remember saying during the great "guest room" clean out last month that I was never going again....well that lasted a hot minute right?

Oh well.

I always start outside in the south building cause I am a "junker" at heart.

I saw this great cornice....

And these awesome indigo fabrics.

My wheels were turning with these.

Pretty fabrics including this gray mohair below!

Sold....thank goodness for me:)

What is not to like about this pillow!

I was drawn to the bright colors....

I tried not to get involved....which would have led to trouble:)

Hello gorgeous....

This chest....

The colors in this rug....I am ready for someone to let me do some blue and coral....

Sexy huh?

Chairs....chairs....I can't quit you!

Why did I not get this cute little trash can....it is the perfect color for my bathroom.

Here is the color scheme.....

But of course I am drawn to this lamp....

What did I buy?

The best deal was that little vase for $1.00

And....look who I crossed paths with!  My friend Lisa Mowry who was shopping with designer  Michelle Workman.  Michelle just relocated to Chattanooga from LA.   Wonder what I have squeezed in my hand?  I need to learn how to stand like Michelle....like I own the joint!!

9 days until Christmas...it might as well be 9 days until July 4th......because time is going so darn fast.  

I decided to have a few neighbors over next Sunday for some holiday cheer.  I wrote the e-vite and sat on it for 3 days knowing that if I pushed send it could thrust me into a small design panic.  I am not worried about the food like most people because my sister owns a restaurant [I'm covered there].

But you know....the little things that you keep saying you will get around to doing.  I went running into Sudi's workroom yesterday like my hair was on fire shouting how "I needed a window treatment for my guest bath ASAP."  Forget all of your deadlines......[pillows for the Atlanta show coming up in January and other designers deadlines].  I can be selfish like that.  Me...me....me.....

There will be more similar moments before Sunday.  I mean my measly pathetic holiday greenery now looks like a version of the "Charlie Brown Christmas tree"

Crikey I will have to step. it. up.



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