Hey y'all.....I's been a while.  There is a slight problem since I upgraded the software on my Mac with uploading my pictures.

I used to be able to put the ones I would be using in an album which made it easier to upload but now it doesn't seem to be doing that so it takes forever to hunt for the ones I want to use.....grrrrrrr.  

It is always technology that does you in right!  But I have an hour before I have to meet my installer to hang some art so let's see what I can come up with....

How about a little this and that to start with.  Making some headway with a few clients....

Here is the before of this chair that was recovered...

It has great lines but was faded and I did not like the tufting in the seat cushion....

So magically here is the after in a black and ivory windowpane fabric and I love how they turned out!  These pillows were in her family room but we auditioned them for these chairs and they were perfect.  We will do a pretty dark gray velvet though for some richness!

She also got her husband to hang these Target frames in the upstairs hallway.....I love this because she can change out the pictures if she wants!

In other news I finally [after waiting 6 months for "in stock"] received this furniture!  She is my "glam  client so it is kind of fun to do something like this!

The dining room chairs....

And table

And the chairs have this cute little detail on them!

 The sectional also arrived and now we need pillows, a rug and window treatments....the fun part right!

I think this is the "most glamour" bedroom I have ever done and I am down with it!

I found this pretty pillow at that is our starting point!

Rose and I are also working on a project together and we are doing some accessorizing...

Here is the before....

And the after....which includes nothing new I might add.....

Just a little refresh!

It was fun scratching our head to come up with a more edited look and get rid of some of the white.

And there you have it...I managed to get through the picture part with out tearing my hair out....:)

I should have changed my blog away from blogger a long time ago and then I might not have this problema....but y'all....I get so overwhelmed with things lately.  Believe it or not...the Mac desktop that I bought 3 weeks ago is still sitting in the box in my office.


Alrighty then....I feel better to catch y'all up!




Well I sure left you guys know what....finding free time when you have to do everything yourself is challenging.

Like house maintenance, insurance....taxes and all that crap.

I am here to tell you it is overwhelming sometimes and I just want to close down.  But I am trying to get back on track and set things up to happen automatically.  

Somebody was trying to tell me I needed another dog and I almost fell for it and then I came to my senses.  Are you kidding me?  That would be the worst thing for me to do right?

I really am going to try and be better.  How I managed to blog 2xs a month is beyond me!

I got a new phone the other day and Lord almighty.  

Talk about a time suck.  You know how they are at Apple....they give you your package and send you on your way with all but a quick pat on the rear saying "you got this kid".

And let me just say.....I do not consider myself helpless in technical situations....but this little puppy took some time to migrate and half the apps wouldn't work and blah blah blah. 

I also got a desk top computer and that little monster is still sitting in the box because if the phone gave me that much trouble....I need to be in the right frame of mind to tackle it.  So it can just sit in "time out" right now.

Anyway enough complaining. I do have a very small project to share with you:)

Before you gasp...cause its color!  The blue fabric is a long lumbar and the pretty pink swirl fabric are 2 pillows in chairs.....

This is a girls bedroom....and I went totally old school here and did a cornice!  I can not remember the last time I did this but I love it!

I don't have pictures of the bedding yet but we are using some really pretty linens with Chinese red trim and a 12" monogram on the shams...

In other news I received the chairs from Charish....and I am not completely happy because they were in much worse shape than they admitted. 

There was a lot of this going on......

Which wasn't exactly disclosed but I got my guy working on them and by the time that beautiful mohair goes on and he does a little magic I think things will be fine.  They better be.....

So there you have it...not exactly the blog post of dreams but it's a start.

I am really trying to dig myself out of this slight will be 6 months since my sister died next Friday and my emotions are all over the place.

I am aware that it takes time so I am trying to be patient.....


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