I am so glad you enjoyed the tour of Pam's getaway home!  What is amazing to me is that while it looks is not.  It was all newly built in the last few years!

Another thing is Pam is the sweetest person ever....

So how was Christmas for everyone?  Mine was very low key....I stayed home Christmas Eve day, night and most of Christmas until I walked down to my sisters for a quick dinner!  We ate on paper plates because her DW is broken....... we still have not started her kitchen!  Soon though.....planning is the most important part!

I have hinted for a while that I decided to do a little makeover in my office/laundry room.  This was my husbands domaine....and well....he is gone so I decided to make it mine!  

I can't tell you how good it feels to have this room be purposeful for me!  Let's start from the beginning...well I say that.....but it was such a quick decision I did not take before pics when it was a complete mess...and when I say mess I truly mean it.

One more thing....I needed to stick to my budget...using smoke and mirrors which really means PAINT....which as we all know is a game changer!

Here is the laundry area....after I had cleared most of it out.  It took a few days to go through everything and find new homes for a lot of it!  I mean why is there a roasting pan in here:)

To the right of this picture there is another knee area and a window which is where my ex sat.  I literally never occupied this space.

So what was the plan?  I decided to remove all the upper cabinets and paint.  Also leaving the tile floor, bottom cabinets and the countertops which are cheap laminate!  Luckily 30 years ago I picked a neutral :)

And it's painted.....SW Urbane Bronze!

Below you can see I was excited about accessorizing the space...haha!

Alrighty then.....

Yup....the excitement was building.....

As much as I wanted white oak floating shelves I decided NOT to spend the money and went with using Poplar for them.  My guy put a nice lip around them so they looked more finished.

I ordered the brackets on Etsy and they came in a week.....

Can you feel how excited I am?  Seriously y'all this was a long time coming!

Every time I got overwhelmed  I would soothe myself with a little shelf styling....haha.

This was the dining room table....and the rest of the LR looked the same!

It  took three whole days of the weekend starting on Friday.....

Not only do you have to go through everything you have to figure out where to put it.  You might think the upper cabinets were better for storage but they weren’t.  The open shelves are so much better and visually help when the doors are open from the LR/DR.

The next thing to decide was a cover the ugly tile!  I went to Scott's and brought some home.  Now you know I am a neutral girl so of course I brought 4 neutral and I threw in one odd one:)

While I loved the one above.... when I put the colorful rug down it was a game changer!

In my opinion it looked the best and also you noticed the rug instead of the tile.....winner!

I just took some fabric and put it over a spring rod to cover the extra knee hole [after using iron on tape to clean up the edges] and it is also another place for storage now....clever girl:)

So here ya go.....

Black baskets on the top shelf hold some of my fav fabrics.  The printer used to be over by the other window and it you could see it.

Oh yeah....I ordered some cheap oil rubbed bronze knobs from

And  for the shelves I did not buy anything new except for that little basket to put the faux Target fern in!  I shopped my house and basement!

All of the art came from flea markets!

I remembered I had 2 blinds left over from when I took them out of my keeping area and I hung them myself which is a little amazing as I do not hang curtains ever!

Here is the washer/dryer side.  I did buy the white baskets at Target....

And I got the large white shelf at Ikea!  Best find ever as it fit's perfectly and makes that space very useful!

I brought the lamp in from my bedroom....

I ordered the chair from Overstock.....

I am thrilled with it....and I am so glad I did not rip everything out as what a mess and expense that would have been.

Now when you look towards the office this is the view....I know so many pictures...can you tell I am excited?  Of course it will always be a work in progress as I can use this area to practice styling!

It was such a long time coming.  Sorry this is late but I forgot to set my alarm and I was up finishing up Bridgerton on Netflix last night!  I was so so good.....but I had to go workout my knee is almost 100% [boy that took a long time]  and get Cami walked.

I also did a little makeover [meaning re-accessorizing] on my kitchen shelves, keeping area and LR so there are some fun post coming!

Y'all I am officially divorced now.  It took 461 days....after 31 years together and not a single word to me.  So there you have it.





Nobody can say I didn't milk this project...stretching it into 3 post!  I can be crafty like that:)

But.....let's be clear....I did not design this was all Pam Sessions 100%.  So I can't give you the sources.  Sadness I know but that's life!

Anyway I have the last group of pictures.  There is one main house and 3 small guest houses which include a bedroom, bathroom and small morning kitchen.  Although one of them [the one I stayed in] has a small sitting area. 

This is the main house....a shot of the back porch!

In this angle you can see the white cottage and corners of the other 2....

Here are all three.....

The cottage I stayed in!

The main house front entry!

So the second cottage has this secret entry where you walk through and then it's a small courtyard with the main entry to the cute!

The main house again.  The white building is the kitchen area which I showed you in the first post and the pink door is the entry to the living area I showed you on Friday!

Above is a close up of the secret entry.....

Here is the stone cottage!

Below are pictures of the master bedroom....

I really wanted to steal this blanket right off the bed.....:)

Check out the master bath below.....

This is the hallway leading into the master bedroom.

Below are pictures of the cottage I stayed in!
Sorry they are out of order but for some reason blogger has made it harder to upload and I am lazy.....

I fell hard for the rug!

Bathroom Wallpaper

The bedroom....I was in love with it all!

Back to the seating area....

I am not sure why I did not get many pictures of this room.....

I think this was the bathroom tile associated with this room.....but anyway I liked it!

How cute is this room....I rarely meet a twin bedroom that I don't like!

Pam has a special knack for finding textiles....

Guess what?  That's it y'all....

But I know you got an idea or two right? are incredible in my book:)

We have Christmas in a few days.  As old as I am you would think I would not be amazed at how fast Christmas sneaks up but every year I am still shocked.  #slowlearner

I sincerely hope all your dreams come true or at least 63% of them right....haha

Merry Merry


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