With all of the shelter planning and installing I forgot to share this bit of news with y'all........for the first time ever I will be participating in a Decorators Show House.

Yup.  I have never wanted to even think about doing one before.  For many reasons but the biggest one is "putting your shit out there".  You know....for everyone to walk in and go "yikes...what was this designer smoking".


It's hard enough posting about a project.  And I get it....just like art that design is very subjective.  Somehow we all revert to that 6 year old when we do something seeking for approval.  We want the pat on the head along with good job.....or even a gold star.

After all isn't that kinda why we blog?  Just a little?  Are we starved for approval?  I mean....what is more exciting that posting something you have done and getting a gazillion comments about how wonderful it is.  Short of winning the lottery....not much will have you walking about with a mega dose of spring in your step.


The Inspiration House at the Cathedral Antiques Show opens Jan 31 through Feb 10th.  I will be partnering up with the talented Lori May.  She was the one who when I kept saying "there will be a million people submitting..... no!"....... she said yes.  We won't know if we don't try.  Good Lord it was like my Mom reincarnated.

And would not let up.

So we did and got selected.  Thanks Lori.....and Mom.

I think.

Here is a before picture of the space.

So let's see what we have here.  No architectural features.  Quite a few things that can not be removed.....exit sign and other weird boxes happening over those pictures.  Oh....and let's not forget about how wonky those side bulkheads are! it does have 2 stone walls.....but the ceilings are about 6 ft high.  

Here is the opposite side.  Quite the space huh?

Aaaaaaaand here is the first rendering.

Think we can pull this off?

The other view.

I am not going to sugarcoat panties are definitely in a wad.  We have to be in the room when people view it.  Is there enough Xanax to get me through that?  Maybe with a shot of vodka.

Stay tuned for the final color.

In other news there is an open house at the UMCH shelter if you would like to view all of the rooms!

I am getting caught up after 2 weeks on the proposal down....3 to go.

You better own Tuesday!




What a week!  

Yesterday was the last day of the UMCH shelter install.  Monday through Friday I left my house around 9 and got home around six.  

And I had help!  I can't even imagine if I was by myself!  Before I start with a few pictures....I want to say that I was blown away with the results of all of the designers hard work.  The other rooms are incredible....and when you see all of the photographs.... I know you will have to pick up your jaws!

To everyone who donated in every way either with money or time....thank you from the very bottom of my heart.  To all of my clients who have waited patiently.....while I finished this project......I owe you :)

Here are a few before and after shots.........

That door was to a bathroom which I did not discover until they cleaned out the whole space.  Yikes....  

This room is used for a lounge and  it is the only room with cable.

Here is the after.

It is hard to tell but I changed out the institutional ceiling lights....I will show you which ones I used.  My electrician donated his time to do this.  The bookcase is the Expedite in the new glossy gray finish.  Sudi made the valances for me and I donated the fabric.  I ordered the blinds from Overstock.  Of course the turtle is from the Nate Berkus collection and the art work below was from a flea market.  The prints were $2.00 but I had to buy the frames and mats.

I found the lamps and Picasso print at a flea market and I had the brass candlesticks.  End tables and coffee table.....Ikea.  Rug was donated by Myers Carpet here in Atlanta.  

Boy this project helped me purge....I was looking under beds and in the basement for things I was not using.

I got this little table on clearance at Target and the succulent was from Ikea.

Now listen...before you go all crazy on me and start with "WHAT.....these boys are how long do you think it will look this good?"  

.......If this space changes one young mans life then it was all worth it.  Hopefully this teach them that if they work hard they can be successful. The United Methodist Children's Home has here since 1873.  Did you know that Lil Jon donated his Celebrity Apprentice winnings to the UMCH???  80,000.00!!!!

Uh and Lil Jon are tight.

Plus....I am the type of person that no matter if it is a shelter or a client....I am going to do the best job I can. 

Today I am doing a weeks worth of laundry......doing the best job I can.

More pictures on Monday....I am going over tomorrow to take some finished shots of the other spaces......I will die.




Even though I am in deep install mode [the kind where you can't sleep and think about how the room is going 24/7] at the shelter this week I wanted to show you the rest of the goodies I saw at Scott's.

It would not be good manners to just leave you hanging after only pillows.  

Can we start with "I want this chair"....

.....Cause I need another chair like a whole in my head.

What is not to love here?  Those lamp bases look like candy corn though :)  Melted.

More CHAIRS......seriously.

 Nifty little light fixture....

A picture of the Nixon's.  Don't know why I took this or even posted.  BUT....notice the dark haired son with his head tilted to the side.  If that was me I would have insisted on a "do over" right????

This vendor yelled at me and said NO PICTURES.  It made me nervous like these pumpkins had the answer on how to ban nuclear weapons on the inside or something.

Or they were stuffed with laundered money and she was waiting for her contact to come get.  Am I missing something????

Me likey.
 These are like the ones I have on my mantel filled with magnolia leaves.

 OK...what is not to like here.  The chest.....check.  The trays.....check.  The table.....check.

And then you come around the corner to more color.....I love that picture!

 The creaminess of oyster shells against old barn wood.  I'm in.

Nice and graphic right?

I want to use these in a project.....anyone?

Nice little bar cart....Might have to paint the laminate....maybe chevron?

More of those dang chairs.....

Picked up these cute benches for my shelter space!

Why do chairs keep cropping up?

 Proof that magnolia leaves look good in anything.

 AND...I love how the pink pops with the natural of the wood and green. is always after I see some of my pictures that I think....maybe I should have bought this.

 I like a tall much easier to get to the beer.

 And what is more simple and classic that some pine branches thrown in a dough bowl.

 Old bottles....

 There are a few bloggers that would have wanted this little beauty!

And...this blogger would have liked to score these!

Maybe I got these pillows and maybe not :)  Ralph Lauren fabric.....nice heavy linen.

15 days until the next Scott's.  AND November is usually a pretty good one.....

If you follow me on instagram you have seen some sneak previews of my shelter room.....I am pleased with it so far...just some tweaking.  I am working on the bathroom now with very minimal funds left.....trying to pull "cheap and cheerful" out of my ass.

Last week I did a guest post for Jennifer at The Pink Pagoda on pink!  In fact she is doing 31 days of pink so you need to go over there and see all of the yumminess.

It's Wednesday.
What????  News Flash right.
Tell everyone you know....




Allrighty then......I made tons of much progress last week on my space.  I feel that if I do get chosen for Jury Duty on Tuesday I will still be able to finish up by Friday.

Working nights but I can do it.

I told you that my "new" friends at Castle Painting donated their time to paint my room.  I did change the paint color from Martha Stewart "Sharkey Gray" to Benjamin Moore "Rockport Gray".  I was just feeling a darker space.

Here is the before again.

It was the motherload of paneling....

It took them a day and a half...would have taken me a week.....Thanks to my great crew!

Here are the new countertops going in....I wanted to rip out these cabinets because they really serve no purpose but after seeing that the floor did not extend underneath.....I felt that was a can of worms best left alone.

Gotta put my donations to the best use!
Here are my 3 valences ready to go up[with woven natural shades going underneath].  I donated the fabric and Sudi made them for free......BAM!  Isn't she the best :)

This is the Expedite bookcase from Ikea.  I thought I was getting the one half this size which was going to go under the TV.  Maybe I should pay a little more attention to what I am doing in there.  Out of the 4 things I bought......2 were wrong.

I decided to keep it as I was going to buy a bookcase to go along this wall anyway.
So here is what I am thinking to go under the TV.

I have been agonizing over this.....don't get me wrong....I LOVE it.  Just worried about how it will blend with everything else.

Then I found these yesterday.....
Well only the lamps [34.00 for both]  but I had the shades in the basement.  Now I can take back the ones I got a Target that cost more plus the shades were extra.  Booyah.

AND....I stumbled across this picture...
So looks like the room is starting to get a retro feel......and that dresser might just be it!

You will know soon enough!

Can't wait to show you all of the spaces.  I am so honored that Dayka and Erika asked me to participate again this year.

All the designers will be there Monday working.  You won't believe some of the magic I have seen. 


Stay tuned for more updates this week and keep your fingers crossed that I do NOT get picked for JD.  Crikey.....I will really be in the weeds if that happens!

Hope you are having the BEST Sunday!

Sherik the Freak

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