There has just been way too much going on lately and my mind is all over the place!  I've got more Highpoint Market to show you.....the Southeastern Showhouse to share.....and a squirrel went by to distract me once again.....

Brown and Cream and texture.  I know you guys think I am all black and white but here's a news flash for you.....I love brown and cream also.....and of course throw in some black to that mix and I get just plain giggly.

Is brown "BLACKS ugly stepsister?"  I don't think so people.

I can look at magazines all day long and flip through the pages of color....but stop dead when I come to neutrals. Let me try and sway you over to the neutral side.....once again! 

Are you tired of me yet?

I am digging those plates from Target!


I want everyone of these.....for somewhere!

Meg Harrington

That lamp has always been a favorite!


That first chair right!

When I used this brown Thibaut grasscloth wallpaper in a project....I knew I was on to something!

ALWAYS add some texture to a room!

I could NOT find the source of this.....but I love!

This guy....Mark J Williams featured in House Beautiful this month....swoon.  Which by the way is all there HB....and is fabulous!

Every. Single. Thing.  Yes please.....

OK...admit it.
It's soothing right.....

I can drive a point into the ground:)




OK.....I watched the episode of Hoarders about the Julian Price House.  2 things....I am now convinced I am not a hoarder.....if only for the fact I do not have 31 rooms to fill.  

Second thing....when they showed all of those vintage fabric samples in the basement....I had a desire to have them.

What a haul that would be!

Next up on the agenda is I neglected to tell you guys about my House Beautiful dinner at the String and Splinter Club while in Highpoint.

Yes.... as I was casually packing for my trip I got an invite to a small dinner of designers and vendors thrown by Sophie Donelson.   Gulp.  This changes everything.

What the hell to wear.  I destroyed my closet and came up with nothing.  Zero....zilch....nada.  So I went to my neighbors house and we tried on things....still nothing.  Poop.

In the end I just threw in half my closet and said "maybe when my hair is clean....with makeup on....things will look better".


Anyway I managed to pull it together and after accessing everyone else I feel like I did a decent job of faking my fashion sense.

Now back to what I saw at Highpoint.  I will try to remember the vendors but can't promise!

Starting with some new products from Circa Lighting

This collection below from Julie Neill was also came in white!

Julian Chichester had us all gasping with this pattern from Christopher Farr Cloth

Branches everyday....all day.

Everything was beautiful!

This pretty flower arrangement made with babies breath in the Universal Showroom

This bed....

Nice leather modern chair.....

Love this "faux bois" bench from Currey and Co

This gallery wall from 214 Modern Vintage  Love visiting this store.....

I can't remember where I saw this....but I liked it!

Next up is Design Legacy

This new fabric collection from Denise McGaha

Love this sofa fabric....

CR Laine chairs

Headed over to BoBo Intriguing Objects 

Something as simple as old wood on the wall....

Celerie Kemble's collection for Eastern Accents

So textural!

I am sure you are glazing over by now.....there is so much more!

And....the most asked question from the Julian Price over the kitchen island....they are from Currey and Co.


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