It was just Monday.  What happened?  Seriously I am confused because I do not know what happened to those days in-between.


I should have some updates on the bedroom I am working on [THE house that is going to be on the Cathedral Tour on Feb 7th] that has to be finished!

It's coming along.....

This was my car the other day.....after 2 solid days of shopping. have to way over buy for these installs because you never know what is going to work in the room and what will be an "epic fail".....

One of the bad things about this kind of power shopping is that you see all kinds of things you want.

 This rug and coffee table from Pottery Barn....

Anyway.....all of those stories are for another day!

I have a whole Pinterest Board on camel, black and cream interiors.  I don't think it's a secret that I love that color combination.

This image is one of my favorites.....
Garrow Kedigian/photography by Christopher Sturman

I love the texture....with touches of wood and ton's of layering.

So I made a "get the look" board for you....

I started with a Pottery Barn sofa, PB natural sisal rug with black binding and layered it with the West Elm rug.

The coffee table is also from PB.

Love this modern side table from Overstock!
And this floor lamp is from West Elm.

This great lamp is from West Elm

And I found this well priced mirror on Overstock!

I had a hard time finding a brown wing chair but this leather one from Wayfair is nice and rich looking.....

All the pillows are from Pottery Barn and this console is from Wisteria

And I love this art from William McClure

It would be perfect in this room!

Most of the small accessories are from West Elm and Overstock......but you get the picture:)

OK....carry on.  It's Friday and I am sure this day is going to go just as fast as all the others.

Enjoy the weekend....I heard we are going to have great weather this weekend in Atlanta!




I am always amazed how long it takes a project to get started.  I met with #projectawesomeclient back in March last year.  We bonded right away over animals as I had just lost my sweet Patchy the week before:(

She had 2 dogs and I might have shed a few tears when I was greeted by wagging tails and licks.  

Having lived in their home for 20 years it was time for updates.  Ha!  They had planned a kitchen reno with a bump out to enlarge the family room but that quickly became a total gut......after realizing that the whole house could be so much better!  Finalizing all the plans and deciding on a contractor took 6 months and in August they moved out.

I was excited that they choose Michael Ladisic as the builder since I love working with him!

Yesterday we went to Francois and Co to look for a stone mantel.

Here is a picture of what was originally there.  You can see it has quite a large profile so we  definitely wanted to streamline it adding more visual space to the room. 

The 2 openings on either side are new and they lead into the large dining room/living room.

I had never been in Francois before and I was amazed with all of the beauty in that building!

Looking online before we met [gotta do my homework!]  this is the first one I clicked on.

They had examples where it had been used in a project and bam!
Barbara Westbrook had used it in one of my favorite rooms ever!  I was on to something.....

Clean lines with a slight curve.  I'm in.

Here were 2 others that were contenders but we held firm with #1.

I saw this one and realized that I had pinned it long ago as a favorite for a more modern application!

The floors in this kitchen/family room are going to be Blue Lagos stone.....

Here it is with white tile just to show how it will look with white cabinets.  The island and hood area with be planking out of the light wood.

I started with the darker grout.....
But then all I could see was one large dark application so I switched it to this one....

Here was my inspiration!
Brooke Giannetti

Maria Killam

What else is fabulous at Francois and Co?
Gorgeous pre-stained floors....

Pewter countertops...which we are using on a table at the end of the island!

And glorious hoods!
On Instagram the bottom right one was the most popular along with bottom left coming in second!

Update....sofa is now turquoise  and coffee table is painted white!

2 weeks to go to finish this one up!




I was cruising Amazon [only because they hound me with emails] checking out the "design book" section and saw some new titles getting ready to drop!  It's safe to say that we are all kinda obsessed with these guys right?

I am sure Steve and Brookes new book will not disappoint!

I do love me some Vincente Wolf!

 I miss Million Dollar Decorators....yeah I know the story line was weak but I loved to see them all talk about design.

I bet this one is chock full of great styling ideas:)

As I scrolled through all of those I realized there is an element in each cover picture that I would use in my own decorating style.  Interesting.

I also received another book in the mail that I am excited to read.  Kristy who is half of the blog Design Chic has written another one!  I can barely get a blog post out:)  

I read Dear Carolina and afterwards I started speaking with a deep southern accent that I couldn't let go of.  But then my husband said it was cute and kind of turned him on so I stopped immediately.  wink.

In other news....I installed some curtains in this gorgeous home [another Ladisic Fine Home beauty]!

This guy lived there.....

And....for some reason he did not like me!  WTH.....all dogs love me....I am just short of the "dog whisperer".   But not Blue.  As I was trying to take his picture he flew up and lunged at me [all 10" of him with that party hat on] and I jumped back like he was a snake....threw my phone and ran.  

I guess if you live on the east coast then you will have plenty of time to hang out at home this weekend.....snowmageddon is on it's way so make sure you are well stocked with wine:)  The important things.




Both my husband and I are on a diet.  I could say we are watching what we eat but why sugar coat it.  I blame my weight gain on this.

Our friends who came to the beach with us over New Years brought two large bags.....and well any one who knows me can tell you that I love popcorn....hard.  And when you add in caramel popcorn.....there is no stopping me.  I am not sure they will be invited back.....just saying.

But back to the weight loss.  Last spring I lost 10 pounds and I was pretty cocky.  I bought all new jeans and almost.....almost threw away all my old ones.  Whew.....glad I didn't follow through with that right!  Sometimes my age and experience comes in handy:)

Of course my husband has lost twice the weight as I have and if he goes in there to weight himself one more time...... comes running out with his hands in the air declaring his loss [like he just discovered the cure for cancer] you might hear about his beating on the 11:00 news.

I'm not playing.

Today for your viewing pleasure I have rounded up all my pillow pictures from the mart.  Feast on  these combinations!

The first group is from Ryan Studio

And when I asked them what their most popular pillow was I was shocked to learn it was this one.....
The one in the middle!  "Hands down" she said.

And of course my friend Sudi had a really good show!

She said the same thing.....the soft blues are always her biggest sellers!  I like to call it "bedroom blue"....cause everybody wants that color!

Alrighty then.....gotta get to work.

Tick tock tick tock......deadlines!



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