On Wednesday I had a colonoscopy.  They are not fun.  You don't really have to start thinking about having one until you are 50 or older [unless there is family history].... So most of you can relax.

The stuff you have to drink is the worst part and it taste like drinking seawater to me.  YUK.  This was my second one [I had one 5 years ago] and I urge you to not be afraid.... because well....hey....the alternative is definitely worse than the procedure.


Another fact is I don't do well under anesthesia....meaning I have a hard time coming out of it.  When they shake you awake I want to punch them.  

I was groggy all day and of course since I could not eat for a day and a half....there wasn't enough food in my house to satisfy me......well actually there is never food in my house but that is another story.  In fact I made my husband stop at Wendy's for french fries on the way home and scarfed them down like it was my job.

OK...enough about that!  On to the upstairs of the Pinewood Forest Showhouse.  Open Friday-Sunday until Oct 7th.

At the top of the stairs is a bedroom and bath.
Designed by Julie Holloway

I love this Restoration Hardware bed....Julie is know for her gallery walls using vintage art....

She nails it!

And this incredible York wallpaper by Joanna Gaines.  Yes please.

It makes such a statement don't cha think?

Go Julie.

Down the hall is an office/sitting area.
Designer by J Ansel

Very sophisticated....and curated.  I love it.

A showhouse is always a time to go outside the box and he did just that.

Man knows how to accessorize.....

Somebody asked why anyone would place a picture in a window blocking it.  Well.....for a couple of reasons.  1. Sometimes a large window is busy and does not photograph well.  2. As I said a showhouse is an opportunity to walk on the wild side and do something that is not often done.  3.  Cause we want to.  Hee Haw :)

My friends Jennifer and Lindsey created a romantic space that turned out beautiful.

Designer: Jennifer Schoenburger and Lindsey Hene

The mirror holds the TV!

I love the black and white wallpaper mixed in with the mint green and a touch of red.

The canopy also created some nice drama.

The next space is a bunk room full of whimsey!
Designer: Dana Lynch

Hard to get a shot as the room was painted a dark blue.

Loved the framed pictures of Star Wars characters!

I think that's it!  Thoughts?  

I can't believe it's Friday....pretty darn excited!

Plans for the weekend.....I don't know but I'm thinking a pedicure might be a good idea. 

One more little tidbit of info.....down 20 lbs on Weight Watchers which I started April 1st.
Whoo hoo. 




Hope you guys had a great weekend....still fighting fleas here but think I am winning the battle.  Seriously!  I washed everything I could in hot water....sprayed.....vacuumed a 100 times and sprayed Cami.  I can be relentless when I need to be.

I think I might have mentioned that I am a former "party girl".....back in my day!  On Saturday night we went to a 60th birthday dinner and I guess it had been a while but after my second glass of wine [which is unusual for me] I had the bright idea to order shots of Tequila!  

Out of 10 people....5 were solid right there with me:)

Sounds reckless..... [my middle name]....just kidding...hee haw.

Anyway I thought I would share a few pictures of the rest of the Pinewood Showhouse for those of you who don't live local and can't make it!

I few shots of the outside.  Built by Redwood Builders.  Architect: Lew Oliver.

This fence.....

I love the landscaping!

This is the covered has a glass roof.
Designer: Dana Lynch

The master opens up on the porch.
Designer: Nikie Barfield

This room really spoke to my neutral loving soul:)

The kitchen opens up to the family room and dining area....

Designer: Dana Lynch

I love the organic feel of this kitchen....

The wet bar area was also designed by Dana.

My friend Jen from Swoox designed the living area and who knew I would love a black mohair sofa so dang much!  She is pretty amazing in my opinion:)

Designer: Jen Balcos

I watched her and David throw this room together in a matter of minutes....

Who wants this door?  Me.... me.... me.... me!

The dining area had a mid century feel also!
Designer: Dana Lynch

I was amazed by the carpet which were carpet  squares by Flor!  Although I guess it's been discontinued because it's not on their website any longer:(

Cute laundry space!
Designer: Monica Stewart [The Misfit House]

I love the fabric by Block and Brayer.

And I could not get a good image of the powder room but it was pretty awesome!
Designer: Breckyn Alexander [BMA Designs]

We will discuss the upstairs on Friday!  

This week is Discover ADAC and there is so much going on.....but I forgot and scheduled a colonoscopy for tomorrow. will be #poopcity at my house tonight.

Also I went to the Mart yesterday for fall market to look for lamps and bedding for a client.  That is definitely the fun part of my job!

OK.....more in Friday.


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