Lord y'all....I am in the weeds and trying to dig out but I feel like I am using a spoon instead of a shovel....haha.

I am putting together a whole house and trying to find something IN STOCK is impossible.  Seriously the "supply chain" is gone and  NO ONE HAS INVENTORY!

I am getting lead times like 16-18 weeks! 

What the actual heck?  Helppppppppp!

I mean I have looked at all the usual vendors that I use and even moved on to "big box" vendors that I usually only use for accessories!

Excuse me while I have a "hissy fit"......

Anyway......I was desperate and jumped on to Pottery Barn.  Hmmmmm.....I did find a few things I liked as far as furniture goes so I thought I would share!

 Let's start with coffee tables....I love every one of these and could get to styling them up!

Here are 2 more that struck my fancy!
Y'all know I love some texture and of course this white one has my name on it....

Next up are table lamps....thoughts?  Those iron ones are pretty amazing.....and of course I have used the glass ones.

I love these black jar lamps also.

Next up are pillows.....The thing is.... I like to use the solid ones and then add some "pow" fabric mixed in!


The first ones are wonderful linen and I use them all the time!

What actually started the search was a quest for a black bed which I found but it is just a little to "farmhousy" for this project.

But.....check out some of these other great beds!

Loving this black nightstand but it is just a little too distressed for this project.  Damn.

Whats a girl to do?  Who wants to wait 5 months for a sofa....I am not kidding!  And stores that sell off the floor are suddenly NOT......because they can't get more merchandise.  Uh Huh....truth.

On the one hand I have plenty of design business but on the other had I am looking at them.....scared to say uh......I can get this for you in 2022.

And then duck as they throw something at me or punch me in the face.

I did order this cute bed from CB2 which they say will be here in late May.....we shall see!

And this great mirror [CB2] for  over a foyer chest which WAS IN STOCK!  Whoa....give me a bullhorn so I can shout it to the world!

Haha....the person before me probably bought the last one.

Anyway the struggle is real people.....designers everywhere are going crazy.  Include me on that statement.

Shacrazy [but that is not news]



I decided to write this post after I worked out this morning and Lord....that WO almost killed me.  I am the oldest person in class.....feels like I am always the oldest person everywhere these days:) and I just do the best I can and push it as hard as I can.

But seriously......whew!

Anyway it was a busy week of trying to stay on top of everything with my projects!  If you follow me on Instagram you can just stop reading right now....haha.....just scroll down to the brownie recipe!  

This will just be a repeat of what I have been posting lately.

I went to get some things framed and I usually go to Fast Frame on Piedmont Road.  They do a great job and are very helpful.

Can't wait to pick up this bad boy!  

On Tuesday I had 6 pieces of furniture delivered to a client and 3 rugs!  That was fun seeing everything put in place....just a few more pieces to the puzzle....

This rug really warmed up the joint!

I got 2 chest to go on either side of the fireplace....we are going to get the surround made a little darker.

A pretty Bungalow 5 desk that we are using in a bathroom for a makeup counter!

This Arteriors Home bench which will be recovered in a pretty Schumacher fabric!

In the foyer this Woodbridge chest which will get a mirror over it!

And 2 Charles Stewart swivel chairs!  Everything needs pillows!

Another client had her Brazilian Cherry floors redone and they look SO much better!  All that red gone.  

And the hardware that we selected was installed.  The Jasper pull from Emtek in polished nickel.

And these in her master bath are from RH.  I have the same ones in my kitchen and have had them for many years!

Another client had her ceilings painted...such a pretty color.  SW Sandew

This is the sunroom but I can't remember what this color is.....

And last my friend stays with me on Tuesdays and she brought me a present....

How cute is this?  She got it at a store in Greenville SC called 4Rooms.

And she is one of my friends that is a really good cook!  You might be thinking that most of my friends are good cooks and you would be right!  A girl needs to eat:)

Let's just say that she whipped up these brownies from scratch and they were ready in 20 min....

Here is the recipe straight from her:)

 Here is the recipe for my brownies.  There are two keys to these brownies:

 1.  Do not overcook!!!  I set the timer for 20 minutes and watch them.  The thing that makes these brownies great is that they are gooey.
 2.  I put less flour than it calls for.  (this adds to the gooey vs cake texture)

I made a half batch for us because Lord knows we couldn't have had an entire pan of brownies in the house.

2 sticks of butter
5 tablespoons of cocoa ( I use a little less )
2 cups of sugar
4 eggs
1 ½ cups of flour
2 tsps vanilla

Melt butter and cocoa in a sauce pan.  ( I mix the entire thing in this one pan) Stir in sugar . stir in eggs quickly so that they do not cook in the warm butter/sugar mixture, stir in flour, and add vanilla.

Cook in 9x13 buttered and floured pan.  350 degrees for about 30 minutes.  Set timer for 20 minutes and watch.

Alrighty's 5:30 so I better publish this baby!




Y'all  I get so frustrated with stuff.....I feel like I am fairly patient except when it comes to opening packages. level goes from 0....being a 10....acting like a six year old opening birthday presents.  More times than I like to admit I will rip something and then damage the article that was wrapped up.  UGH.....

I did just that the other day after ordering a piece of art from Etsy.  Ripped it.  Yup....but that sucker was wrapped up like it had the secret recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken in it....meaning I struggled for like 10 minutes.  

Now I can't even look at it....just sitting there on the DR table glaring at me.


So I have been pretty busy putting together a whole house for a client.....who I have to say is pretty amazing.

Having sold their family home they are downsizing to a smaller home.  AND.....guess what???? 

She likes color. 

So I am having to dust off my "color ability" which has been pretty dormant lately....haha.  

And I have to admit it has been fun!

3 kids and 3 bedrooms.

I am almost finished....still have the FR and a loft left....

I have always loved these colors together.....for her room....she said think not as bold....more New York apartment.  So excited to see it come together.

Next up is the son's room.  He already has a bed so we are gonna just zhush it up!  New lighting and wallpaper!

The last girls room is "pretty in pink"....She had the existing art and already has a cool bed!

Since the master bedroom is much smaller than the old one we are starting over except for using the amazing MCM dresser!

I did go neutral in this space but we will kick it with some art!

If you are thinking that I had fun putting these together then you are a winner cause I sure did!

I still need rugs and curtains but damn y'all this is the fun part....haha

Sunday night when I was trying to sleep [which ended up only being 4 hours] my left leg was killing me.  Kind of like restless leg but I felt it was more of a nerve issue.  It stayed with me all day Monday and last night I finally took some Advil.  

Having had sciatic once before I know that Advil has about  as much affect on a nerve issue... as praying for my house to clean itself.  Not gonna happen.  And it didn't but I was so tired I fell asleep early and this morning I feel pretty good!

Which leads me to say I need to wrap this up so I can go workout.  Today is lower body which is so much harder than upper but you do burn more calories so thats a plus right!




OK....since most of my design projects are at a midway point I am back to fashion....and by fashion I mean bathing suits!

And..... I am not a big fan....haha.  I mean at 69 I just don't think it's a good look.  I know.... I shouldn't be so critical but there it is.

I suppose if I was going to a beautiful resort I might rethink that because wouldn't it be nice to lay on a lounge chair sipping on a drink with a cute little umbrella in it:)

One thing is for sure my bikini days are over so I just picked some cute one pieces.....

 I love this black suit and especially the back!

I also think a little ruching is a good thing and can be slimming.....


I would probably never take off this cute coverup and just swim in it...haha

This coverup is basically a dress and would look cute without the darn swimsuit!

This company Summersalt was started by 2 women and I like that the suits have nice coverage from behind!

This is one of my favorites and I love the stripe coverup!


So....I am sure some of you have a great vaca planned this summer.....

Which look is your favorite?

A question about the wallpaper from the last post:

It's from Schumacher and called Blommen. It comes in black and white, I think green and white and maybe navy and white!

Hope you guys have a rocking weekend....make it the best it can be!




So I had to punish last week and put it in "time out" was very disrespectful and at my age I deserve better.....speaking of age....I had a little birthday.  Yup I have rolled into my 69th year.

I can not even wrap my head around it. 

I.  Was.  Just.  50.  A few years ago.


Some pretty birthday flowers from a client!

Since I am in the middle of so many projects it's just going to be randomness today.

First up is this pretty candle I discovered.  I am sure you guys are like this but when I see a small business doing something good I get excited.  

Wilkin & May make hand poured clean burning non toxic Coconut wax candles in reusable vessels. [in a black jar I might add....]

I don't know about you but I hate when a candle burns black as it gets all over everything.  I got the Mohawk St and it smells so good!

Of course I love the packaging right.....

Your welcome!

I was so excited I restyled my coffee table.....'s the little things right:)

I know I have shown this before but it got a little styling so I thought.....why not share again.  Cause I am all about keeping you updated right!

This client is like my spirit animal....she just gets it!

We are plugging along....and starting other areas....

This is the upstairs TV room......

Tucker likes the new rug!

Another client got some bathroom countertops...

And one of my fav chandeliers....which is wired high right now until the windows go in!

So when I am shopping for clients....I love when I run across things that catch my eye and Lord this West Elm throw did just that!  I mean are these my colors or what!

Seen right here.....Everything from Target except for the shoes which are from Madewell.  They are so comfy I wanted to see if they had them in black but it looks like they don't have these anymore....sad face.

And I might have bought this cute "shacket" from H&M.....It is oversized but I think it will look cute with leggings and boots!

Cute porch ideas....coming soon:)

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend....It might reach 80 today in Atlanta.....which I am not 100% happy about as I would like to have a little spring weather right?

I mean it would be fun to wear a spring jacket or 2....:)

Sheriky Freaky

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