Well if you don't have Instagram then you might not have heard the news....but I'm doing the One Room Challenge again!  Yup I am dusting off my creative juices....and diving in.

Of course we are sworn to secrecy so I can't divulge anything about it right now but come back next Wednesday to get all the details:)

Hope you enjoyed my spring pillow finds....I wouldn't know because nobody said "I am buying them all".....haha

In the design world there are 2 seasons....spring and fall....which is when all the new fabrics come out!  I am like a kid in a candy store getting excited about it.  

I received a email taunting me with what is hitting the racks at Schumacher.  Definitely one of my go to fabric lines.

Thought I would share with you some of my favorites....

Love this graphic linen....I took a picture when I was in the showroom yesterday!

This had a nubby wool look to it!

Do you think I liked the one below:)

And of course this below is good for me...the cross stitch is raised.....

 One of my favorites below....a pretty modern linen.

Fresh prints in pretty colors....

Showroom image

Cuteness alert!

Some nice linen graphics...

Many of the fabrics come in wallpaper.....

More pretty spring fabrics....

Pretty tapestry fabric....

I love love love this one below.....
It has an embroidery feel to you can see with the tone on tone cream below....

And Hubba Hubba....with this black and white graphic!

Are you smitten like me?  Which one is your favorite?

What cha doing this weekend....?
I think I heard it's going to be 77 in Atlanta tomorrow! I am headed up to Cashiers to help a client with furniture placement..... for the next 6 weeks since I'm doing the ORC I will be posting on Wednesdays!  Get excited y'all....




How was your weekend?  

Let's see....I drove all the way to Hobby Lobby.....20 minutes in Saturday traffic to get one of those wicker mirrors [for a project] and they didn't have them.

I guess I shouldn't have blogged about it until I secured mine.  Lesson learned:)

On Sunday I walked the Atlanta Beltway...over 6 and a half miles.  It was a beautiful day!

Oh yeah....I also cleaned out my 8 million fabric samples to take back to ADAC....they were starting to need a room of their own.'s now spring and you know what that means....time to change out the pillows right!

Being the good blogger that I am....I strolled Etsy to put together some combinations that might inspire you.  AND.....there is some good color here which might surprise you!

Summer always brings out the "americana look" spurred on by Ralph Lauren!  So I'm starting with red and blue.

I have posted before about my love of brown and navy.....

And of is no secret that Pyne Hollyhock is my favorite floral....

And here is where I really veer of course.....with purple!  Who the bloody hell am I?

Are you ready to ditch the fall/winter pillows and get started on the spring/summer refresh?  Etsy is the can get designer fabrics [usually only available to the trade] already made into pillows!  Winning.....

I'll be back on Friday with who knows what kind of worthless information....hahaha




How the heck is it Friday.....don't get me wrong because I am not complaining....but crikey it was just Monday wasn't it? I really did not actually realize you guys were interested in buying the clothes that I post about....Surprise!

A few questions about what I packed for Morocco!  The platform black slip on tennis shoes came from here

They were comfortable from the beginning.

The white jeans that I took were from Lucky and are called the Lolita mid rise cropped.  I bought them last summer!

I edited the post and linked to that awesome little carry on bag from Target!

So that's that.

In other news I wanted to educate you about something.....
Upholstery cushions.....very important info!

Now most cushions are made from high density foam....

They wrap the foam with batting.....which you can see in the second image has been rewrapped to help get the shape back.
But it will eventually look like this....because foam breaks down.

Below is an example of spring cushions.....meaning there are actually springs in there wrapped with foam.  The one on the right is called spring down [usually an upgrade] which means it is wrapped with foam and down.  

I know you have heard me go on and on about Charles Stewart Furniture....those are their cushions.

They will last SO much longer.... I have spoken about this before but I really feel like it's an important lesson.  I strongly urge my clients to upgrade cushions especially if it is in a family room that gets a lot of activity.

In a living might not be as big a deal because it is not used as much!

Not every upholstery line offers this option so make sure you check with your vendor!

In other news an organizer Kat from  The Uptown Concierge reached out about giving me a few hours of time.....that scared me....haha.

I could definitely use one but it gave me angst to think I would have to semi organize the space before she came so she wouldn't think I was unorganized....which sounds crazy huh?  I've got problems.

So I decided to let her do my clients pantry.....


They both work full time with 2 small kids...and we all know that when it's the weekend.... nobody feels like doing this!

She took everything out....whew!

Then she headed to the container store to gather what she needed!


She moved the microwave back into the corner because they don't use it as much.... I wish I had done my closet.  My client was thrilled!

I saw my friend post this shot of a wicker mirror from Hobby Lobby which I love...

Especially after I saw this at a consignment shop.

For 400.00.  I loved it but dang I could be happy with the first

I saw these great lamps at TJ Maxx.....but they were huge like 36" tall.  I loved them though and might have bought but the line was too long....that saved me because I have no project for them!

And I saw this great new fabric at the Schumacher showroom....

I. Love. It.

Alrighty then...that's it so go tackle Friday....and have a margarita tonight to celebrate the weekend!




Hey guys....  Somebody asked me what I packed in my carryon bag for 6 days of travel!  I did not want to have to check my bag in case it got of course I was very careful about what went in and kept editing until it all fit.  I stuffed things in my shoes and rolled everything to get it all to fit in.

So first of all I have this suitcase by Travelpro

It's your basic 21" spinner carry on.  But I also found the small bag below at Target and it was great for my makeup, reading material, purse etc....

It has a little zipper compartment on the bottom which I put my PJ's in.

So...I had 2 things to attend while I was there....a dinner and the marriage celebration.

It wasn't real dressy so for dinner  I mixed this very lightweight BCBG jacket with white jeans and a cami with a built in bra.  It was perfect.  The weather was 66-70 during the day but cooler at night.

For the celebration [they had actually already gotten married in Atlanta] as this was not a religious ceremony for those of you thinking why  wasn't I arrested for my racy top....I wore the outfit above.  The top is from BCBG and the scarf was from Zara.  It was all very lightweight and easy to pack.

As far as putting things together...well what did you expect from me....all basics!  Jeans, white jeans, black shoes....

I had this lightweight stripe scarf/coverup which worked perfectly.  It was actually warmer that day so I wore it as a scarf.  I wore my hat everyday to keep the sun off my face and to hide my unfixed hair....haha

On the cooler day I wore my black J Crew Juliette sweater with leggings and a long sleeve white T.

I look like a wrinkled mess here!

I can honestly say I took just enough and wore everything I brought....mixing it up with the white jeans...a white t shirt and throwing on the jean shirt.

The trick is to be able to layer....but you guys know that right?  Basically this is the way I dress on a daily basis.

OK.....there you tips from Sherry although it might be a while before I jump on a plane and head out on a long trip....


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