Those who follow me on Instagram might think I have a drinking problem if you saw all of my pictures this weekend.

  Disclaimer*** I was an onlooker for most of those activities.***
I just happen to be with friends who like a variety of libations.

That's how they roll and I was rolling with.

There.....hope I got my reputation back :)

I don't know about you guys but I am buckwild excited for Dexter and Homeland seasons beginning  tonight.  

 As I admitted earlier.......I was a slacker this weekend and starting Monday morning I have an ample amount of work to get going on with  UMCH......and a couple of projects to put together.  Not complaining though just stating the facts :)

Let's just start with the favorite part of my job...and of course that would be fabrics.  Whoa there's a news flash for you.  Send in the camera' at 11.

This is what digging through baskets of fabrics turned up for me.  Of course sometimes when I start I get lost in this world where I have imaginary friends......

I began with a favorite Schumacher wallpaper Rajasthan Paisley.
I love the grayed down colors in it and thought it went nicely with this new Schumacher fabric in the upper right hand corner.

It's a beauty huh?

 I dug deeper and found another new Schumacher fabric that I  was feeling some love for.

What cha think about it?

Then I changed up the wallpaper just for grins...

This is another Schumacher fav......Manor Gate

The paisley on the left is Schumacher/Martyn Lawrence Bullard Pasha Paisley.  The picture does not do it's beautiful.

I went completely off the grid and grabbed some KW.  I'm sure by now my eyes were rolling back up in my head and I was speaking in tongue.

If my dogs hadn't come in a broke spell I might still be locked in the trance.

Speaking of fabrics......Schumacher has dropped their fall line and there are some beauties.  I will be sharing with you soon.....

Can you believe that tomorrow is October 1?  

Hey let me put you in a real sweat.....just so you know.....only 85 days until Christmas.





I think I have mentioned a time or 2 that I have been a designer for over 20 years.  All of my career has been in Atlanta so you can imagine I have many sources available to help bring a project together.  For you.  In case you need help.

Since Atlanta is chock full of designers.....I pride myself in striving to give my clients a room that is worth spending their hard earned money on as well as help them freshen up their space with the latest in design.

 One resource that I use for every project  is ADAC  [which happens to be 1 mile from my house....whoop!].  There are design centers located in most big cities across the country, DD Building [NYC], Dania Design Center [Miami], and Pacific Design Center [LA].  They are all open to the public.

In October ADAC [previously exclusive to the trade only] will now be open as well.  It is  550,000 sq ft of showrooms that carry fabrics, lighting, furniture, art, and well...just about everything you need to help decorate a space and find inspiration.   

What does this mean?  Well for one thing they host events which include many well known designers sharing their insights on design.  It will also allow you to go in to the various showrooms to see the latest trends.  Even though you can't purchase, that can be done only through your friendly designer :)  [who could that be?] you can still see all of the beautiful things I see on a daily basis.

 WARNING:  Could cause more indecisive moments than you already have and impair the ability to move forward with design decisions

Now.....what are they doing to roll out the red carpet and get you inspired??  A host of events starting October 4.

You might notice on October 10th there is a little event called

"Trend Spotting with Atlanta's Top Design Bloggers"

Yup.....they have asked me to join Erika, Cristi, Wendy, Helen and Claire to spill the beans about design [oh gosh what will I say?] and who does their waxing.  OK...I made that last part up....but sometimes aren't you afraid someone is going to slip with that wax and you are going to hear a loud UH OH.  I mean there is a fine line between a little light eyebrow penciling  and looking like  Joan Crawford.
She used a whole crayon there.

In case you can't read...some of the other speakers are:

William Peace October 4th 10:00 
Danielle Rollins October 4th 2:00
Brian Patrick Flynn October 5th 10:00

 And a host of others that I am sure you will enjoy!

So get your design on people!




Today I am over at Design OCD helping to celebrate her 200th post!  You are going to enjoy Jae's blog plus you can take a look at her newly remodeled kitchen which was just photographed for Better Homes and Gardens.  Uh huh!

I am talking about a favorite piece in my home plus my favorite room.....curious?  Go here to read.

I never thought of celebrating a blogging milestone other than the yearly one so this opens up a whole other reason to uncork and whoop it up for a significant event.  Let's see........... this will be
 # 374.....that means one more makes an even number.  Wine for everyone :)

On to a more serious subject.  How can I even begin to thank you for your support with my project at the UMCH.  I am completely humbled that you donated....over the internet to a stranger!  Obviously you have not been warned enough about how dangerous that can be!!!

I almost have enough for the addition off the back of ..........just kidding people.  Look I am trying to be serious but I have always been one of those people who laughs at awkward situations.

I mean everyone of you and hope I can make you proud.

Here is what has transpired about my space.  Graciously, MGBW have donated a sofa and 2 chairs.  I know....can you believe it?

Here is a picture of the sofa

And the two chairs is nicer than my own  :)

Some of you expressed that the furniture already in the space is the best and most durable choice.  I get that.  But....since I need to be responsible [using some of y'alls money you know] then it is less time and money I have to spend making over what is already there.  

The fact that these boys are homeless and have grown up in shelters makes it even more important that they have a nice space and hopefully it will help them to make greater efforts toward achieving a better life.  

That being said it is not a decorator show house or a competition.....I will do my best to make the room functional and comfortable for them.  FYI....last year I raised about 2000.00 and spent an equal amount of my own money.  It was worth it!

The other day I was putting together a plan for another project...which we decided against but I am still loving it......

Probably because it is fall and these fabrics are all warm and cozy right?  Oh well...I will try to push it on someone else....cause that is what I do.  I am your "neighborhood pusher".

One last thing...I do not understand flags on your cars?  You know....during football season.

Whoop yeah.....




I am so excited to be involved with Room Service again this year. Erika and Dayka have done another great job to find a program that needs support.  This time it is United Methodist Children's Home in Decatur, Georgia.

It is an independent living program for youth in the foster care program.  The building we are working on this year houses boys 17-21.  There is a team of talented local designers who will give their time, money and hard work to give them a place to call home.

I met Dayka over there the other day to preview my room....
It is actually a general space to them to hang out in and watch TV.

See all this paneling I have to get painted......

If you remember last year, I had one of the biggest rooms......and this year I took a mouthful also! my sidekick Jan on board again :)  Here she is last Halloween!

Not sure what I am going to do with these yet....

So....this one is a little quicker than last year...the install is the week of October 22!  Holy guacamole.....I better get my butt in some high gear....giddy up!

If you want to help by sending me a small donation: 25.00 [I have no shame] it would help me rock this space for those boys!

Here is my address:
711 Darlington Rd
Atlanta, Ga.  30305

***I do have a Pay Pal account attached to this email address:***

Thanks so much and if you have any questions, please email me direct.

Oh is the plan that was picked for the bedroom makeover...

Cowgirl Sherika



I am back from the "wine country" not Napa...but to my amazement Georgia has a smaller version.  When I say 5-6 but hey it is only an hour away in Dahlonega.

We stayed at Mountain Laurel Creek Inn and Spa.  Hello comfort.

Seriously Dennis and David thought of everything.  The beds were so comfortable, breakfast every morning....and the massage was perfect.  I will go back.

We went to 4 wineries...and hands down our favorite was Wolf Mountain Vineyards and Winery.  Good wine and gorgeous setting.  We also hired a taxi for all three days [you know wine tastings!] and spent less then we would have if we had taken the tour bus.  Good to know.  I don't like a tour bus unless I'm with a famous rock star. 



I don't want to spend this whole post talking about it but if anyone is interested in the details please email me.....It is only an hour from Atlanta!

Before I left I started working on a new project.  It is a master bedroom and I think I better check with the client before I post a before picture.  You know I lucked out during the ORC being so daring...

Here are a few of the plans I showed her....
The walls are a very dark brown now and the first thing that will happen is to lighten those babies up.  We will do a new headboard and with this one it could be the dark brown velvet or the light blue/gray velvet....

You might be thinking that I am a one trick pony. Always the same colors....but this is what they asked for.  After speaking with the manager of Kravet the other day and she said that these colors are still going strong......I think we can all admit that soft neutrals work well for bedrooms.

Number 2....maybe my favorite.  Besides the bedding we will have a chaise and chair in this room so there is plenty of places for pretty pillows!  I am thinking the brown/taupe velvet for the headboard.

Just in case...I threw together these gray fabrics.  You never know right?  

Nice trims for some neutral curtains.

This was the last one.  She emailed me last night with her pick!  Any guesses?

I have been so irresponsible  lately about reading blogs.....too much vacation and out of my routine.  Shame on me.  All it takes is a week and you can be so outdated....then you are having a conversation and someone will say..."whoa girl...chevron is so July".

One more bit of news....I am working with Room Service again this year.  More to come but expect me to be asking for help from my wonderful readers :)

Here are some pictures from my room last year.





Thursday....Crikey...where did Tuesday go?

Holy Cow...days are turning into hours.  Not that it is your problem but I feel like a waitress who's station is full and the cook just quit.

Deep Breath....

I have posted before about of my favorite stores in my hood.  Started by Dan Belman and Randy Korando they have now expanded from a mainly garden shop to include furniture and home decor.  

It is full on eye candy when you go.
No lie.

Table is set and ready for guest.  That reminds me of my friend Maria.  I haven't thrown her under the bus in a let me get at it.  It must be a southern thing...but she keeps her DR table set.
All the time.  

In the beginning of our friendship I was always asking her if she was expecting company.  Now I just have a smart comment when I go"look at the dust on those plates".......she will come running in and try to "bow" up on me.  Silly girl.  

If my table was always set then I would have no place to fold my clothes.  Just saying.

Love and want.  Digging the color of the walls.

Check out how they painted a panel on the wall...

I like the color of that mantel.....I mean how pretty are greens and blues all shades.

Green, white and brown....I am getting some inspiration here...

Monogramed pillows....

Why is it so hard to keep plants alive?  They make a vignette look so pretty.  Love the layering here.

This is what I need...greenery but dead already.

Love the table...

Pictures from their greenhouse....

Come to me pretty white hydrangea....

Then outside more plants and containers.

Why is gray so dang pretty????  And with green.  Gray...I can't quit you.

Just a simple fern in a white pot.  Does not get more classic than that.

Like this arrangement in a vintage fishing basket.

Here is a picture of Randy and Dan at their home in Madison, Georgia.  It was featured in Traditional Home a few years ago.  Looky there...they have a sheepdog! As you all know I have 2!!!

Here are a few photos from that article.  They were taken by Colleen Duffley.  The article was produced by my good friend Lisa Mowry.

Oh oh...another picture of their dog....:) Loving the brick floors.

The kitchen...pretty cool huh...

I think this was the cover picture....Love this porch.

Here is the other end of the porch....oh gosh....the dog again.....
You can go here to see more pictures.

Last night my husband [just me]  were flipping through the channels looking for something to watch.  I stopped on The X Factor..... because I wanted to see if Britany  Spears was gonna be meaner than Simon.  At least that is what the clips were insinuating.

I kept looking at her face and something did not look right.  I mean she is only 30 years old so I knew it wasn't a face lift.  After about 30 minutes I blurted out "her eyebrows!"  My husband looked up from his iphone [playing words with friends probably]  like maybe I had said something important and he might get tested later.  

I said "look at her eyebrows.....she forgot to pencil them in"....he is still looking at me and seeing my lips moving but clearly confused.

I went on for about 10 minutes trying to show him that she looked weird....he then said "who is she?".....clearly we are on different fields here.

Anyway the point is....I know they have makeup artist so what happened there?  Anyone else notice?


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