THIS AND THAT I am and I will try something new.....
I will do all of my gabbing first and then add the pictures in no particular order:)

I would not say I am a perfectionist but some things irk me...that being when I am trying to do something and IT WON"T WORK.....she said loudly:)

Since we last spoke I went to Bluffton to see my brother.  Such a cute little town.  My sister, brother-in-law and I drove down to celebrate all of our birthdays together.

Mine being March 4th, my sisters is March 27 and my brother's is April 15th.  We had a great time and a wonderful dinner.

We sure laughed a lot at my brother...he lives in a gated community and every time he goes through the gate he has a 10 minute convo with the guard.  [Like he is the mayor or something] I mean....what the heck.  He said I am not friendly and he never knew that about me.  I said....that I have too many friends already to have a conversation every time I go through the gate.  I would just slide down in the car seat and run right through....

This drink was amazing at the restaurant.  It was called the Garden Gnome....
I drank 2 ....and then danced on the bar....

Ha Ha not really but I wanted to!

On Sunday before we left we went down to Palmetto Bluff for lunch.  

We were really missing Nancy :(

Dinner attire!

A few catch ups with some projects I am working on....

I found this amazing lamp and could not be happier....believe me I had given way too much thought about what I wanted and almost gave up and ordered something new.  Then one day I was at my favorite flea market Antiques and Beyond....and BAM....there it was!

And again after WAY TOO MUCH discussion with Rose about a rug for this room I finally settled on this one and it was perfect.

Why do I overthink everything????

Rose and I have been working on refreshing a kitchen showroom and it is really coming together....

This was the before.....


And there you have it!  I have some wonderful pictures of the Southeastern Showhouse

If you are must go!  It is open Thursday-Sunday.

I promise I will post soon!




Hey.....whats up y'all?  Man oh man...all of my design friends have gone to Highpoint and of course watching everything they post has me pretty jealous!

If I was better at managing my time maybe I would have gone but I am a little behind with work and invoicing so I think it's best I hang here.....

I am determined to go in the fall.....bets on that  anyone...haha.

I did get an email from Thibaut about some of their new wallpapers and I have to tell you they are the best at putting out "pretty"....

As we all know I am not a color person but I can really appreciate it when I see it!

The one above is neutral enough for me....

And this is so pretty!

You can't go wrong with blue:)

I think this might be my favorite!

Love the texture of this one....

You will have to let me know which one is your favorite....

Rose and I have been busy helping to restyle a kitchen know edit and get rid of all the old accessories!  I have been posting some before and afters on Instagram....

Here is the before....

With the after we painted the wall with the 2 cabinets on it to bring the eye up....then took all the accessories off the top and just added a large dark pot on each side....

We removed a pillow on each side but we actually have some pretty new pillows coming...

The wall with the 3 mirrors on it was also painted dark and we added some black and white art!

These make such a better impact!

Y'all it took me 40 minutes to add these frustrated with blogger.....I think that is why I have a hard time blogging now...not sure what to do.  Ugh.

I really miss sitting down and sharing....I will do some googling and see what the heck is going on cause this is driving me bonkers....

There is road rage and then there is "blog rage"....which is milder but still making me want to drink and cuss.....




Lord...these last 2 weeks have been crazy.  I had a photoshoot at my sisters with the kitchen designer.....The Designery and I did hire a stylist because y'all I just couldn't look at it any more:)

You know sometimes you have to step away and I have so much work to catch up on that my mind was boggled.

She did an amazing job and I loved see it through her eyes.....all good.

I did bring a lot of stuff over from my house for her to use and then I left it all there so I could do it all over again by myself this time for the Kitchen Tour sponsored by Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles that was on Saturday!

I had to buy the pillows and all the flowers for it and thank goodness for Rose because she helped me put the place back together!

Not only did I have to get more flowers but I had to get "staging food" for the kitchen....

I have some pictures for you but of course blogger is going to make this the hardest part of this whole post.....grrrrrr.

This is how I copied her styling below!  She didn't change the left side of the book shelving just the RHS!

I think Rose and I did pretty good.  She had the vase from Homegoods and I got that sweet little tan vase on the top RHS from Pottery Barn.

The stylist is above....and mine is below.
I found some good pillows from Pottery Barn....and the plant was already there!

So I had that large black pot hanging around and I got the throw at PB....very close to her styling below!

My styling below....

Above I used different flowers...and she had that amazing large pot with the hydrangea in that also incredible wood bowl with the beads displayed.

So you can see how close it all looks:)

I had the chair recovered and it wasn't ready in time for the photoshoot....but I was extremely happy with how it looked both days!

This table was a great HG find many years ago!  Gotta love that place right?

Here are a few pictures of the flowers in the LR....

And one of my favorite gallery I used that vintage tray I found while I was thrifting!

Well....that's it!      I will have the kitchen pictures next!

Before I sat down to write this I had to go over and get all my stuff....pack it up and now tomorrow I will return all the extra stuff!  Oh boy right....

I was there from 9:30-4:30 and I was starving by the end of the day so my sister, brother in law and I  went to get something to eat.  I took one of my taco's home to eat today for lunch.  Earlier I took it out to heat up and eat.  I turned around seemed like one second and I think you know what is coming....little miss Cami had jumped up and eaten it in a flash.

I mean....she is on my shit list right now.




Hey y'all.....I's been a while.  There is a slight problem since I upgraded the software on my Mac with uploading my pictures.

I used to be able to put the ones I would be using in an album which made it easier to upload but now it doesn't seem to be doing that so it takes forever to hunt for the ones I want to use.....grrrrrrr.  

It is always technology that does you in right!  But I have an hour before I have to meet my installer to hang some art so let's see what I can come up with....

How about a little this and that to start with.  Making some headway with a few clients....

Here is the before of this chair that was recovered...

It has great lines but was faded and I did not like the tufting in the seat cushion....

So magically here is the after in a black and ivory windowpane fabric and I love how they turned out!  These pillows were in her family room but we auditioned them for these chairs and they were perfect.  We will do a pretty dark gray velvet though for some richness!

She also got her husband to hang these Target frames in the upstairs hallway.....I love this because she can change out the pictures if she wants!

In other news I finally [after waiting 6 months for "in stock"] received this furniture!  She is my "glam  client so it is kind of fun to do something like this!

The dining room chairs....

And table

And the chairs have this cute little detail on them!

 The sectional also arrived and now we need pillows, a rug and window treatments....the fun part right!

I think this is the "most glamour" bedroom I have ever done and I am down with it!

I found this pretty pillow at that is our starting point!

Rose and I are also working on a project together and we are doing some accessorizing...

Here is the before....

And the after....which includes nothing new I might add.....

Just a little refresh!

It was fun scratching our head to come up with a more edited look and get rid of some of the white.

And there you have it...I managed to get through the picture part with out tearing my hair out....:)

I should have changed my blog away from blogger a long time ago and then I might not have this problema....but y'all....I get so overwhelmed with things lately.  Believe it or not...the Mac desktop that I bought 3 weeks ago is still sitting in the box in my office.


Alrighty then....I feel better to catch y'all up!


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