OK....where did we leave off...a few people have emailed me that they aren't receiving my I am not sure if it's because I have not been blogging much of if "blogger" has changed something and I don't know about it?

Is "blogger" still a thing?
Do people still use it?

Help a sister out.....:)

It has been a busy month.  My car wouldn't start and when you are single...well that is just a bummer because it's not like there is another car in the driveway to use!  So I got a jump from my neighbor and took it to the Ford dealership and then had to go across the street and rent a car for 4 days.  Yeah....

Turns out that I got a crappy battery from the Tires Plus up the street where I live [hey it's convenient] and it lasted about a year and a half.

It took Ford a few days to figure that  WTH?  

Meanwhile "tick tock" meter is running with a 180.00 battery actually cost me close to 500.00.

OK....that sucked.

Alrighty then....there were so many showhouses during the holidays.  I shared the Flower Magazine on with you and then after that one The Holiday House was going on.  So grab a coffee or some wine and take a gander!

This was the powder room off the garage and even though I am not much of a color girl....this caught my eye!

Amber Guyton
This was actually in the scullery which she did also!  Loved the color of the cabinets and the ceiling wallpaper!

Next up was the kitchen....which was pretty!  I love the big window behind the would always have something nice to look at!

Lauren Davenport
This kitchen dining area had me with that custom bench!

One of my favorite rooms was the office.  I love the oversized wallpaper and blush colors!

Jessica Bradley

The living room was perfection with that large piece of art behind the sofa!

Janie Wilburn

If you want drama and elegance the dining room was all of that!

The ceilings were so pretty!
Lauren Deloach

The amazing fabric from [I think] Cowtan and Tout was epic!

At the top of the stairs was some good modern and I was there for it!
Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters

A new designer from Nashville gave me all the feels with mostly white and a splash  of green.....

Evan Millard

My friend Chris Holt who owns Noah J and Co pulled it together with some great green and soft blue

There was a huge basement/man-cave situation!

So I still have another showhouse to share with you....the House Beautiful Whole Home which was in Atlanta again this year.  

And.....I have 3 installs to share with you!

I am sure you guys are all decorated and ready for Christmas....I did manage to put up a red ribbon on each of my porch lights.  It just isn't the same to decorate when it's only you....but that's OK....I would probably complain about it anyway:)




Howdy there folks.....oh geez I sound like a Grampa:)

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!  It came so fast so I guess Christmas is tomorrow and Valentines is next week.....time goes quickly....

I went to my neighbors home in Madison a few days before the big feast.  We call it "the farm" even though the only animals there are ticks....not really but that is where I did get my notorious tick bite!

Anyway it was fun and Cami enjoyed herself on long unleashed walks eating deer poop and such.  Of course the last evening before we left she felt so at home that she jumped up on the counter and grabbed a rotisserie chicken.  Lord....there was no getting it away from her unless you are willing to do without an arm for the rest of your life.

She locked in on that thing and we were all screaming and I was trying to kick it out of her mouth [did not work] and I was telling her how mad I was....of course she did not give a shit.

So....of course we left the next day.... in shame.  
Might be a while before we are invited back.

I am sharing some amazing pictures of the Flower Magazine Showhouse today!  They gathered the cream of the crop as far as designers go and the details were bananas.

Melanie Millner/The Butlers Pantry

Corey Damen Jenkins/Wine Cellar

Bunny Williams/Back Entry

Barry Dixon/The Library

Alexa Hampton/The Dining Room

Ray Booth/Terrace Level Family Room

Fran Keenan/Terrace Level Gym

Tammy Connor/Guest Bedroom and Bath

Cathy Kincaid/Primary Bedroom

Cathy Kincaid

Suzanne Kasler/The Living Room

Nellie Howard Ossi/Powder room

Michelle Nussbaumer/Entry

Fran Keenan/Spa Bath

Alexa Hampton/Dining Room

Elaine Griffin/Outdoors

Don Easterling and Nina Long/Mens Dressing Room

Tish Mills Kirk/Guest Bedroom

Mallory Mathison Glenn/Bedroom

Lisa Mende/Guest Room

Ashley Whittaker/Screened Porch

Beth Webb/Guest Room

Jared Hughes/Upstairs Landing

Julie Dodson/Primary Bath

List of Designers

Y'all...this was definitely a fantasy Showhouse.....which is what they are  for!

All of the designers did an amazing job and worked SO hard to present beautiful designs.

Hope you enjoyed this!


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