I stayed up to watch the Oscars and the ending was quite the SNAFU huh?  How horrible it would be to think you won and then......not.


My sister [best assistant ever!] and I made another trip to Madison on Saturday and got so much accomplished.  My car was packed to the ceiling with accessories.

How about we just get into it huh?  

Starting with upstairs.  All photos taken with my iphone hurriedly before we left at 6:30....starving.

We started by clearing the room and whitewashing the walls.....

Brought in this vintage rug from her house.

Added these cute lights in the nooks.....

Here is the before

We painted the iron beds SW Iron Ore.  I got these runners from Ikea and the baskets in the corner came with the house.

The curtains came from Ikea and the bedding is a mix of Ikea and Target.

Before with a full size bed

After......switched to a king bed which she had in her attic

Lamps from Homegoods.  She had the chest in a bedroom at home.


The wicker chairs were there already so I had the cushions recovered in white linen.  She had the picture at home in her attic.....which I happily raided!

 I purchased the pillows at Lakewood 400 Antique Market, the throws from Ikea and the garden seat from Amazon.

We left the door natural and I got these white robes from Ikea.....

There is one area to the right of the door that hasn't been addressed stay tuned for more:)

Let's head to the master which isn't finished but has come a long way.

A few before shots.....

The whole room was wallpapered.....and had wall to wall carpet.  She wasn't sure about the bed but I loved it so we kept.

Removed paper, and painted BM Silver Song and added hardwoods. 

This rug was formerly in the dining area and we decided to have it cleaned and use in the bedroom.....

I have to tell you first the rug looked so green against the walls which read green and blue depending on the time of the day.

But I found some pretty Kravet fabric that had both green and blue in it which helped to "marry" them.

All bedding from Pottery Barn except for pretty pillows.

More before...

She already had this cute chair but it's a little short for the room so there is a great place in the bathroom where this will go and we will find a taller option for this corner.

She had the blanket chest in Atlanta and the corner cabinet [which was relocated to this room] came with the house.  Still need some ivory panels in here.

Lamps from Pottery Barn and we painted the existing bedside tables.....yep....SW Iron Ore.

Whew.....there is so much more [porch and living area] but I will save for Friday!  They bought this place furnished and we have slowly been weeding out what stays and what gets the boot.

To read more about this project you can go here,  here and here

It is amazing what a little paint and white bedding can accomplish right! 

Sheriky Freaky



Whoa boy.....did my farewell to gray create some drama!  Let me set the record straight....I am not the "gray police" and I won't be knocking on your door to make sure you have retired this iconic color.  

Here's another shocker for you..... I am not the authority on color trends either!  Fact.

So I'm going to do something unheard of.....and that is..... let you make your own decisions on paint color choices!  Yep....I can be impartial like that.  

It's a gift:)

BUT.....I will say this.  Gray and ivory/beige can play together nicely.

As I saw in one of my favorite consignment stores in Atlanta called Swoox.  

It's the kind of store where you drop off things you want to sell and they curate it so perfectly that you want to take it back home!

In other news my good friend Jennifer's gorgeous home is in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles this month......

This beautiful ivory room!  

She is the queen of mixing high and low for sure! Many times I have asked her where she got something and she will say "Target"!

In other news [after about 3 tries] the finish on these cabinets were finally approved.  So hard to get an idea in your head moved to reality right?

Coming together at a snails pace.....

 At the same house we got some black and white photographs hung in the foyer. 

And these chairs at the foot of the bed got some pillows.....

On Saturday I am headed back up to Madison so hopefully I will have some good shots for you on Tuesday!

Last time we were there the furniture got rearranged....

I'll be hanging some cream linen panels on the existing rods.
Original leather sofa.....

This one is definitely "design in a dime":)  Which makes it so much fun!

Weekends are for merrymaking and today in Atlanta it's going to be 77!


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