AND.....a hearty Merry Christmas!

Don't the holidays seem to just go by in a wink?  For a is a very busy time as everyone wants their home to look it's best for holiday parties and family.  I kind of feel that sometimes I can't wait for them to be over so I can relax.  BUT...then they are over and I have done no decorating in my own home :(

I completed my final install last week and it was another bedroom.  This one started more than a few months ago....with new carpet and paint.

Here is a shot of the before.

Of course my suggestion was to lighten it up.  We picked a Ben Moore color called Creamy White [OC-7].  It is a great neutral with a bit of "chalkiness" to it.

Here is the room after it was painted and new carpet.

So much brighter!  You will notice 2 things in the picture.  The first being a new headboard.  Since all of the furniture [except the chair and ottoman] were staying, an inexpensive solution to all of the dark furniture was the Montgomery Upholstered Headboard by Pottery Barn.  It came with a neutral linen fabric but my plan was to change it out.

The second thing we did was raise the ceiling fan.  It was hanging so low and felt intrusive in the room.  I think it made a big difference.

So now we have lightened up the whole mood of the room.
Here is a shot of my plan.

I ordered a chaise from Lee Industries.  The blue fabric on the left side was chosen for the headboard and the bedskirt.  The strip of off white for the custom curtains.  Of course the rest were pillows.

I also ordered this chair for a corner.
I did a little accessory shopping at Homegoods.  Oh yes...the fun part.

Here is a before picture of the curtains.  After some thought I decided that I wanted to have one panel on each side that closed in the center.  With a small chest on this wall I felt like it was too much fabric.

Hear it is again after being painted and of course that ceiling fan just begs to be in every shot!
I wish I had a better shot than this.  You can see that the large armoire was removed and a dresser from another room was brought in.  That helped with making the room seem much larger.

Just a simple pleat at the top....lined and interlined to give the light fabric some weight and the rings were hand sewn on.  There is a wand to pull them closed.

I replaced the pillow that came with the chair with a custom one and added the touch of blue with the blanket.

This is the blue bedskirt being installed.

Easily changing out the headboard fabric.

From beige to blue.  Since we had a lot of cream in the room it made sense to add some color.

I always try to vary the way I outline my pillows.  The large shams have a flat cordless welt, the middle 2 pillows were purchased at PB and they have cording.  I corded the stripe lumbar with the blue from the headboard fabric.

I love adding a darker blue with the blanket.  It helps to use an accent color in a fairly monochromatic room in a couple of different shades.

Here are the egg pictures hung.  Adding some bling with the mercury glass lamps.  I was having a bad camera day.....every picture was dark so I tried to edit them with my limited skills....

We replaced the bulky chair and ottoman with this chaise.  It takes up much less space and has a sleeker more modern look.

Here is the before picture of this side of the room.  Hello ceiling fan...your time in the spotlight is almost over sucker !

Another angle....

One last before from this angle....

I think it is important not to over accessorize a bedroom.....Also notice that the ceiling fan is now up where it belongs :)

So...on to 2013.  My first project is the Inspiration House that opens on Jan 26th.  Lori and I have been very busy preparing for this room.  I will be sharing pictures along the way.....

I sincerely hope everyone was in a "happy place" over the holidays.  Thank you so much for hanging with Design Indulgence, I truly appreciate each and every person that reads and takes the time to comment on my blog.




Nice job Sherry.....just drop the ball on blogging for a week.  I know...not sure what happened but it just seemed ridiculous to be talking about design after what happened in our country.

It weighed so heavy on my heart as I know it did for everyone.....especially those of you with young children.  I was at lunch with a few designers and bloggers when the news broke....and everyone of the girls wanted to leave and grab their kids.

Can't blame them.....

Here is a group photo taken that day.

To say that Lisa's home was gorgeous was an understatement!  She has such a talent for bringing together old and new and curating it to create a story.

I took a zillion of pictures but my favorites were...

This shot from her living room.  So pretty.  Creamy walls, curtains...wall to wall seagrass and that canvas just killed me dead.


This is her guest room....I want to copy down to the last grain of loveliness...isn't it romantic?

Here is a door in the same guest room....

And her newly remodeled powder room....slap me.

I actually got stuck in there as apparently I can't operate a pocket door.  What started out as a small whisper....hello?  Then a small knock and soon pounding like a serial killer was after me was a tad embarrassing.  For goodness sake Sherry.....get a grip.

A blurry little vignette...iPhone sometimes let's you down.

How cute is this?

Checks and vintage...winning combination.  I love how her home flowed...she is definitely true to her style meaning that each room was not full of trends....but a continuing  story of her composition.

AND she cooked all the food.  I can manage the decorating...and cleaning the house.  BUT cooking the food is where I draw the line.  My idea of slaving over the stove is grilled cheese sandwiches.

Thanks Lisa for this home tour that I managed to snap in-between bites of that mouthwatering pasta.

I completed my last install yesterday.  After I try to edit my crappy pictures......hopefully a post is coming soon.

You guys hang in there....

Merry Christmas to the best readers ever!





I am getting down to the wire for my last install of 2012.

One of the final parts of putting a room together is to drill down on what I need for the walls.   There are many factors when choosing but budget [probably #1] and space are the most important.

I am a big believer of not putting something on every wall...let the room breath and the old saying "the eye needs a place to rest".

Plus I do like to choose art that is fairly neutral so it can be moved around.  Unless  it is the WOW factor then all bets are off :)

The bedroom that is coming up is blues and soft browns [yes again].  We had the walls painted from a dark brown to a neutral off white.  One of the reasons is that most of the furniture is dark wood.

Here is a picture of some of the pillows that will be used in the room.
I will be acting like a little elf sprinkling these beauties around!! 

I always have a stash of vintage egg prints....because they happen to go so well with these colors.  I actually have them in my own bedroom.

After I purchased the frames, I strolled over to my favorite framing joint.  

Locally owned and a fast turnaround time!

 Which usually helps me as I can tend to be a "last minute kind of gal".......

It happens to be right next to my sisters restaurant so I can pop in to see her at the same time.....and beg for food :).

Here is where we started with the matting.  The reason I take a picture is it really does help in the decision process....swear.

Questions?  Do I want to leave some of the cream color?  No.  BUT since the background of the pictures each have just a subtle difference of color I think I need to double mat.

Crap...more money but if you are going to go through the effort.....then get it right.

Number #2

Even though there is brown in some of the pillows I felt it was just too harsh.  So it was no.

I chose the last selection....gray.  Although there is not gray in the room it is what looked better with the art and the frame which had a "blueish gray" washed affect.


I picked them up and here is a sneak view of the finished product.

You can't tell here but I had them framed out bottom heavy...which means that there is more mat under the picture.

Hopefully I will have some great pictures to show late next week and you can see where I am hanging these bad boys.

Blow out the weekend people.  In fact start today.  Right?

Tomorrow I am going to lunch with many of the peeps that I worked with when I did the shelter.  I can not wait to see Lisa's  [see her new blog here] house.  She has fabulous taste.  I am sure everyone will be taking pictures!




Scott's was a little slow this month.  I noticed many vendors who are there every month to be absent.  Whaa.

On Friday while I was there......I did not have to shove anyone out of my way.....politely of course :)

One of the best things about going in December is seeing how creatively they decorate their spaces.  Usually it is just with greenery...but as we all know greenery packs a punch!

And...just as I make that observation.....I only have one picture.
And for real....this ain't so hot compared to what I have seen in blogland lately.

Of course I would not be true to myself if I did not show you pillow lavishness first. 

How many bedrooms have I done with these colors....

I am pretty sure I am a neutral girl at heart.... 

Because when I see this grouping I get goosebumps.... 

I saw these at the shop [Sudi] before they were packed up and fell in love. 

Lot's of red lately.....

Love the red, brown and gold combination. 

I dig how this one had a small piece of orange felt sewn on....

I mean seriously.....I licked....petted and talked dirty to this one.  I dare not ask how much because I know it would have been shocking...this was mohair.

 Hello basketball player chair.

 I only took this picture because it gave me the shivers.....I have such a fear of the dentist [have to be put under for anything more than a cleaning] and the thought of how primitive dentistry was at one time scares the living crap out of me.  There would have to be leather straps to hold me in that bugger.

 But all I would need is the slightest gesture to take a seat in this one :)
Palm Beach says hi.

Then I stumbled upon more mid century goodness than I have ever seen at one time.  And the prices were unbelievably reasonable.

I was thinking it all came from Florida but he said North was it a colony that decided to redecorate all at once?

Yikes...somebody not only put Ken in the corner...but in a bucket.  Looks like he had a "night on the town"......straighten up there Ken.
Big old signs....always love.

In a sea of "Belgium Gray".... this stood a good way you know?

 But then again.....I'm torn.

Piece of glass and you have a heck of a cool dining room table. 

Kind of cool in a weird way.... 

Here is a simple DIY....

Just throw the large baby bottle in with this vignette... 

Paint er up.....

Seriously all about these....

Another..."wish I had bought".  Why is it you see things during the month when you are NOT supposed to be buying for yourself?

Nice architectural  piece... 

Goes without saying...color and shape...BAM.

These would look good framed....duh.

Vintage Christmas in an old suitcase... 

Really nice old maps...[a la Restoration Hardware for a million dollars]

Love these old lamps....kind of like Pantone's color of the year.

 And that's all I got for ya this time.....

Just a few words about Scott's,  [I have people ask me questions all the time].  There are 2 buildings, the North [original] and the South.  The North has more antiques but it does have this cool tent in the front that has a lot of industrial finds.  The South was added a few years ago when Lakewood Antiques Show closed [the best ever....sigh].  They have a great outdoor area that I love to browse around.  Many smaller vendors with a more flea market vibe.  In my opinion you just have to do both.

 January should be a good show because they know that people will be in town for the Mart!  Just saying.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.....

Shafab :)

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