Thanks for your sweet comments about my sister....Thank God it had not spread.  Cancer is such a bitch.  Of course both cancer AND heart disease run in my family so it is a crap shoot on what I will die of.

My Dad passed away from a heart attack and both my sister [triple bypass] and my brother [heart attack] have had heart problems.

My Mom died of lung cancer  [20 years ago] and now my sister has lung cancer [thank goodness they have made great strides with it] so like I said it's gonna be a coin toss.

I thought I would give you guys a little recap on my Nantucket trip.....

I love this area across from the kitchen....

And I included a picture of this rug on a previous post but dang was pretty excited that this rug we picked out in Atlanta looked so good with the rug above!

It took a while for this handmade table to be delivered but it turned out amazing!

We went to this wonderful store called Nomad....I mean look at all these pillows!

We had a beautiful dinner at this restaurant....

The entrance has a dutch this is the pretty view....

It is also where the casual dining is located....I believe this used to be a screened in porch....

Love the splatter floors!

This beautiful backsplash....which is the same as what I am using for my sister [only neutrals not blue] it will have a lot of variation in it...

They had some landscaping done while I was there....this was the view from my bedroom window.

They had some faux turf put in....

All along the hedge below are hydrangeas getting ready to bloom!

I mean...wowza right!

This is the living room....they just got this new piece of art.....

Custom weave rug from Nantucket Looms.....

My cute bedroom.....

We took a little walk downtown to Nantucket Looms and they had so much pretty stuff!

And for a fun treat....I received a tour of this beautiful classic home belonging to my friends husbands Mom's.

I could have spent a few hours in there hearing about everything!

And dang....this lobster roll was spectacular!

This was the last night up on the rooftop area....

It was cold.....

It was very agenda everyday which is what I needed.....

Cause now I am home and there is a damn agenda everyday:)

Alrighty then...should have some update from the kitchen reno soon....trying to make decisions on the countertops!




Well.....what can I say about vacations!  They are wonderful but dang coming home to the "real world" is a bit of a struggle....

I got in Friday evening and Sat and Sun my sister and I worked all day cleaning out my younger sisters kitchen and family room as they were starting the demo of the kitchen on Monday morning.  

Whew.  It was a far cry from what I was doing last weekend:)

Anyway this is the kitchen I blogged about on Dec 1st and this is how long it took to find a builder, order the cabinets and appliances!  Can you believe it?  #everythingtakesamillionyears

There was one little issue that popped up the end of April and that was.... my sister [the one who owns the restaurant] was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer.  Yeah....that kinda sucks right.  

I mean.....crap.

The good news is that it is treatable and has not spread beyond the lungs.  The bad news is's cancer and nobody likes to hear the C-word.

She has a great doctor and is getting chemo so our fingers are in the praying position.

All this to say that my sister and I were trying to set up her "suite" upstairs so she would be comfortable without a kitchen.....can that even happen.....and we had to move the bed, put down a rug, carry up a heavy chair....which involved me holding said chair while it was wedged almost in the door while we took off the door......and so on.

But...dang it we got it done and she was pleased.
High....damn....five to us.

So the demo is done...

The above is the changes....we broke into a closet behind the kitchen to allow for a bigger space and turn the island.

Above you can see the closet on the left...that allowed for double ovens next to the opening of the kitchen...

This the the fridge wall changes....

All ready now!

I did make a few design changes....of course right?
I mean that is what we do....I had way too much time to think about it:)

I was torn between doing the cabinets White Dove or Revere Pewter but she has always wanted a white kitchen so that was the deciding factor!

I am using the same faucet that I have in my kitchen because I LOVE IT.  Yes I know there are more "trendy" ones now but I am all about function and I love the ease of this one.

I will pick out the countertops on Monday.  I am torn between using a quartz and a quartzite.  Tick Tock....I need to make this decision ASAP.

The backsplash is not white but really close to BM Revere Pewter so that is what color I will be repainting the floors.....

It probably wasn't the best time to do a kitchen reno but in the long run I know she will be so happy.  

I still have a post about my vacation for ya!

I hope everyone has a great Fathers Day.  My Dad passed away at 63....but he is watching over us I am sure of that!

As always thanks for reading.....



THIBAUT WALLPAPER last morning in Nantucket and it was glorious!  So darn charming....they might want me to come back in August to babysit the dogs while they go away for a wedding and I said....maybe.  If you send the jet for me:)

Haha.....I think I might crawl  up here on my hands and knees!!

Unfortunately I have to take Delta home....and now I am spoiled after the PJ experience.

It's been a couple of years since I have gone to the furniture market in Highpoint but I remember going to the Thibaut showroom and loving all the vignettes that were set up with the beautiful paper!

I did the next best thing for y'all and downloaded some of the images of new papers for y'all!

When I am looking for wallpaper I usually hit Schumacher and Thibaut first!

Of course I am a neutral gal but as you saw on my last post I can dig down deep and do some color:)

This pink room sent me spiraling for a minute.....

Here is a neutral one for you and I am here for it!

If I had a little beach house to design the one below would be pretty huh?

They have gotten into the "mural game" just recently and this one is SO pretty!

Now just to save you the trouble I did a #thibaut on Instagram to see if I could find a few more.









It's so true that lighting and wallpaper looks so much better when you see them installed.....agree?

I can't wait to see Cami....I know my sister has spoiled her even more than I do:)


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