Good Monday morning.....for y'all maybe.  

Me on the other hand....I was up 3 times in the night for a puking dog.  Thanks goodness they do all that retching first so I have time to lead her to the back door.

I pulled out some summer pillows the other day....same as every other blogger/designer.  

But darn....summer just begs for lighter colors.

The Kravet Riad used to be in my bedroom....and lucky me cause now  I have shelves where I can change out the art which I am still tweaking and will perfect right before the fall changeover.

Of course.

These are my fav colors....period....end of story.

Alrighty then....I think I will sign off for the week....unless I am inspired.... cause you guys are going to be playing with family and celebrating the 4th like it's a job.

Shaboom.....enjoy the fireworks!



OK....I did not actually do this one but it was my idea!  I had an email asking about the ottoman at Maria's house and where it came from.

Here is how it went down.

Start with Kent Ottoman found at Ballard Designs Outlet on the cheap.
Now I like this piece but it is kind of low....only 15" high.

Purchase a cowhide [find em all day long on the internet].  Make sure it is large enough....check with your upholster on that.  We used a brindle.

Score some large casters....

You can find them at Home Depot and either have the upholster or "do it yourself"....which makes it a DIY right?

And there you have ottoman that is higher and very durable.  Cause after all....cows live outside right?  

I am sure it can withstand anything you could throw at it.

While I might not actually be a crafty booger I think like one.

Next up today is the magazine with my sisters ORC is out.  Lisa Mowry and I along with Anthony-Matherson [photographers] had fun styling and singing oldies on this shoot.

I am happy to say that I covered 43-50 of the 100 ideas.

Anything I can do to help right?

This dirty face smoochie had to have a tooth pulled yesterday.

But I think she is having a good time on the pain meds.

I binged on Netflix with season 1 of this show...

It is filmed near Atlanta in Griffin, Ga. 
Season 2 just started.  
It's kind of slow [ so was House Of Cards in the beginning] but I really liked it. 

That's it.

Enjoy the weekend.




Alrighty we have the last few pictures of Maria's home makeover or as I like to say it "for crying out loud....let's update this place"

Can I stretch out a project or what.....I am a professional "blog post stretcher".....

Yeah....blah blah blah.....get to it girl.


 The dining room just needed some flowers....

I wrote about updating this room in 2011

This is the music room right off the den...there is a baby grand behind this sitting area...

We lightened it replacing the brown curtains and pillows.

I scored these cream ready made curtains at Bed Bath and Beyond and added new pillows.  Of course flowers will make any room look special....

A little cheetah can be a game changer.

When they get bored she can play the piano and he can grab a guitar....

Are they like shoes....can't really have too many?

Remember I said they had the exterior is the before.


The body is Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

Here are the shutters Mike made!  Makes it look like a little french cottage.  The color is Benjamin Moore Brewster Gray HC 162.

You probably don't remember but here is the same  combination on a show house.... I almost used these colors...

I didn't do anything in this space but I wanted to show you the backyard....Mike made the swing bed.....

Have you guys gotten into the world cup?  Sunday nights game was so exciting.....I think I am hooked and will be watching US vs Germany on Thursday.

I bet everyone is getting ready for vacation over the 4th.  I'll just be here....holding down the the heat....hangin. 




Thank you for the love on my "refreshed" bedroom on Friday.  I  have to share with you that these updates were fueled by the fact that her home is being published in a local magazine.

That will get you going right?  In fact they were about to have their trim painted on the outside and it fueled having the whole house painted along with new shutters....

And of course we can't forget painting the bedroom, bath and a little updating for other rooms of the home.

I helped with this renovation 10 years ago when she first moved back to Atlanta.  To say it was time for a change....well.... I would be the wrong person to even comment on that right?

Here is a before of the den

It needed some accessorizing.....
We changed out the art work and ordered these small ones from Etsy.

How about mixing and adding some new pillows....duh right?   Has being my best friend not taught you anything?

A little greenery goes a long way to bring some life to the room....


A little pillow explosion....good luck finding a place to actually sit.

Here is the shot I showed you on Friday where we took the larger chest for the bedroom...


The smaller chest works....but I think one a little wider could be best:)  Always an excuse to keep the decorating ball rolling right?

I accessorized a little....

With an old Andrew Wyeth book on a pedestal.



As you can see...pillows, a few accessories and greenery made a big difference in this room. 

We tweaked a few other I will save those for later this week. 

I know for some of y'all....summer is just arriving but here in Atlanta we went straight from spring to some weather.  I am already wishing for fall:)


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