Giveaway winner!

OK I when to and the winner of the fabric, soap dish and the egg prints is Lou Cinda from Tattered Hydrangeas!  I know what you are thinking because if you remember...she came up to go to Scott's with me but I promise I was fair :)  I have to tell you that she is SO dang funny and I wish she lived I could hang out with her.

Just a few thoughts today on wallpaper.  About 5 years ago I wallpapered my guest bath with this paper.
It is Cole and Sons and I know you have seen it everywhere.  Don't get me wrong, I do love it but I am ready for a change.  I think 5 years is pretty good to keep something.  And besides...I was really happy with it until I started reading blogs and saw it everywhere!!!!  Thanks fellow bloggers....I thought I was the only ONE with this paper.

So...I have been looking at some new selections.  Then I saw this on Live Like You and just could not stop staring.  I love Jill's house and this was brilliant.

I had to run get a sample cause I really love it.

And it comes in a few other color ways...
Like this gray and cream.
I am pretty sure that the black and white is it but here are a few more that I saw and liked.

But...then again.....these 2 from Schumacher are good.
I like this one....and
this one.  So now... a decision.  And before I started blogging I would  make it and be done with it.  Now I am crippled...frozen unable to make a decision.  It is like I am in the fetal position in the corner sucking my thumb speaking in tongue.

Here is another picture of Jill's hallway
The gold mirror....the blue walls.  Of course I do not have a mirror like that or blue walls.....but I can wing it.

Day 5 of no sun here in Atlanta. read that right.  Never made it to the beach.  The back was just too bad to sit in a car for 5 hours.  I was trying to move my dog's 75lb butt out of my place in bed and really threw it out.  Sissy.  Gonna shoot for  April 9th or 10th.


Sunday afternoon

Well...never made it to the beach yesterday...or today.  I am DEFINITELY leaving tomorrow.  I kept trying to get it together to leave but I felt like my feet were stuck in concrete.  One excuse after's raining....I don't feel like back hurts.....I am going to miss my dogs....and the biggest one is I DO NOT FEEL LIKE GOING DOWN THERE TO CLEAN.  

Just trying to keep it real.  But OK I am definitely leaving tomorrow morning.  I swear.

So just a few random pictures.  I went to a small showhouse last week.  Actually 2 of the three were decorated by a store.  One by Room and Board and the other by a really modern store called Cantoni.  The problem is when one store does the whole house...well you know what I am going to say.  It looks like too much of a showroom.  I LOVE modern but I like it mixed in with other styles.
The middle one was a few different designers and I found it so much more interesting.

Here are a few shots I took.
I took this because I liked the art and I thought it was interesting how they used those clips to mount it.
A closeup.  Cute huh?
Look at the top of these curtains...neat idea on hanging them.
Yes.  Me likey.  Very much.
Now I have seen the molds done a lot of different ways...but this was cool.  I have some...where the heck are they???
Close up...just using a L bracket.
OK...see this mink pillow?  What a great idea right.  Well I was talking to Angie [CL queen] and she told me that she bought 3 mink pieces on for really cheap.  Of course...what was I thinking.  Pictures...
Not the flip flops :)
So...mink pillows will be made.  Here are a few more that she got.
and this little number.
Who wants one?????
 I saw this the other day for $25...Geez...I need a truck to drive around in.  Of course then I need a store cause I have a sofa.  But I could change it.  But then my husband might change wives.  Decisions....
Finally got the cafe curtains up for my client.  I am loving this type of window treatment right now.  We just used a very light scrim for texture.
 Ok...I have a little sneak peek of Angie's house.  We are still accessorizing but it is starting to look really cute.
Table [painted] CL
Fabric for pillow....I found at GW .  One window panel for $5.00.  It is a very expensive heavy linen fabric.
Lamp from Scott's.  OK maybe that was a little over her usual budget but I convinced her she needed it.

That is all you are getting :)

Oh yeah...I have been pretty smug about you guys talking about all the chairs you keep buying.  Inner monologue "Whew...glad I am over the chair thing.  I am happy with what I have".  "Crazy bloggers".  OK....never say never and what a joke....I bought 2 sets of chairs this week.  Yes you read that right.  WTF.  Change is coming I guess.

Think of me driving 5 hours by myself tomorrow.  Bored.  Eating "Cheese It's".   The best.  NOT cheese Nips.  Crappy. 


"How do you handle a problem like Maria?"

You might not remember those words from Sound of Music.  BUT...this little makeover is brought to you by my friend Maria.  And she can be a problem.  Like if she calls you and you don't call her back right away she will leave you a threatening message about how she will "bow up on you like a spider monkey" and be in BIG trouble if you don't call her back.  Oh yeah....Like all I have to do during the day is return calls to her :)

Anyway, she did call me to come over and help lighten up one of her guest rooms that we did about 5 years ago.  Now of course her budget was very small and like most of my clients she wanted a miracle.  And...she said I don't want to get rid of the pillows.  Whatever...that is my call.

Here is before.  It is not a bad room, just a little masculine.
I had the headboard made when we did the room originally.  It is a brown suede with silver nail heads.  The furniture [night stands and armoire] were purchased on clearance at Pier One at the same time.

The lamps were from West Elm, the euro shams and the roll pillow were custom, but the standard shams were from the Nate Berkus collection for Linen and Things...remember how that stuff flew out of the stores! are the afters.
White shams and duvet from Target.  New lamps from Homegoods.  Which by the way she did not like and was trying to poo poo me on them but I stood firm.  Who called who??????  Hello....39.99.
Replaced the brown curtains with some white linen ones.

The original color is BM  Yarmouth Blue HC-150.  Originally the whole room was painted that color and when we did the room we added two cream stripes.  Easy.
Another view.

Here is a larger picture, sorry it looks a little blurry.
So OK...I must have been cool before I even knew it!  We bought this starburst mirror at Pier One 5 years ago!  Who knew that bloggers would grow to love/hate them.
No new accessories were bought.
OK...let's break it down.
Lamps:  Homegoods  $39.99 each
2 curtain panels:  $43.00 each
2 shams and duvet: $64.00
White bedskirt: $24.00
Total $250.00
Re-decorating..........$100.00 donation to my shelter room :)
Gotta love that!!!

Here is the better news...she sold the 2 lamps, 2 pillows, dust ruffle, duvet, and the curtains for $150.00.  That makes the total  $100.00.
I think we still need one more  little "special" pillow on the bed.  I'll keep you updated.

I spent the morning at The Nicholas House doing some more measuring and taking notes in my room.  Yesterday I sent an email to a local news station [Atlanta 11 Alive].  They called and came by this morning while were were there and did a feature to be aired this evening.  They will come back and shoot when we finish the installations.  Pretty exciting.
I have done most of the shopping and have been raising money like a crack addict looking for the next fix.  Bugging all my friends and trying to convince them I am not asking for "shoe shopping" money.
Here is a little preview of my colors.....

Green, black, white, and orange.
 I have been buying frames at the Goodwill and painting them black for a gallery wall.
I might have to try my luck at some more art work :)

I am headed to the beach clean the rental.  Yeah, that will be fun.  I have packed my rubber gloves and Clorox.  Supposed to rain down there all week anyway.

Have a great weekend!


It's that time again...giveaway!

I can't let March disappear and not bring a little joy into somebodies life :)  So even though it can't compare to last months here is the scoop on what this month brings.

Since spring is all about birds chirping...I have that and eggs.

It is 2 yards of fabric and a cute little soap dish from Anthropologie.  I say cute cause it is cute to me :)   Now to go along with the fabric  is.....

Two antique egg fav.  I have these framed in my bedroom over my bed.

I was also inspired to do a little spring fluffing so I gathered some branches and did this.

One more friends Ken and Terry went to Miami and got me these books...[I am sure that was not the only reason they went!]

Wasn't that sweet of them...just cause.  And if that wasn't good enough they did this!

Uh huh....even better!

So if you want this...

It is yours.  All you have to do is become a follower......of my BLOG...not of all the STUPID things I do on a daily basis :)  The winner will be chosen [that is such a serious word] next Tuesday.

One more question...why do dogs like to do this?
In the same 15 minutes that he came around the corner like "treats were falling from the sky" and ran into the water bowl [the size of a small pool] that went splashing all over the kitchen floor.

Sometimes you just can't get ahead.


Scott's in March

I am so dang behind with my Scott's pictures.  I was going to post Friday, but I wanted to observe the Blogger Day of Silence for Japan.  I remember when my husband came in to my office to tell me what was happening.  It was very shocking to see some of the live footage.  

It was a blast meeting some of the bloggers this month who made the trip to Atlanta.  Kathy  and Sissy were there shopping together.  Also Emily was in town from Charlotte with her husband [who was in town for something called "basketball"].  We all met along with Angela Friday evening at JCT Kitchen for a great meal.  

They have all done post on what they saw, and it always amazes me how the experience is different for everyone!

Here were SOME of the treasures I wanted.  Oh wait...I wanted everything I saw.
Loving some orange.  You would have to put some glass on this because if you spilled something, it would go right to the rug.  Kind of like in the "old" days when the shelves in refrigerators were metal.  Yeah...that was like in the 1800's when I got my first one.
I wanted these also...oh wait...why don't I just paint mine orange?  Duh.
Friday night at dinner Sissy was morning these.  She almost bought them for a cool...$100 each.
Or I could paint mine blue.   Lets get to the pillows...
I could be a pillow hoarder.
They are kind of like lipstick.  If you go shopping and you are can always find $20 for a tube of lipstick.
Trina had me a orange and pink :)
Should have posted these on the 17th.
Barbara Berry.....come with me.
Love the pink...why don't I have any pink in my house...I should.

Lets go from pillows to chickens....
These are the cutest ever...wait there is more.
Can I just have this in my backyard without the chickens????
So cute.
$675.00 for 6.  Come on...with old leather seats.  I am sure you would have to recover but don't you love the style???

Why did I not buy this...It was cheap.  
I just loved this touch of green with all the neutral.  Hmmmm....easy to accomplish.
This reminds me of Celerie Kemble's fabric for Schumacher.  One of my favorites.

Plexiglass DR table....or big desk.....please find your way to my house.

The was so much more....sigh.  What did I buy?  Some architectural  prints.  That is all...sometimes it is overwhelming to me also.  If I see something cool then I think well I would have to replace that and then sell this and then recover that....and I just can not pull the trigger.  You know how that goes.  
Or what about this concept...a I do for my clients?  
Nah...cause then I would obsess about finding the perfect thing.

Thursday I had to get a cyst removed from my back.  They gave me about 20 shots of Novocain to numb the area.  She kept saying "do you feel this?"...yes..."what about this?" a big yes.  And so on.  After a few minutes I said "I will tell you when I DON"T feel it OK....crikey  Nurse Rached...WTF.

So anyway long story short, that night it was throbbing [when the doctor spent 10 minute digging it out like she was searching for gold] so I took a pain pill and then drank a beer before bed.  I thought the beer would start quicker that the pill.  Whoa that was quite the cocktail.  I had the worst nightmares ever.  My husband woke me up about 3 times telling me to shut up.  

I think I will just let it hurt.  That was freaky.

Sun is to walk the poochies.

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