I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas hanging with family.  

We are down in Rosemary beach with friends to celebrate NYE.  [I hope no burglars are reading this].  It is something we have done for 9 years now so I guess it's a tradition.

I know I haven't done a Scott's post in a while cause  I was starting to feel like there wasn't anything new, but I did take a stroll down there this month.

By now you all know I am a sucker for old bottles.

….I have quite the obsession with glass beads lately.

And then we segue right into old blue bottles!

I'll take this coffee table please.

 Hubba Hubba for this old pediment right?

I could definitely find a place for this coffee table.

Here is a closeup

How pretty!  Except try and keep one of those maidenhair ferns alive.  It's impossible.

 We are all suckers for old doors.

Nobody wants this right?

Galvanized buckets with greenery just works.

Some cute art work….

I'm kind of feeling these….

You can always find some gorgeous old cabinets at Scott's.

 Just to keep up my reputation….here are some of my favorite pillows!

What is not to love right?

I'm going to leave you with kind of a "Sherika" moment from the other day.  I was packing to come down to the beach and opened my medicine cabinet to gather some things.  

I glanced up on a shelf and saw my dry spray shampoo and thought I need some fluff to my hair right now!  Grabbed the bottle…. threw my head upside down and started spraying it all over.

Then I noticed the smell….kind of citrusy.
At that moment I brought my head upright and looked at the bottle.

Spray sunscreen.


Sucks to be me sometime.

Happy New Year :)





Or "how many posts can you get out of $20.00 worth of greenery and Christmas balls".

Apparently I can stretch it into 3.

After 4 years of blogging I've learned a thing or two.  Our attention span has lessened and we can only process so much.

So with that said…. here is these rest of my Christmas decoration around the house.

I was at HomeGoods and spied a larger version of my  black and white tray.  Skipped out of the store that day right?

Can I just stuff ONE MORE thing with greenery?

I totally rocked this area with 2 wrapped boxes.  I'm on a roll now.  Go girl

I never use my dining room….a better idea would to make it a big old laundry room cause I seem to use that space more than I want.

I changed out my pillows to all white…....Cause why not?  I seem to have enough extra to fill up a Pod.  You know what they say….if pillows were dollars…...

A couple of small boxwoods stuffed in this container which hopefully I will plant after the holidays….. I mean right?  

I better.

Ok I ran out of moss which I needed to stuff in the orchid so I used raffia.  

Cause what can't you do with that stuff?

I knew 2 years ago when I found those white candlesticks at Ikea for $1.00 each they would come in handy….Ha!

The End.


Merry Christmas to everyone of you and a huge thanks for reading my blog this year.  

Insert: big gummy smile




Christmas is practically around the corner.

Traffic is peaking here in Atlanta and you can't get anywhere.  Kind of makes it hard for a gal who still has errands to do for clients!

It looks like I won't be wrapping things up until Christmas Eve but after that….the fat lady will sing.

I have another batch of my semi Christmas decor pictures to share today.  I admit that after seeing so many incredibly decorated homes in blogland this season it's pretty easy to feel inadequate.  

Like I'm sure some people are thinking "oh isn't that cute" she put balls on a tray and stuck some greenery in a few containers.  

Bless her heart.

According to reports let me just say the most irritating word for 2013…..Whatever.

This area got just that….greenery.

A few topiaries and a paperwhite.

Everything grows in this sunny spot!

It's like a mini greenhouse:)
Yup…more greenery in a vase.  Will the creativity ever stop.

This has nothing to do with Christmas but I put these cuttings in with some water about 4 months ago…..look how they have rooted.

I saw these cute trees at Home Depot and pounced.

I can't remember where I got this basket but again….stuffed with greenery and a few pinecones.

  I'm starting to bore myself.

I'll have the last batch to share on Monday.  


4 shopping days left.


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