Before we get into colors and other design related news I need to discuss cars.

I just heard "crickets" but wait before you scroll down and zone out listen up for a sec.

I am not a car person nor is my husband really.  It is a depreciating asset [like the crap I buy at TJ Maxx isn't] and if I am going to spend 20-30,000 on something there are going to be words like marble, backsplash, and appliances associated with it.

My car is 10 years old [Ford Explorer] and I trash it up pretty good with all the hauling I do.  My husbands car is a 15 year old Ford Explorer.  Sad to say it is limping pretty badly right now and the cost to fix is about what it is worth.

Cue new car search.   This is where panic sets in.  
We can't even decide what to buy much less what we are supposed to pay.  New or used.  Sedan or SUV....yada yada.


But just for grins we started searching the internet on Sunday and hold the damn phone people.

They have heated steering wheels now......WHAT???  

Heated seats front and back although I would not pay extra for the back because you are on your own there.  

It's all about me.

It's a new car world out there and things have definitely changed in 10 years.

We were exhausted after the search and don't even mention test driving.  

Here is my theory on that.

Don't go searching for new cars or puppies because you will come home with one.

I will keep you updated on this third world dilemma.

When I was at the mart earlier this month I saw these awesome pillows. 

Now there is the Sherry we all know :)

Gray and coral.  
I was mesmerized by this combination.

These were all by Ryan Studio.

I did a quick search for some rooms with this combination.
Cool chairs: check.

Lynn Morgan
This one might be my favorite!

The Tracery
Remember this from the Southern Living house in Senoia, Ga.

S.B. Long Interiors
Sick with desire over that velvet sofa.

I organized a few gray and coral items for you...

Pretty much everything is from Serena and Lily with a couple of things from Wisteria.  My attention level kept me from going further with the search.....but you get the drift.

Time to dig myself out from Tuesdays snow [lets not go there because you all saw it on the news]  and be productive.

Oh yeah....I almost forgot this!

Carmel from Our Fifth House asked me to write down some tips on mixing patterns which she featured on The Chic Site.  Hop over and take a you have all day to listen to me:)





Quite the catchy title huh?  These last few weeks have been full of before and afters.....and I feel like I have hit the bottom of the ice cream container.  It will take time to make more:)

So I did what any self respecting blogger would do and scrolled through my pictures.  I  came up with some pretty to share with you....whew.

Here are a few things I saw while shopping for those jobs.

This rug at World Market.  You could have bound it with any other color and I would have walked on by but you slap a little blue on something and I get positively giddy.

Same with black & white!  This pillow cover at Crate and Barrel

Pottery Barn score big points with me on this duvet cover.  Dayum.  Iwantsobadly.

You remember when I found this wood table at HomeGoods and used it in a project....I saw it again just the other day [79.00].  I have seen it on Overstock for more than double the price!

I wanted to show you the other color ways that Designer Guild fabric comes in...Here is the one I used with a cream background.

This is a yellow background.

And a white background...

Love all.

At the mart Chelsea Textiles [known for their beautiful Gustavian and French Country reproductions showed us some modern pieces.


Country French

Mid Century Modern

Loving the handles.

And these.

A few chairs that caught my eye on the website.

 This one....

These spoke to me in a me please.

We are expecting a light dusting of snow...maybe 1".  That means it is panic time in the south.  I just borrowed this picture from FB from one of my friends.
I don't know about you but if I am stuck in a 1" snowstorm I do not want to exist on bread and milk.   My preference would be chocolate and wine.... the staples.  Just sayin.

Crikey people.

This is the winter that will have people dancing in the streets neked when spring finally rolls around.




Thursday was the photo shoot for my sisters house [the ORC].  

It was a heck of a good time....

First of all I am so grateful to Lisa Mowry for pitching it.....even though as she says "once done it is out of my hands"......  I was lucky they liked it and thought it was a good fit for one of the BH&G special interest publications "100 Ideas".  

I had worked with photographers Anthony-Masterson before about 6-7 years ago on a small townhouse I did in Virginia Highlands.  They are pretty hip and cool I might add.

On this shoot we had the talent of Annette Joseph and her styling.
It was a fun day and I learned about "shooting in the dark" with no lights on.  Who knew.

This was a project for a single girl who has since gotten married and has a child now....Remember Baby G's nursery?

Thinking back on it she wanted to get rid of that black pottery barn bed and I talked her into keeping it.

 I'm nothing if not practical and always concerned about that "budget".   I think it anchors the room nicely and look at those pretty lilac walls:)  What color doesn't go with turquoise?

Anyway back to Thursday.  

Christine Anthony and Owen Masterson are a husband/wife photography and filmmaking team based in Atlanta.  If you go to their website you are going to see a bunch of gorgeousness for real.

We had a list of instructions on what angles,  how to style, and what flowers to use  [Lisa and I were the "stylist" on this one].  Lucky for us we really did not have to change much.  

I was pleased with that because I had worked so hard on styling this room....

This was a space that wasn't changed at all.  Whew....cause I think I spent the most time on it.  At first the large picture was leaning but I needed more height so I hung it.  Made a huge difference. 

Just getting the right texture and scale can be such a crap shoot sometimes you know?

It was a long day....9:30-4:30 but it went by fast thanks to all of the laughs.  We discussed the cold weather [my front yard looks like frozen tundra].......we transformed ourselves into Joe Pesci [in Goodfellas or My Cousin Vinny] so we had to use the accent and cuss a little.

Owen is from Brooklyn so there was no confusing that with a New Jersey accent.

I loved when we were talking about using a book or a vase in a certain area and Christine said "well lets audition it"......Oh yes....I am so stealing that.

In the middle of the day Owen decided we needed to take a picture where we were all moving to create this blurred look and he also shot Lisa and I discussing the "bunny trophy" which you can see on their blog

If you follow me on Instagram then you got to see a few of these shots.

Here is a little information that Lisa shared with me about sending in your projects.  The best way for her to view it is download the pictures and send in an email.  It really takes her too much time if you are sending different links about before and afters.

Just a hint:)

It was an ideal day with Owen, Christine, and Lisa....true professionals.

Me....not so much cause I can be a silly bugger at times.

How long is the "polar vortex" going to last anyway?




These are the last few pictures of my recent install.   [see part 1 here and part 2 here ] As I said before she was a delightful client and I loved working on her gorgeous home.

These next pictures are of some open shelves.  I didn't try and re-invent the wheel here using mainly what she already had.....



Let's break it down with a few closeups.


I love how they added these reclaimed shelves to this area....tying in with the beams in the family room.


After a little rearranging I added the blue pitcher on the top shelf, the blue frame [which she had], and some small bottles of Pellegrino.  I repurposed the small lamp from the den [it was in-between the 2 chairs] and found the chalk board from World Market.

  A few artichokes in a wooden bowl [also WM],  some pretty dishtowels folded in her own wooden box and her own canisters.



 A little rearranging..... only adding the 2 frames [Target] on the top shelf, a bark covered vase for the plant [it was yellow before] and a couple of baskets on the bottom shelf.  

That became a good spot to group all the decanters.

And that is the end.  

No part 4.

I got some good milage out of that one huh?
Now all I have are plans out there with decisions to be made.  It might be a while before I can put another finished project on here :(

A few people wanted to know what the paint color was and it is SW Analytical Gray.  Which brings me to another point.  

If you are "anonymous" and you ask a question....well you have a much better chance of getting an answer if you leave an email address....just sayin. 

This girls gotta appointment!

Stay warm today if you are in the "polar vortex" area!




Hello lovers and thanks so so much for your great comments on this makeover!  Everyone zeroed in on that floral fabric and I have to tell you it almost got me in trouble!

I went against ALL of my instincts and delivered the pillows before Christmas.  She had been so patient with me [one of the fabrics was back-ordered]  and I just wanted to give her something. 

I was feeling anxious.  

See how easily I can fold.

Then I got an email about the floral and how pastel it looked and her husband was feeling a little nervous.  Yikes...that will teach me.  

But she said she trusted my vision and they would nervously await the install.  I mean who has patience anymore?  I struck "client gold".....

Whew I thought..... better get on it or I might have some floral pillows of my own......not that there is anything wrong with that right?

Lets get down to business.....the rest of the room.


Things I wanted to change....."leg city" near the chair, a larger lamp to fill some space, some color and pattern in the pillows and balance for the window seat'll see.

I added the West Elm lamp and a wood table from World Market.  It helped warm up the corner.  She had the chair [HomeGoods!].  I also lowered the window shades a hair.

My favorite plant from can not kill that sucker.

Some other shots...
Now you are getting a glimpse of how I changed the window seat area....

There were a lot of horizontal lines here with the window shades, mantel and large round bolster.

I split up the mirrored art and suggested adding a library sconce above [Ballard Designs].  I also brought in more pillows and leaned the birch logs.

 I wanted to use the floral next to the stone fireplace for some softness.


I repurposed the small table for a place to set a drink or book and used the other picture with another sconce.



Guess what?  

I have another area that I can save for Wednesday! Part three....don't hate.

In other news.....I got Step one done....Christmas decor all down.  Step 2 was haul it up to the attic.  Yesterday I accomplished Step 3 and that was to clean the whole know REALLY CLEAN.  Now I am stuck at Step 4 which is to re-style those areas.  

I could actually be stuck with that task ahead of me until spring.


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