Is everyone prepared for the 3000 calorie meal tomorrow?

I am sure you guys are scurrying about shopping and getting ready for company.....setting tables....cooking.  

Since I don't cook....no really I don't.....I am going to the newly decorated "bunny hutch" for Thanksgiving.

I am happy to sit back and let my sisters do all the work:)  

Yesterday I was trying to source some furniture for a family room at West Elm and after no luck cruised into Z Gallerie....knowing full well that there would be way too much bling in there for this job.

I did see some cool things though.

The "tiffany blue" plates were so pretty and a few pieces of the gold and white mixed in with your everyday white could make such an impact.  Pretty glasses can also gussy up a table setting!

How about these boxes....to use in bookshelves or stack on top of a book.....
And the gold and white bookends....yum.

Here are a few pillows that caught my eye....and that blue throw made me want to curl up and just ignore the fact that after searching for a week.....I could not find the perfect coffee table for my project:(


This pretty candle holder and the sea fan place mat....yes please.

And this art caught my eye.

Since this is a time to be thankful.....to say that I appreciate all of you who read my blog and comment feels like a limp attempt.

Seriously....every single one of you deserve a heartfelt thank you.  I sincerely hope you have a kick ass holiday with family and friends...

My family....

I'm choosing to share a picture of all of us when we were younger......I now understand what the term denial means....cause when I look in the mirror I like to ignore the fact that what I see is an old lady.....rats.  Where the heck did the time go.




I know everyone is turkey shopping and cruising Pinterest for ideas on setting that perfect table but I stopped all of that nonsense for a little trip to the Atlanta Holiday Home.

And boy.....was it worth it.

Let's just get right to it shall we.

This dining room from Beth Webb just about put me over the edge with all of it's black and white goodness.

Just a little gold, black and white.....no big deal right:)

Trim on the curtains.

That ceiling....um....hubba hubba.

I had to be dragged from this room.....I'm under the table....plotting how to stay forever:)


I need a black room.....now....asap.....yesterday.

Brian Patrick Flynn curated this art gallery....

It was pretty perfect.  He also did the laundry room which featured this Thibaut wallpaper.

I'm not saying we are related or anything but I had just pulled some samples of it the other day.

My good friend Bill Ingram along with Danielle Rollins gave Ralph Lauren a run for his money...this room hugged you from the first minute you walked in with the chocolate velvet walls.

This lampshade.

Is there anything prettier than a bunch of magnolia in a glass urn?

The hallway was by Eleanor Roper, Debbie Weitz and Kent Drotor from B.D. Jefferies

This console was a showstopper!

The talented Susan Ferrier designed the living room.  

There was so much detail....
I loved that she had these cool boxes made for the floor lamps....maybe they were too short but she did not let that stop her!

Moving into the family room by Amy Morris.

Some great chinoiserie goodness going on.....

The kitchen and dining area by Mark Williams and Niki Papadopolous

Upstairs the master bedroom was designed by Michel Boyd.

This great wallpaper in the sitting area....

The shape of this coffee table.....

Details from Barbara Heath's bedroom....

Gorgeous blue walls in Margaret Kirkland's bedroom.

Great light fixture in Krista Nye Schwartz and Tami Ramsay's room

And those Parker Kennedy Boys killed it again with the back porch!

I about picked up this coffee table and walked off.

The show house is open through December 7th.  Go here for details....

Wanna see more?  Here are a few other blogs that covered the event.

There you have it.  Back to your Thanksgiving madness.




I just got back from my biannual cleaning at the condo.  People.....this..... is getting so old.  

Now it might sound like I am complaining.....and some of you would  say.....WTH Sherry small price to pay right.  Well I am here to tell you this......I would rather just go down there and rent so I could relax like a normal person.

I can never be there without knowing there are kitchen cabinets to clean out and bedding to wash.....blah blah blah.

This time around it was just me and Patchy and she was pretty bored on the 5 1/2 car ride.  I had 11 hours of Christmas music to make my eyes bleed.....

But this was her treat....she loves her some beach time even though it was dang cold!

On to more important things.....I am having some family stay with me for Thanksgiving.  That's great right?  Well I am here today with a confession about a bedroom that got a little out of control.

One might give it the name "hoarding room" if one could admit that.

This is actually after most of it was removed....

 I took everything out. And organized it into "like items".

Which is a good thing right? 

Keeping it real....on new levels.

 Not really because it is all over the house.

The room is now clean and semi ready for company.  The bad part is I have already started redecorating it in my mind....more on that later.

And I keep staring at the piles.... trying to figure out where to put, what to sell, what to donate and I am frozen.

I have until Tuesday to figure this out and it is making my head itch.  I need someone to slap the crap out of me.

Any volunteers?

I came home to a copy of this great book that my friend Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange wrote.

How appropriate huh?  It was like she knew I needed help....

Before I left I was helping Sudi design pillows for the January show at America's Mart.

That was way more fun than cleaning out that bedroom.  Just saying.

I delivered these to a job site....

 And because I posted about that pineapple wallpaper I had to pop over to ADAC and take a look.....another more important thing that came before going through all those piles.

I secured a little sample and found out it comes in a "petite" version

Call me crazy....but I kind of like this bug wallpaper....

I also strolled into Schumacher to see one of the other color ways of my beloved Pyne Hollyhock paper up.

This is a new pattern from them.

It's called Boughton House

Beautiful huh?

It reminds me of that House Beautiful cover using the Bowood print by Colefax and Fowler.

I love how it was used over and over again for impact.

See how I worked my way from cleaning a condo to something pretty....I can be clever like that:)

Friday's are the semi start of the weekend....you can knock off early today.  

On me.


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