I almost forgot to post the last images I have from Room Service Atlanta.  


 As I said before these designers knocked it out of the park and they deserve recognition. 
 Come on..... they had rooms with kitchens AND baths.  

Whoa sister.

First up is my girl Erika Ward.  Yeah.....girl has 4 kids and finds time to create this beautiful space. #superwoman

How need to go see all of her before and after pictures here

This space was designed by Justin Williams.  I could not find a website for him :(

I love a well layered bed....this space was designed by Helen Harbin Davis  I wish I had more shots of this room.....

Loved the dark walls....and I saw that light fixture at World Market the other day.  

More creativity from designer Kellie Griffin 

Wonder where she got those

Olivia Westbrook designed this whimsical space...Loving the mint green.

Just look at these awesome painted  cabinets.....

Could you die over this headboard?
Eddie Ammonds Brumbaugh did a great job in this room. 

My buddies Joann and Kelly killed their space....

One of the things I love is the paint color....the soft gray does a good job of highlighting all the color in the pillows and curtains.

Spunky little dining area.  And yes....I saw these yellow chairs at World Market yesterday for 50% off.  I tried really hard to think of someone who needed them!

Go here to see the before and afters.  

 I loved being surprised when I walked into the rooms to see the colors they selected for their kitchens.

There was gray....

More green.


And black with that awesome gold TAPED fridge!
Shut up with that bad boy.

Things to remember when looking at all of this awesomeness....the designers had to raise money....scour flea markets.....and get it done in about a month.

If you missed my other post you can read them here and here.

Enjoy this LAST day of June......HELL....I am not believing tomorrow is July 1st.




A little paint, some gutters and new lights have never taken so long......

While not totally finished I do have a few shots to show you  on how things are shaping up around here.  To start off.....I am happy to report that my gutters are working perfectly!

After they were installed last Friday I was giddy.  A short downpour a couple of mornings ago found me standing on the porch just watching those beauties catch the rain....

Then the lights got installed.....and my heart swelled as I fell in love.

This is starting to sound like a romance novel:)

These are from Barn Light Electric.  After I fell very hard....I realized they would blow my budget [I needed 4 of them!] so I started looking for something less expensive.

You need to check them out.....they have some awesome products.

BUT.....a few days later a box arrived.....and there were my lights.

My sister had ordered them for me as a thank you for helping my nephew decorate his apartment!

Just to put it out there....I love my family.  Thanks Sis:)

You can see the dark bronze gutters to the left.  Goes nicely with my paint selection....BM China White.

OK...enough with the lights.

I had this brilliant idea that I wanted something over my garage...some wood to warm it up.  #can'tletitrest
I did a favor for a builder friend of mine and look what he did for me!

Just 3 pieces of wood.....and it made the biggest difference!  Thanks Phil.

Of course more decisions.........he asked me what stain color I wanted and it sent me into a tailspin.  Off to the paint store.  I am still undecided.....leaning towards the one on the far left.....

About as uncertain with the shutter color.  Yeah I know....when I last left you I was "Kendall Charcoal" hands down.  That was a month ago.  

They are not painted yet.  My latest obsessions are BM Iron Mountain and Dragons Breath.  

Dragons Breath.....

So that is where we stand.  Waiting to get the weeds and bushes pulled away from the fence so I can get it painted along with the shutters.

At the rate I am going it will be September before it is all done!

Aren't you glad I am not making decisions for you?  

Could we be any happier that it's Friday?

Shafrizzyhairgirl......Ah summer.



Do y'all secretly hate me cause I live in Atlanta?  I say this because beside New York and California I think we have some of the best home stores ever!  I mean I could blog exclusively about all the wonderful places we have to shop.....

But I would have to visit them all....probably buy something....and then all hell would break loose at the home front.  Not that hell does not break loose on a regular basis around here.

Good times.

The other day I got a call from a fairly new retail store that opened  on the Westside called Steve Mckenzie's.  "Wanna come for lunch?"  A big loud "heck yeah".  

What could be better than pretty things for your home and food?  

Maybe a velvet box....or the winning lottery ticket.

Steve and Jill opened their shop almost a year ago.  If you remember the Inspiration Showhouse last January.... most of  Rhonda Peterson's  furnishings came from his store.

He designed the fabric on this chair and it can be purchased by the yard from his store in all of these beautiful color ways!

Here are some pillows from his most recent fabric design....

Steve is also an artist.....

Steve and Jill's home was featured in Traditional Home.

Designed by Atlanta's own Kerry Howard.

The man has taste....

Steve...Steve...Steve....why you gotta be so bad ass?  

Oh yeah....I was hating just for a minute....but OK...back to the store.
He carries  the Grange furniture line

So much eye candy......I hope if you live in Atlanta you will check it out and for those of you coming in town for Scott's or the Mart make it a destination.  

By the way lunch was good.....Jill got cookies for us.  That cinched the deal for me:)

Dexter this weekend......




Are you afraid of color?  I am kinda.  I mean I'm pretty much over the whole "Restoration Hardware....everything in flax linen" kind of look.  

Don't get me can be done right but there has to be gobs of texture to keep it from looking flat.

When I first started in the "bizness" of design...of there was color alright.  Red dining room....yellow den, green family rooms and so on.  

ALL in one house I might add.

We have evolved.  We studied.  We changed.

Color needs neutrals to ground it.  I love using a deep gray or taupe wall with a really colorful fabrics.  

Here is a perfect example using fabric.

All this color against the taupe.  A perfect combination to me....

This fabric is from Manuel Canovas new line.

I am about to brighten your world here so put your sunglasses on....

In your face color....

Oh mommie.....


Then I saw this pattern....and I immediately wanted a skirt, hairband, and purse made out of it.

Yeah.  We used to dress like that when I was young.  My Mom would do me right with the whole setup.

3 more patterns from the collection.


Somebody let me paint a room this color please.....

It is a simply stunning collection....

Just cause it was pretty....

I saw this beautiful piano makeover on Lane's blog the other day.

It blew me away....

Ok your thing.  Go we can ease into this Sat gig.

My gutters are coming today....yeah who knew you could get excited about that but I am.  Dark bronze.  

Sheriky Freaky Deaky

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