Before and After....foyer.

My first project in forever!  Seriously.  But this is like 2 in one because I finished the stripes in the foyer and dug out an old bench from my basement.  And believe me when I tell has been down there for at least 5 years or more.  I always knew I would use it eventually because it has great lines.  

So lets start with the foyer before.
See that black box on the glass console?  Well that is where we put our keys when we walk in the door.  It is a very important container because if my husband doesn't put his keys there, then they are lost in the bowels of the rest of the house and the search will begin.  By me.  BUT......

I was tired of that look and wanted to try something new.
So the stripes got repainted.
These were cream and kind of a gray with a hint of pink.
To black and white!
Then I moved out the console and this is where the trouble begins.  I wanted to put this bench in it's place.

Pre makeover.

And move this mirror to the foyer.
The big shabby blue one in the background.  But Mr. H said no...he did not want to bend down to get his keys. crickets.  huh.  AYKM.  Lame excuse.  I'm doing it.  The exercise will be good for you.  Remember to use your core when bending.

So here are a few pictures of the bench makeover.  Mind you I really had no idea what I was doing on this one.  Let's start with paint.  Chalk paint in Graphite.  Well that was after I killed the small colony of spiders underneath the sucker....or rather Mr. H did and then took off the welting.....or rather Mr. H did and then took out the bajillion staples....OK...he did that also.  But then he left because he saw where this was going and would rather sit in a cool office then do manual labor.  His parting words were "I think you should take this to a professional".....oh ye of little faith.

Here is a closeup after the paint and wax.  The fabric looks like burlap but it is actually a burlap and linen blend.  Less scratchy.  Also in this picture I wanted to show you that I put 4 staples in to hold it in place before I started hot glueing.
 Then I just folded it and glued small areas at a time right along the edge.  That dang glue is HOT as a MF.  Danger.
There she is glued.  It was a little tricky because she has me :)
Looking better than I thought.
Then I removed the 4 staples and use small upholstery tacks about an inch apart.

Hung the mirror and here she is!
For some reason it makes the SMALL foyer look larger.  There used to be a closet where the bench is and I took it out.  Who cares about hanging coats.  [Let me know when you get tired of me saying...see those pretty white floors!]
The mirror just fit with about a 1/2 inch on either side!  See my empty pot outside the door?  Yeah had some large ferns there but killed them.
I would clean up all the fuzzy stuff but you really can't see it.  Now I have to figure out a new place for the keys.  It's always something. feels good to have one room done.  Don't forget about the giveaway...check it out here

Happy Wednesday!

Sha Ray
Sha Dazzle
or just plain....


A little giveaway....just for fun!

Hola amigos!  I have been trying to do a post since Friday and every time I would sit down to do it I would start reading emails and then visiting a couple of blogs and window of time was used up and no post!  I know I am not alone in this situation :)
I worked feverishly on getting mi casa put back together this week.  My brother and his family [3 kids] are coming up from Hilton Head today to send my niece on a mission trip to Africa.  So I was a little under the gun to get it done.  I have to tell you it took me all week and there were times when I was just so overwhelmed with it all.  Trying to figure out what was staying and what was going to the basement exhausted my mind.  As I was storing things, I was disgusted with myself a few times....stop the madness.  Until I sell some things on craigslist, NO MORE SHOPPING.  Period.  I mean it.  Please help me.

So I decided to give a few things away.  Why not, I have a surplus it seems.  AND...since I have a crazy amount of fabrics it just seems fitting that I share.

Here we go.

Lets break it down.....
This is a beautiful old Schumacher pattern.  2 yards.  I am sure it is discontinued.
Here is a black and white ticking and a Robert Allen fabric we are all familiar with called "Cat's in the cradle".  When there is a lot of bold color in a fabric, I like to add some black and white to calm it down instead of say the red in the fabric.  One yard each.
This cute little white vase.
A little vintage brass container.
2 chinese calligraphy brushes.
AND....these 4 prints!
So there you have it!  Intrigued? are a few ideas for you.  I love these colors for a sunroom.
So paint the walls white......
I can see the floral pillows on this grouping.

Or a black and white ticking sofa on these floors with the floral for the pillows and the green down the leading edge of  some white curtains.

This is Kim's sunroom from Savvy Southern Style.  I love the colors....of red and yellow and green.  Very similar to the fabrics in the giveaway.  I love Kim's is a true example of "Southern Style". Very warm and welcoming.  And that girl is ALWAYS painting something!

There you have it.  Ideas.  Don't say I didn't help you out :)

Hokay...if you want this stuff.....the rule is to follow my blog.....  and then take a bag of your stuff to the Goodwill.  Cause you have to get rid of something before you can have new.  That's the rule now.

Pictures next week of some finished projects around my place.  Yes you read that right...I finished something. Whoop de do.

Oh more thing.  I have gotten a little behind in responding to my comments.  Um, a lot behind.  Sorry about that.  I love that you take the time to do it.  Seriously all of you are insanely cool!


Pillows.... are the pillows from Scott's and info about how you can have one of your very own.  Yep that's money down....low one home today!
Get a cup of tea or coffee [and a napkin to wipe the drool....] and have a look.

BUT first....I want to give a huge thanks to Marianne and Jessie for treating me like a "rock Star" yesterday in blogland!  I felt the love :)

I'm going to start with these....and I DO NOT care that they are really popular, because there is a reason for that.  I meant there is a reason brownies are popular also, and are you going to give those up?  I doubt it.
It's summer and you might be needing some blue.  So I am here for you. [i'm rhyming now...scary]
More blue....are you getting the message?
What!!!...I do not remember these.  I need them. 
 People....what is not to like here.
Gold and turquoise.  My language.
Gimme gimme gimme......
I think I saw someone looking at this fabric on Million Dollar Decorators last night.
Pink...just do it, with blue, gray, yellow.......
Yellow...just do it with gray, black, taupe.....
Coral.....great for summer changeover.
Love. This.
So pretty....fresh.  Look great on a black and white check sofa or chair.

So there you have it.  Here is the info:  Robin Leonard.  Asheboro, NC.  cell: 336 963 4476
Or Scott's, North building all the way in the back behind the restaurant.

These pillows are a great deal.  22" down filled for 200.00 a pair, with openings in the back.  These are designer fabrics and I will tell you that you could not make them [including the fabric, form, and labor for that].

More from a different vendor:
Do you need a little orange in your life?
Antique lace sewn on a linen pillow.
I LOVE these colors.....
A crap load of blurry blue....whoops!
A crap load of clear green.

Sudi Rafizadeh.  Scott's in the South building.  Workroom in Atlanta, Ga.  404 434 2263/404 846 0058.  Sudi makes my pillows and she does an incredible job.  If you are local give her a shot.  You will not regret it.

We all know that pillows can change a room as much as anything.  In my opinion, I like a big pillow at least 22" on a sofa.

I'm your pusher...go buy some crack [I mean pillows].  Today.  Then send me a picture of how they changed your life [I mean room].

Happy Shopping.


Guest Post

No pillows today....Marianne from Style For Living graciously asked me to do a guest post  while she is vacationing in Maui!  Yeah...the nerve...not asking me to go instead!  She asked me all kind of questions, so maybe there are one or two things I have not blah blah blahed about that you might want to know.

If you have not visited her blog, you must go.  She will definitely give you some inspiration from her beautiful images.  Thanks for having me Marianne!  And...OK...have fun!


Let's go shopping!

Ha Ha...I say that because when I was making the video for BH&G at Scott's I had to say that about 100 times and by the time I finished I felt like such a geek.  Every time I show the video to someone I laugh [and so do they] about watching me say it.  I really wish I could figure out how to show it to you guys.

Got some great pictures of wonderful things from Scott's last weekend.  First, though I have been working all day trying to get the house back together.  I got the curtains ironed and up, cabinet knobs on, a few areas re-acessorized and a bench makeover.  So stay tuned for a few pics this week.

I love these and actually have one in my bedroom...

This is mine with some coral on it.

I love this for a coffee table with some glass on it.  I want to change out my coffee table but I am thinking something more modern.  It's always about me huh?

I actually bought this for a client.  It is Thomasville and I love how it could be re-purposed  later as a bar.  It is going beside a sofa as an end table.

Maybe it's me [I am sure it is the color] but I love this.  As a console or you can lay it down for a coffee table!

Large paper mache person, but I think she had to lay down cause she broke her arm.  It was hot also, so she might have fainted.

6 chairs for.....$150.00  I know...but what the hell, I can not buy another chair.  Serious.  I am on chair restriction.

This would make a great coffee table.
Check this little puppy out.....uh huh.  Pretty dang cool...maybe use it as a headboard.

close up of the finish.

Oh yeah.  Those pulls. 
Love this mirrored cabinet.

Palm Beach baby....

Cool coffee table made out of wood.  And a mirror also.

He only wanted $150 for this. 
Just when you think you are going home empty handed because you are looking for that really special thing....BAM!  You find it.

They had these cool chicken coops again.  I love these!

Va va voom.....How did they get a picture of me naked?????  From like 30 years ago....

I love this...a $1000.00  WHAT?  Your kidding right?  Nope.

Guess what else I found?????  Yep!  So I bought 4 colors cause no shipping!!!

They even have ugly stuff at Scott's.  Yeah, wonder how many he sold.  He needs to be selling these in the parking lot of a gas station.  Totally wrong clientele here.

Pillows later this week.....some good ones and some info where you can get them!!!  Whoop Whoop.

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day.  I so wish I could hug my Dad :(

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