Well.....hello!  2 post back to back and then nada....

I am anything if NOT dependable right:)

Last weekend we went to Nashville to bury my sister.  My Mom's family is from there and we have a mausoleum that has been in out family since 1865.

 Kind of weird posting this picture but she is safe and sound with my Mom and Dad. #reallife

Anyway we stayed downtown and was like Las Vegas....In fact I was calling it Nashvegas!  It's like every bride in the country goes there for their bachelorette party.  For real!

We had a nice family dinner at The River House on Saturday night and a small service on Sunday before we left to go back to Atlanta....

Love the way it was decorated!

My outfit....everything is very old or I would share details.

We were all missing her so much....It will be a year in August and it's hard to wrap my head around it.

When I got back I headed down to Lake Keowee for a small install.  All installs are in pieces these days which I hate.  I love to do the whole thing and then see people come in and get least that is the goal:)

This Schumacher fabric below is amazing!
I had a bed made so she would not have to wait 9 months to get it.
Her pillowcases were still in the dryer if you are wondering...haha

Let's get down to business.....
Have y'all watched these shows?

Lincoln Lawyer [not as good as Bosch but decent]
The Offer....I really liked it!
Jeff Lewis new show?  He has mellowed....
Hacks....the one liners are hilarious!
Finished Ozarks #sadface
Keep Sweet Pray and Obey....documentary WHOA...

Any of course I love all reality shows because it's mindless...haha

Are you thinking that I watch too much TV....probably but it's cheaper than going out.

It is hot as the dickens here in Atlanta....and will be for the next 2 weeks.  Ugh.  I know.  I should shut up cause this is summer right....

I picked up some of these prints for that bedroom and I can't wait to have them framed!

I took a small acrylic frame and put a little piece of art in it....

And here is my haul from Scott's last week.....

So that is all that is new around my house...
What are y'all up to?  Some good vacations?

Happy to catch up with everyone:)


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