You guys....I love hearing about what you have been up to!  Thank you for taking the time to write......someone asked me if I ever reply to comments and if you can tell me how....I would be happy to do that:)

In between taking Cami for 5 walks a day I am trying to get work done and clean out an occasional drawer or 2 in my kitchen.  The pollen here in Atlanta is brutal and every surface in my house has a layer of yellow on it.  

I am deep into season 3 of Ozark....and I have to say it is a "dark" season.  You know Jason Bateman has that quirky sense of humor....but nobody is laughing as of yet.....

I'm looking forward to June....because that is when I am hoping things might turn around....thinking positive!

And if that's the case then I am going to show you some wallpapers I stumbled across so when it's time to unleash all of the pent up creativity....it might be to slap up some paper!

These can be found here ....and here

This is one I really liked....found here

 I love anything with birds in it....these can be found here

And I love all three of these.....found here

I love the colors in this one found here

And of course these crosses.....found here

This one is really good.....

And I love this modern print found here

How cool are these stars found here

And for a nursery....this neutral print found here

I think this could be good in a small powder room....found here

Most all of these are from York Wallpaper.....and I gotta tell you they have some good ones. 

So listen I can't just leave you with a bunch of wallpaper samples....

Here are some pictures from my iphone of what I have been up to....

The sky was incredible the other day....it gave me hope.

I donated some fabrics for mask......

This made me laugh out loud:)

And this one rang true to me.....

My wish for all of you is to stay safe.....and remember this...."hope" hasn't been cancelled.....




You know how when you don't work out for a week....then another week and pretty soon it's been 6 months and you are wondering how the heck that happened!  Yeah.....same with blogging I think.  I missed Tuesday and I guess it would have been easy to to just slack off for a while but I know I would miss it so I am pushing forward to keep some normalcy around here!

Holy crap have things changed for me and everyone.....just a mere 7 months ago I was strolling along and then my husband left me....my brother in law got cancer and the world has been turned upside down in a way that I have not seen in my 68 years.

This is just insane.

But....like everyone told me....we have to move forward and keep living our lives....maybe a little differently but non the less.... maybe this is a new normal for a while.

About the only project I have worked on is the home down in Madison.  It's about 75 miles away and most of the furniture was ordered a while back.  I had it delivered about 2 weeks ago and was down there getting the curtains installed.

I am like a horse at the starting gate wanting to shop and get this place finished but that is not gonna happen right now.

Here is the furniture for the 2 new bedrooms....

But now we need accessories and this is where the sound of breaks squealing is happening because everything is closed and we are not supposed to be out and about in crowds.


I kept the curtains pretty neutral....there's a shocker for ya:)

The barn door got painted and through this door is a small alcove leading into a full bath.

This small area was where a soaking tub was but it was never used so it was removed....

Eventually this bench will be in there....

And wallpaper was installed.  I have always wanted to use this Scion paper and it is the cutest!

This bathroom was existing. During phase one to get it through the last 3 years....we painted the vanity and that was it.

Painted the mirror and just brightened it up a little....

But it got a complete facelift.  
Everything but the vanity which was just freshened up with another coat of paint.....

In the guest house bath this Schumacher paper went up and what an impact!

I ordered these round mirrors from Pottery Barn!

Also ordered these mirrors from PB for the barn bath.

This gorgeous handmade table will host many family meals.....

The outside is getting finished and hopefully soon the landscaping will happen.....

The countertops in the kitchen went in but of course no appliances yet.  How about those Currey and Co sconces?  Hubba Hubba.....

We picked up these dishes from Bed bath and Beyond.....

They were pretty reasonable and since it is a second home no need to break the bank....

On the other hand....the cutlery is amazing....

So listen.....this project is causing me sleeplessness wanting to finish.  It's what I have to look forward while planning for about a year after all that has gone down in my life.  But of course the world has changed those plans right now....

I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy.  My heart goes out to you Moms trying to keep the kids entertained....now that is a JOB!

My family is hanging in there....my BIL finally came home from 2 weeks in the hospital and he is having a scan on Monday and is scheduled for surgery on May 1st.  Fingers crossed for him.

My sister who owns a restaurant has been doing takeout and has also opened a general store offering things like toilet paper, wipes, eggs and milk etc.

I love what some customers wrote on her sidewalk!

My brother is doing better after his heart attack.

So that is all the news at my end....let me know how things are going with you guys:) 
Y'all are my lifeline....my family....my tribe!




Well.....these are certainly somber times for us right now.  

I feel like I had a bit of a head start knowing what I have been dealing with for the last 6 months.  Meaning I have been working hard to keep my  spirits up.

I am also not watching the news 24/7 like most of you because along with giving us the facts there is an underlying hysteria that goes along with it.....and I don't need that.

But....what I have noticed is that SPRING has NOT been cancelled.....and people are spending more time with their families!  Cami is certainly happy as I have spent more time at home.....and I have gotten thru a bunch of paperwork.  

I keep saying I am going to clean out some closets but I choose to wait until there is absolutely nothing left to do but that:) 

About 2 weeks ago I was honored to be invited  to a small gathering.  Y'all this house was so pretty....perfectly curated....I found myself studying every inch.

I did take a bunch of crappy Iphone pictures....I say that because it was at night with all the lights on so you know those aren't the best conditions for photography.

I don't know how I figured it out but his house was recently featured in Luxe magazine so I am sharing the better pictures augmented with mine today and I know you will want to high five me [well that's not really allowed any more but virtually I mean]  after seeing these!

Photography: Emily Followill

This home was built in 1911....and Don Easterling  and his partner are only the 4th owners.

Don....along with his design partner of 10 years Nina Nash gave this home a fresh approach to traditional!

You enter the front door to the right and the dining room takes your breath away.

Opposite is the living room.....

Right off the LR is this sunroom.....

The floors are painted black and white....you had me there Don....:)

Another gorgeous space on the main level is the family room.....Those brown walls....hubba hubba

I can't believe there were no pictures of the kitchen.....so I am glad I took a few.

The keeping room off the kitchen.

And this porch.

Now let me charm you with some of my pictures.....clearly the quality will not match the previous:)

The master bath....designed by Matthew Quinn.

The kitchen

This hood is everything!

And I took a few images from Nina's Instagram page....

The back of the house....

So....thoughts?  Words like.... timeless, classic and fresh come to mind. 

It is the kind of design that will still be relevant in years to come.  

Don Easterling and Nina Nash

Well...I hope you guys stay safe....I wish only the best for all of you.


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