On Saturday Michael [Ladisic Fine Homes] invited me over to see a house he just finished renovating.  It is the home of designer Kelly Wolf Anthony.

Y'all I still have not recovered.  It was so full of black and white goodness I just about died.  

Starting with the outside I was gasping at every turn and did everything BUT drop to my knees in tears.....and only because I did not want them to think I was flat out crazy.  Which I am but that is a whole other post.

Boxwoods, black and stone.  

White stairs with black sisal.  Gah.

I felt like I was glued to the floor as I just could not move away from this whole situation....

Hard to see but the floors are stained black also.

You might wonder why the pictures are such small shots?  Well it is already slated for a magazine so I had to do sneaky shots!

When you walk into the large foyer this textured chaise sits in front of the window.

I took this shot off Kelly's Instagram!

Her kitchen cabinets are painted Elephant Ear and all the doors in the house are painted Iron Ore....another fav of mine!

Love the natural beams against the all white walls which are painted BM White Dove [my fav]

Through the barn door is a very large scullery/mudroom.

The kitchen hardware....from Design Galleria!

And hold on to your hats....this brass on the open shelves......another moment!

The whole house is filled with beautiful accessories and has a slight tribal feel.

Kelly's styling is on point.

The floors in the master bath!  Simple classic black and white marble basket weave.

Framed art in the bathroom.....
All doors are black with these crystal knobs.....I am guessing Emtek.

Here is a peak into her closet which is mostly black!  I did not see one piece of color.....

Since they are just moving in she had not put all her cloths away yet so they were hanging on these racks.....

I am so easily influenced.....from now on only black and white clothes for me.  How easy is that!

Freaking #purseenvy right?

Nice little plexi stool with KW channels fabric

As if it couldn't get any better....her Mom is an there's that.

Upstairs bedroom....nice light fixture

Black ceiling in the bathroom

Gallery wall

Which seem to be repurposed from this shot I found online.

And this killer light fixture!
I know it's probably just me on this black and white bandwagon....but it's just so fresh and clean looking.

Some of Kelly's work....

This was a showhouse a few years ago....

So pretty right....and below are a few shots from the Serenbe Showhouse.

And another Showhouse

She owns Swoox, the consignment store I have blabbed about.

Her husband owns restaurants in Atlanta.....Cape Dutch, Yebo , 10 Degrees South
and Biltong Bar

I think these are shot's from Cape Dutch!

Power couple right.....

What is your favorite?  Mine is definitely the white stairs with the black sisal.  I can't stop thinking about it!

Off to a curtain installation....let's hope I measured correctly:)




Happy freaking Friday.  

I have a confession to make and I wonder how other people handle this situation.  I profess to being generally a responsible eater.  I don't buy chips and sweets because I know they will make me fat fatter.  For desert I might eat a yogurt or a Kind Bar [love those].

Here is where the story gets dicy.  I was at Trader Joe's the other day and [I blame it on the fact that I was very hungry] I must have blacked out because I threw these in my cart.

Now in theory I would eat one or two and repeat the next evening right?  I was polite and offered my husband a couple.

Y'all.....I hoovered through everyone one of them [total of 10] before 9:30 pm.  Not one ounce of self control.

I am going on record to say I am actually not a responsible desert eater.  



True confessions are over.  

On to design.

I shared the bedroom foyer project with you the other day and now I have the living room.  The is a huge room with gorgeous views!

Let's start with the floor plan....

This house was designed by Henri Jova and built in 1971.

And this was the real estate picture...

You can see I changed the whole floor plan because we have these 2 pieces.....

This one is on the wall where the sofa was.  The inside will be painted a deeper blue and the gold toned down just a little....

This huge piece of art on the opposite wall which is probably 6' x 8'

OK...stage is set.

 Let me break it down for you.....

This Bungalow 5 chair with cushions covered in this fabric

Sofa covered in this beautiful deep teal blue! With the floral above as pillows.....

Under the large picture I selected this Lee Industries bench covered in the cut velvet fabric.

End tables on each side of the sofa.

Not sure about the lamps yet but these are contenders....

Across from the twig chair is this one

The fireplace.....still trying to figure out how to update this mirror situation...:) Thoughts?

Facing the wall of windows toward the view we have 2 of these chairs [minus the buttons]

Covered in the solid with 2 ottomans.  The trim will go on the skirts of the ottomans and the folded fabric as pillows.

Next to each chair will be these floor lamps from Circa Lighting.

And this coffee table from Serena and Lily.
For curtains this gorgeous scrim.....and because the walls are heavily textured I am planking them....

I would love to hang a chandelier but am told that can not happen because of wiring....silly electricians.....don't challenge me!

 It has taken all week to price this baby out, check stock and drill down on what goes where.  So funny because after putting it all out there I have already thought of a few changes.....hee haw.



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