You guys......I really wish I could send a little package full of black and white goodies to everyone......but the person who came up randomly was Camille from The Vintique Object.

She has a wonderful blog and is lucky enough to reside in San Francisco.......lucky girl!!!

I hope she can work some magic with her box of goodness......

Sorry it took me so long but last week was a tough one.  Very long of my smoochie muffins is sick.  They thought cancer but it turned out to be a fungus called Aspergillus.  It is very rare.....and is often fatal.

Still waiting for the labs to return for the exact diagnosis, but the vet is pretty positive.

Can I just say how sad and bummed out I am?

So I am trying to stay positive and get on with life.....

How cute is she......

Anyway........back to decorating.  I need something to distract me.

My sister has decided that the best way to get over triple bypass surgery is to redecorate her house.

I could not agree more.  AND...the fact that it has been about 8 years since doing anything to these two rooms.

I am going to get out there for some before shots but here is a little plan we started with.

See that small houndstooth?  Recover sofa.  No skirt.  Nailheads.  Black and white Riad....curtains. Paint the whole room white..... 

She has bead board trim with a shelf so wouldn't the raffia look good above it?  Layered with black frames and such....

Then we saw this light fixture on Shades of Light.... brass or silver.  Want...Want....Want....

You guys better not go and order it so it goes out of stock.  I will kick some blogger butt people.

Remember, I am already mad at the world right now...:)

She quickly ripped up the pale green PLUSH carpet and had hardwoods installed before her husband could react.  I told her to just keep playing the "open heart surgery" card...

I believe she can get some good milage out of that one......

Hope you are not stuck in the laundry room all in God's name does that basket get so full.

And there is only 2 of us.

Sherry Dad's nickname for me :)



It is that time of year again!!!

Yes y'all...... my favorite thing to do is go to the Decorator Show House.  

I have lived in Atlanta since 1990 and have never missed it.  That is 21 years people!!!

If you are a designer....a blogger....a regular work in boring old insurance [Maria!] and you need inspiration then this is the event for you!

More than 35 designers.....24 interior rooms....and 3 garden spaces are going to be completely redesigned just for you!

This year the home is a Phillip Trammel Shutze designed 1929 Georgian-style home.

Some of the designers are:

Barbara Heath who owns a retail store called The Mercantile.

Here is her room from last year....

Melanie Turner

Her home....
Not too shabby huh?????

I'll take it.

Bill Musso

His work...

Jimmy Stanton

John Oetgen

I am going to include a few pictures so you can see that this designer can do any style!!!

How different are these 2 looks???!!

That is talent when you can do it all!  Some designers have a "look"....and that's OK.
I think you can do your best work when you stay true to your style, but it looks like John can work any style don't you think?

Barbara Westbrook

Hmmmmm....nice little gallery wall

She is GOOD.......I would just sit back and let her work the need to micro manage this one.

LOOK...I could keep going, but you get the point.

Go HERE to check out the whole list.

The dates are April 21-May 13.  Get your friends, your Mom, take a bus, a plane, or just walk....but go.

There will be inspiration all up in it.

Oh yeah...there are some fabulous gardens also!

There have been years when I went twice.  I don't like to be rushed.

Of course it is sponsored by our favorite magazine...Atlanta Homes and if you can't go eventually some gorgeous pictures will find there way inside for you to see.

Hunker down Wednesday......




I can not believe how a little old thing like a black and white giveaway will bring you guys out of hiding!

I think from now on all my giveaways will be black and white, I will only post about black and white.....all other colors will be dead to me.

Of course I am right there with you.

It was a beautiful weekend in Atlanta...back to spring again.  My sisters came to stay with me so it was food and shopping.  

The two days before they came I decided to TEAR up my house.  Seriously I wish I had taken pictures of what a wreck it was in the middle.

Just dismantling one room caused an uproar in my brain......

Moving chairs around.....

AND of course getting 2 new pillows......

I also had these framed.

This one....found the frame at Goodwill and had the image.  I tried to go to Hobby Lobby because people are always going on about how cheap it is to get mats cut.  Well that may be true but none of the ready made mat colors would work.  Either to yellow or to white.

 And this one...again, already had the frame and image.  Getting ready to make a few changes to my LR.

Maybe a wall  like inspiration....

Adding flowers.....

This painting was also completed for a project at Lake Burton.

Gorgeous huh???  One of Andrea Costa's .  She is usually at Scott's in the South building.

Well...since I was SO busy with family this is going to be a ball-buster.  I have a list that is scaring me.

Hope you y'all are getting ready to slap Monday clear into space.


If you are just stopping by...check out the giveaway....


Okey Dokey.....guess what????

Yep, I have put together a little BLACK AND WHITE giveaway.  Just cause you know I LOVE me some.

My foyer....
Is that convincing enough?????

So here ya go...

Now before you hurt your eyes trying to figure out what it all is..... let me break it down for you!!

First up is the laundry sign, box of pencils....remember the Mossimo for Target????  Yep a box of those pencils.  Some pretty ribbon and the cute white iron container.

A hand towel from West Elm, old fashioned measuring stick from West Elm and that cute pitcher.  AND the new book by Celerie Kemble.  Uh Huh.

This book will satisfy every urge to add a little black to every room.

I was getting out the can of black paint just as fast as I could.


2 yards of BLACK AND WHITE FABRIC !!!  MAKE SOME PILLOWS....COVER YOUR DOG.... more look at the whole shabang......

And to add to your excitement....a few pillows I scavenged from Etsy to go with this loot....

Just trying to help....

Habitation Boheme

Pillow Mood

Stitche Nestings


Willa Skye Home

Trendy Pillows


Betwixt in black and cream.....Woodyliana


And some art....
Sarah Swanson....Gallery Wall  [you know I have one]

A few fabulous rooms....

This is killing me....serious.  I might have to paint my pigeon basket coffee table after seeing this

And I can not believe this is NOT my room...I love it so so much.

Suzanne had me at EVERYTHING!!!


Yes please.....

Have I convinced you yet......?

Do I have to sit here all night and show images with how well B&W goes with everything????

Cause I will...... know the drill.....just hit the follow button....for Design Indulgence.  Easy Peasy.

I know your busy so I don't want you to have to work to hard to win!!!!!

Right now in Atlanta we might have to add some yellow to our B&W......cause that stuff is everywhere!

Shadazzle Baby!


An old before and after.....

I am not trying to brag...but this weekend in Atlanta was gorgeous.  Every stinkin minute!  AND....for once I was very productive.

I bought one of these
Picture is a little blurry but it is called the Cleanforce Pressure Washer 1800 PSI.  This puppy can clean.  I wanted to wash my patio furniture and not by hand.

Now it is not as strong as the 2500 PSI power washer that I borrowed from my neighbor last year.  Which is OK...cause that thing is dangerous.  I accidentally ran it over my foot and almost amputated it.  I still have the scar.

Which hurt like the dickens.  My husband asked why I did that.  "I don't know honey thought I would use my foot  to see how powerful it was".

Anyway.....this will do the job in 1/2 the time of your two hands.  Even the cushions that were FILTHY came out perfect.

So get to it!  

I was cleaning up my iphoto files this weekend and ran across this bedroom before and after.  It is not much but I think once more it proves the impact of the power of paint and neutral bedding........


This client has traveled extensively.  In fact her daughter lives in Tanzania, Africa so she had some things she wanted to incorporate in the room.  Plus....we had to keep the bed and dresser.

Now mind you this was 5 years ago.......We tried to hide the headboard the best we could.  The lamps came from Homegoods, which were awesome.  I have been disappointed with their selection lately.  We did change out the end tables.  The foot stools [yes I know, snicker.....we could not paint] were covered in this clothe that she had gotten from Africa. Wish I had begged...they would have looked good painted black!  If you want to see where the foot stools were before go here.  Same house...master bedroom.

The rug is just a neutral piece of cut yardage.


All the bedding is ready made except for the pillows.

Here is another angle of the room.  

I believe these were taken before accessorizing cause that table looks quite sad........but these Pier One chairs helped give the area some height.  They still carry this style and I have used them so many times......they are comfy and cheap!

The bathroom before.  Everything was that 80's shinny brass.  Remember this was 5 years ago and brass HAD NOT come back yet.  I still would have changed it because it looked so dated.

This is the before of the sink and vanity

  We had the tile all re-grouted....painted the vanity, the walls....[like you can't tell]......Cesarstone for the countertop and a Kohler undermount sink.  Also Kohler fixtures.  We did change out the light fixture also but of course I can not find a picture of it anywhere.  Also, not pictured, was the fact that we changed out the shower plumbing, and added a frameless shower door.

I wish I had more and better pictures....but this was my pre-blogging days.  Even after 5 years...I see so many things I might have done differently.....but I think we put the money in the most important the bath and paint.

Still, you can get the idea about keeping the changes neutral.......They were thinking of downsizing in a few years.

OK...peeps....It is Monday.  The start of another week.  So much to do.  

Get out that notebook and make a list.  I am doing that right now.

Sha Boom!

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