I figured instead of not posting like I did last Friday I would just go ahead and throw together some randomness of my week....

Normally I have more design work going but lately it has just been building stuff and seeing a bunch of framing is not really that exciting right!

I think I have mentioned before that I had like 30 bathrooms to pick out tile, vanities, lighting and plumbing for and I am happy to say I'm on the home stretch! 

Well I have been moving forward with them all and I'm almost finished.  If I have to scroll lighting websites one more time.....haha

Let's start with my house.....I had my front yard cleaned up.....meaning pull out my dead boxwoods [sad....there is a blight that is killing them] and had a few flower beds planted with some pine straw put down.  

I am sorry to say that the last few years I have not paid much attention to the outside....

Thanks to that massive oak tree I can't get any grass to grow.  The canopy  covers my whole yard!  
I know somebody will house is painted BM China White and the shutters are BM Kendall Charcoal.

It's a little like making your bed....even though there are some messy parts of the always looks better after you do that!

That little concrete lamb has been sitting there for 20 years and it's covered in moss.  I'm OK with that!

So my friend Cindy over at Rough Luxe Lifestyle Blog did a post about this Target dress and linen wrap....Y'all it was so cute that I ordered them both!  I mean 19.99 for the dress and I think 24.99 for the wrap!

I did a mini version.....and actually wore that sucker 3 days in a row!

I needed some white shorts so I cut off an old pair of jeans.....

The dress is a pretty simple black knit and I probably would not wear it without the know my old arms and such:)

You can find the links on her blog!

After telling you that framing is not that I am posting.  But....only to show you this project that I am picking out lighting for!

When you walk into the foyer you can see the family room, island and dining room.  Yeah....what does that mean?

That you can also see 4 light fixtures!

So it is important to make sure they flow.  This couple fell in love with the mercury glass bell jars I used over at Friar Tuck so we started with those....

Here is where we finally landed with some pretty Circa Lighting fixtures and I am pretty happy with it!
Another fabulous project by Ladisic Fine Homes.

And it was time for Cami to have her summer cut...

She is very snuggly when she doesn't have hair so that is the best part!

OK Y'all....what are your plans for the weekend?  I might scoot down to Madison and hang with my neighbors.  They will be leaving in 2 weeks to spend 4 months up in Nantucket and I am really going to miss them.  I think they feed me 3 x's a week.

Who's out and about?  Who is still scared?  I'm in the middle....I might not go to a theme park but I will go to dinner and stores.  




Hopefully you didn't notice that I ghosted on Friday.....I mean all the days are running together right:)  

Seriously though on the scale of "I am so important that people will be sad and stay in bed all day if I don't post" "I am about as significant as a drop of rain" are always in the forefront of my brain.  I know.....I am not looking for affirmation..... I just think it's just a symptom of my life right now.

No matter how I feel I try to get up everyday....make the bed and get dressed.  Some days I am more productive than others.  It is so easy to get stuck in the muck of my life.  Ugh.

Since most of my design work lately is not dealing with soft more about picking tile, lighting, plumbing and paint colors I thought I would just throw out a trend I am seeing.

Look....nobody loves a white kitchen more than me.  In 1994 when we renovated this house the trend was light maple cabinets but I picked white thinking it was timeless and classic. I glad I listened to my instincts!

Anyway I am seeing a trend lately of a slight softening of white and going towards a very light beige/gray.  I am not mad at it.

Let's discuss.

Here is the plan that I am working on.  I picked BM Revere Pewter for the cabinet color with BM China White as the color for the walls.  The piece of wood represents that the island be a stained wood....not actually that color.....but to show how wood really warms up a space.  The countertops I selected are Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo.


This is from DeVol Kitchens.

I adore this one with black accents from Prairie Home Styling.

Love Love this one also.....

Here are some of my favorite "instead of white" colors.  She actually did not go with the color I picked but chose SW Mindful gray which is a little darker.  I am sure it will still be pretty!.

You know what's funny.....BM Revere Pewter looks white when it is not against white!  I found that out at the Madison Project.

Back in February of 2017 I did a post called Goodbye Gray Hello Beige.  Of course I got some flak about it from people who were still loving gray.  Helloooooo.....I am not the authority people it is just my opinion...hee hee.

Yesterday I went over to a friends house to help with some styling.  We started in the bedroom after a trip to HG's.

She has tall ceilings and the first thing I noticed were how short the pictures were on both side of the bed.  My immediate thought was 2 tall mirrors and then lean the art work giving the room height.

It made such a big difference!  They also acted like 2 windows and really brightened up the space.

I love the lamps she found at HG's also.  Neither of us can still believe that we found those 2 mirrors so fast that day and such a deal.....79.00 each.  Heavy iron frames.

I could kick myself for not taking before shots!  What kind of blogger am I?  Crikey.

Alrighty then....last week I walked 67 miles so now of course I have to beat that right:)

Y'all be kind.




Lord....Sunday and Cami.  What a day.  For the third time since January she had another UTI.  Something is going on and she is going to require some tests.  

When I noticed the symptoms.....which of course every time has been on a weekend.... that means double the price right.  And because of Covid  you have to wait in your car.  That's always fun.

I took her around 11 AM and they could not get a urine specimen because I stupidly walked her before we left.  WTH.....

They said being her back in 3 hours and don't let her pee.  Crikey that is all she wants to do....or try to do anyway.  So I followed the directions and gave her 1/2 Tylenol and 1/2 Benadryl.  Then I left to go for a walk because I was so anxious I could hardly stand still.

I came back 1 1/2 later and she had peed a tiny bit at the back door [poor baby].  I took her back at 3:30. urine. now I am teary and frustrated.

They said bring her back at 8:00.  So I drive home crying because at that moment....I felt my life was crumbling....which of course it wasn't but you know how frustration can cause a whole plethora of emotions.

Clean up your act Sherry.  I go home and think "how the hell can I get her to drink water?".  Lightbulb moment.  I fed her dinner with a half box of chicken stock.  I felt pretty smart at that moment.

I took her back at 8 and when they came out to get her I said "be careful and hold her leash tight cause she will try to pee".  People....when the doctor called me in the car and said she squatted right when she got in there I went  full on hysterical.  Yada....yada.....they managed to scoop some up and test.  Inconclusive on what type of bacteria but he knew not to give me disappointing news and gave me some medication.

I was spent after all of that.  Cami and I drove home totally exhausted from the day. 

 She is still my boo.

So with all that [sounds like my dog ate my homework]  I am not prepared for a level 10 post today but I will just dump some pictures on you just in case you don't follow me on "the gram"  haha.

When I walking on the trail in my neighborhood I saw 5-6 of these cute little painted stones placed at the base of trees.....

I don't know who is doing them but they are so dang cute and made me smile:)

I know this is not quite the stage that garners interest but this is one of 2 projects that I have going on right now!

[builder] Ladisic Fine Homes and [architect] Linda MacArthur  

Here is the other one....

I got this Charles Stewart ottoman recovered and it looks swell!

This room is coming pictures soon!

This is what I wore to a client meeting the other day and my client had on a seersucker jacket also!

I think we will get on pretty good huh!

 Finishing up this project and I am pretty happy with these paint colors.  SW Intellectual Gray and the trim is SW Anonymous.  I think it goes nicely with the stone.

Laundry room floor.....

I ventured out to one of my favorite stores the other day Huff Harrington.

The other day I wore these Gap camo jeggings with a frilly H&M top that I got last year.
I felt cute all day....haha

I went looking for a runner and saw these 2 beauties from Parviz Rugs.

I was trying to get organized in my office gathering up fabric memos to return to ADAC and got sidetracked.....easy for me to do!

The carpet is from Crescent Carpets called Ticking Stripe.

And I posted this "ootd" on Instagram to show that this is a sundress and I threw a shirt on over it and added a belt!

I start with Cami and end with her....

She is my buddy....and I can not imagine what my life would be without her during these trying times.  I have such highs and lows these days.  I am so unsure of my future and that is pretty darn scary for a 68 year old.  I am looking at having to work until I am in a wheelchair with a diaper on.  Ugh.

OK....gotta go walk Cami because the stare down from her is relentless....hee hee.




Friday again?  What....looks was just Friday a minute ago.  Seriously right?

Can we just get a vaccine.....pleasssssssssseeeee?
I will decorate your whole house for free.....I will homeschool your kids and cook for you [that's not really a highlight]....but I will go pick up all the "to go orders".

Somebody?  Anybody?

Let's get on it all of you brilliant scientist!

I have some updated pictures of the "spec" house I have been working on with Ladisic Fine Homes.  I have had so much fun on this project....working with Michael and Matthew [on the kitchen] and architect Linda MacAuthur.  It's heading down the home stretch of being finished.

Get ur coffee or wine cause this post is heavy on the pictures:)

The entrance....

The house is shaped like a C....when you walk in the front door you see straight through to the and outdoor living area.

Earlier pictures to show what you see from the foyer....

All lighting is from Circa Lighting.

Authentic Reclaimed Floors

Walking through this beautifully trimmed out  entrance to the main living and dining area....

This is the view!

If you turn around here is the view...

Through the doors is the scullery....

Color of custom cabinets is SW Tricorn Black.  Countertops are Viatera

Then through the scullery is the laundry room.

Through these doors is the master bedroom and bath.....

Master bath

Rohl faucets

The outdoor living space.  Currey and Co Lighting used in this space.

The pool with landscaping going in....

Some of the 6 bathrooms.....

Upstairs laundry

This is the main level bar that also opens to the pool and the outdoor living.

Landscaping going in.....

And the front door....

WOW....after seeing all of these together I am so happy with the part I played in the design of this home.  It always take a team.  Builders, architects and vendors doing their part to help when something isn't available or a change has to be made.

I love my job and during this time in my life it has been a refuge for me.  

To be creative has always been my "happy" place so I consider myself lucky that I still have clients who trust and value my judgement.  Now more than we stay home...... it's important that you not only love your space but you feel comfortable and safe.

Speaking of safe....I wish that for all of you.


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