Hey y'all....happy fall!  Today I might actually be able to wear a sweater here in Atlanta.....

Let's just dive right in......I am going to share my thoughts on updating this plain ordinary powder room and what I am going to do with it to make it "sing"......:)

Here she be....typical builders blah powder room!  It has high ceilings and that is about it!

Here comes the paint!

I went with BM Wrought Iron....I was going to go with SW Tricorn Black but it just seemed to severe to me so I changed it at the last minute....

The faucet was an inexpensive Delta so I am swapping it out with the same brand but in a satin gold color and I also ordered a new light fixture.

I struggled over what finish to order the light fixture in but decided to go with the dark bronze....I know a lot of the art has gold frames so I had to put the breaks on the gold....haha!

I went to my favorite flea market....Antiques and Beyond here in Atlanta and after finding 4 different mirrors I stumbled on this one and knew immediately I found the perfect one!

So next up is the art.  I wanted to do all kinds of art so I started hunting for vintage frames at many flea markets....as you know the frames are the most expensive part and it would have cost a mint to have them all custom framed!

I scored all of these in one day from a few different places! 

I bought some art at Scott's Antique Market!

I also bought quite a few pieces from this amazing artist at Scotts.  You can find her on Instagram @vsidesart

This is some of the art from my first haul.....

I am at the frame shop here trying to decide which art goes in which frame and picking out the matting....

Sometimes if I like a frame but it has ugly art in it I will still buy!

I picked these up at the framers yesterday!  SO EXCITED!!

I used the Fast Frame here in Atlanta on Piedmont Road.

Still need to find a small vintage rug for this space...hope to secure this today!  The art install is Friday so stay tuned on Instagram for some pictures in Stories.....

I have to say that this client is amazing....every time I text her something her reply is "whatever you think"!  I mean dream client right!

OK....Cami has nudged me about 5 times wanting her walk.....so I must run!
Hope you all are having a wonderful week.....mine has been a bit difficult but I am trying to stay focused on the good things and I always know there are so many people who are struggling more than I am.





I've been gone so long....hoping this works and they have not shut my blog down.....:)

I am still trying to catch up from taking 2 months off....

I am making progress at #thetownhouse.....Rose and I have started giving our projects nicknames so when we are discussing them we know which one we mean haha!

Anyway I have been working on this one for about 8 months and the goal was to take it from boring spec to a more custom look!

All light fixtures have been replaced and the last few happened recently...

This one is over the DR table [from Circa Lighting] .....works nicely with the black onyx table that was in the homeowners family.  It helps to soften all of the stone.

I love how whimsical the bedroom fixture is from Arteriors Home .....hopefully the bed will be here soon so I can put this room together!

This little gem was installed in the stairway....
From Circa Lighting.

To be honest I can't remember what I have shown you and what I haven't so hang with me and hopefully I won't repeat myself too much. #oldpeople

I found an amazing vintage rug for the bedroom.  They brought it over for me to see if I liked it and it's a wrap!  Hopefully I will get it installed next week.

Not too long ago I had the sofa installed but I just stuck the old bedroom nightstands in place by the fireplace until I found something.  Well a very productive trip to Scotts and I found a great french hand painted chest for one side.  Then I headed down to Bungalow Classic and found something for the other side!  If you notice I changed out the lampshades to cream.  They already had the beautiful crystal lamps.

I put a small footstool under the console to beef it up a little.  I am sure I will keep changing things up as I go along!

I am in love with this chest and struggled with wanting to keep for myself but it was so perfect in the room I had to be a big girl and let it go!

This cute little vintage footstool had my heart also......

And last I added a pretty pillow.....

The stripe pillows are from Ballard.

Also the question on where the skinny nightstands came from is West Elm!

OK...it's Sunday morning and Cami is lying patiently beside me waiting for her walk.

Stay tuned on Instagram as I have lot's of deliveries this week.....finally the furniture I ordered 9 months ago is arriving!  Whew!

Happy to be chatting with y'all.....




Hello friends......

I writing this from Nantucket.  I came up here to help celebrate my neighbors husbands 60th birthday.  Any excuse to come back up here right!

Of course if you saw my Instagram post on Wednesday you know that as I was in line for security I realized that I had forgotten my wallet at home and had to Uber back [30 min] get my wallet and Uber back to the airport another 30 min.  I wasn't sure I was going to make it but by some miracle I did.  

I decided not to stress and I just said to myself if I make it....great and if I didn't then it would not be the end of the world.

I guess it was in the cards for me to be here.

The first night I was here I slept almost 12 hours.  That was pretty cool.....

Anyway I am going to share a bedroom that got installed a few weeks back.  It is not finished yet but its seen quite the transformation since they moved in....

The beginning....let's quickly take a look at the before.....

There was a textured wallpaper on the walls that had to be removed.

The next step was moving this bed in that was in an apartment up in Philadelphia that she acquired.

The Schumacher wallpaper went up and as you can see we barely had room for end tables but I managed to find these that are about 18" wide!

The next phase were the custom window treatments and pillows.

This is a before picture of the window area across from the bed.

And these are 2 chairs that she also inherited!

It has been years since I have done a cornice and I am loving it!

Of course it is not accessorized yet but it will be soon.....

I have picked out some pretty lamps and then I need a few trinkets to bring it all together....

So there you have it.  Honestly work is a pretty good distraction for me but my brain is definitely not a full capacity.  I am easily distracted and find that I am procrastinating on things that I need to be doing.


I heard a simple saying the other day.  Time takes time.  Duh right!  I mean it is so simple.

Hope you guys all have a great weekend....

Thanks so much for reading and hanging in there with me.


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