I have spent about 15 solid hours getting ready for this Designer Tag Sale.  Pulling stuff from the attic, basement, under beds and every other hiding place.  We are talking 20 years of Scott's.....flea markets and redecorating.  

I am so over it and vow from this day forward to stop this madness.  I mean it.  I am counting on y'all to hold me to this.

I have more of the same in my basement.

What seems to be at the top of the hoarding list is of course fabric and then art.  Some fabrics I could not part with.....what is wrong with me?

I am hoping that on Monday when we break down there is nothing left and I can finish paying for my landscaping..... hey a girl can dream:)

In other news....I am in love with this Designers Guild Wallpaper....

I wanted to ask a few of you who said that they are not receiving my post any more if maybe they are now?  We are trying to fix this problem which others seem to be having.....I know because there are some I am not receiving either!

And to top off this post today head over to Little Black Door .  Elizabeth was one of my ORC partners and she is talented and funny.  She invited me to participate in her "fess up friday" so I am spilling my guts.




Hellooooooo?  Anyone there?  Yeah I kind of fell of the "blogwagon" as they say.  

After all it's summer and no one reads blogs right? 

 I hope y'all had mucho celebration last weekend with friends, family, food and drinks with little umbrellas.

I was deep into supervising the backyard makeover and Lord did I go over budget.  I am a "broke girl" and will not be buying cute summer sandals any time soon.

Let's get to a few before and after shots.

Here is the front yard.  All of this was planted about 20 years ago except the boxwoods [which these 3 have a worm right now that I am busy trying to kill!].  

By by.....

I put 3 of the large boxwoods in front with 3 smaller ones in a half circle and in the middle is a white Camilla.  Hopefully they will get bigger:)  Then Lenten Roses and assorted ferns.

Try not to look at the grass....they had to dig up a trench to fix the lamp post.  Who am I's moss cause I have very little sun in my front yard!

This side was a hot mess....

I moved all the Yew over to this side.

So much better.....

Of course it never ends.....I need a new sidewalk so I have a reason to start saving again....

The base of that huge tree!

On to the back yard... 

So overgrown....believe it or not there is a gate back there!

See...all cleared out.

And then my vision....
A path.

From the patio....

Me: "So much my husband said....a path to nowhere". 

In the fall....a shade garden under the tree right?

Another before...

And after....

I took out the roses....they were leggy and sparse.

Added another boxwood and a planter that was hidden way in the back yard.

One more before....


Now some random shots to put you to sleep....

OK....wake up!

I are either into landscaping/gardening or not...

Of course here in Atlanta it will get too hot to be outdoors so I can stand at my window and look at it:)

Can you believe it is Wednesday already?  

This weekend is the Designer Tag sale at Westside Market with 7 designers [including me] who will be selling their "extra stuff".  I'll have things from my shabby chic days and every other style I've tried along the way:)

So come on down and say Hi!

Sheriky Freaky



Thanks for all of the love on my new art.  It still amazes me how perfect it is in my space....and I don't pass by without stopping to stare at it's beauty....pinch myself and say "Is this really mine"?

It's no secret about my love for Schumacher fabrics....When I begin a plan I often start there first!

The other day while I was over at ADAC I stumbled upon some new colors of a few iconic prints.

I am going to start with the best first....

Chiang Mai Dragon in this beautiful Jade color.  I mean really?  I died.

And here it is in Ebony.  Hot damn.

In case you love a good neutral...

The Smoke color way.

Next we have this beauty

Imperial Trellis in Mineral [you know this is a favorite]

This gorgeous Blush color....

A real work horse....Betwixt in Pool

Betwixt in Leaf.

Katsugi in Tangerine and Berry.  Love it!

But wait....
Fuchsia and Chartreuse


Cobalt and Turquoise.

What cha think.....aren't all of these gorgeous?

I found these pillows on Etsy in the jade color....

And the ebony color.


Lauren and Amy at Spark Modern have an incredible selection of pillows....and I saw a few I might have to get!

Cause...Lord knows I need one more pillow up in this crib.

In other news the almost final phase in #projectupdatehouse [still need a new roof and  driveway] is some landscaping with these English Boxwoods.

I. Could. Die.  
Was so excited last night I could not sleep.  Pictures soon.

Later taters.


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