You guys are the best.....thanks for the love with my nieces shower!  

I'm sitting here right now and every muscle in my body aches.  If you watch my instastories then you might have seen I am working out at a new place!

Bach [pronounced Batch] Fitness is right down the street near my house....and y'all this is not your watered down version.   It's a H.I.I.T. class [high intensity interval training] and it kicks my butt.

In a good way.  

I worked with a trainer for about 15 years [I got a good deal since I worked at a gym] and when the recession hit I had to give it up.  This class is very weights driven and y'all I have to say this.....cardio is great for weight loss but if you want to change the shape of your body the only way to do that is using weights.

Just saying. 

If you are on Instagram then you might have seen some of the pictures of the 2019 Southern Living Idea House.

It was designed by the talented Heather Chadduck and built by Riverside Homes on Crane Island.... an island within an island which is situated on the western shores of Amelia Island.

I have always adored the "Low Country" look having grown up in the south.  Here is what I did....gathered as many pictures as I could on Instagram from Southern Living and Heather.....along with a few from the opening party to share with you!

This was the first image I saw and it kinda took my breath away.....

I love Heathers use of beige and you know....having just completed the One Room Challenge I have a new appreciation for that combination!

This fabric below is from Heathers own line and I have tried to use it many times but so far nada....but I am not giving up!

I have been seeing a lot of painted trim lately and almost did it in my sisters house.  Wish I had now....

Yes please to this hallway.....

Upstairs hallway.....

These floors...Love!

How much love can I give this dining/game area?  Stripes....yes.  Gallery wall.....yes!

That sofa and how they upholstered it is fantastic!  With the birds and the stripe rug.....whoa mama....

So there you have it!  It's pretty huh....I think so.  I am sure it will be in their magazine soon!

If you were thinking you wish you knew more about me....hahaha....I was featured on Style Blueprint  as a designer crush!  The article was written by my good friend Lisa Mowry who I met the first time I was ever published so we go way back......



Well it had to happen....the weekend came to an end.  It's back to work.

I think I mentioned on Friday that my 2 sisters and I put on a shower for my niece who is getting married in August.  We got there early Sat morning to set up [it started at noon] and it was like herding cats....we were all over the place.  Lucky for us my sister in law was there to reign us in and we were lighting candles at 11:45.

Indulge me for a family moment....:)

I went to the flower mart on Friday and put together 12 arrangements that afternoon....note to self....get more greenery.

The colors were blush tones....I did larger arrangements for the head table and some smaller ones for the 4 tops.

We served Aperol Spritz cocktails  and they were pretty good!

Did you know that you can't find pretty paper anywhere?  Nope....not anywhere.
So I got creative and for the menus....

I found a stock photo of flowers and then just did them myself.

I also found blush napkins [12 for 4.99!] and then Sat morning made these cards.....who am I?  Seriously.

I am sure there is a picture of me somewhere but I found this dress at Marshalls for 49.00 [I wanted to match the colors] and wore my trusty white lace sneakers. 

I'm nothing if not concerned about comfort but with style...haha!

My sister had some posters made of them....

How cute are they....

In other news....on the design front I was working on some styling at a project....

Some before shots....

Added shelves and shiplap


Adding just a few elements

This is the prettiest butlers pantry leading to the outdoor living and pool area.

This gorgeous window is opposite of the shelves.

On the cooking front.....don't get excited....I use the term cooking is a tidbit for you.

I have posted this before but I feel like you weren't paying attention.

#1.  Trader Joe's salmon.  Cast Iron pan.  No spray.  Season with some sea salt.....etc.

#2. Veggies.  Broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes and brussel sprouts.  Season with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and what ever your heart desires.


#4.  Set the timer for 20 min.  Do not open the oven.  

#5.  Spread a little of this on the fish! [Trader Joes]


There you have been schooled.

I'll let you know when I start my cooking classes....hahahaha.


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