I think it's darn cool to get an email from another blogger with words like "you are funny"...."I love your work"....Partly because you always want to know how you come across to others.

Thoughts like "is this too much" or "I don't want to sound like a know it all" invariably  cross my mind when I am writing.  The thing about blogging is it can be slightly narcissistic....after it all it's about "you" and what you're up to.  Then you add all the wonderful comments that mostly strangers leave and there you go skipping through life like you own the place.

Autumn from Design Dump kindly said those words to me last week when she asked me to participate in this tour.  Yeah.....I wasn't about to say no and burst her "Sherika" bubble right?

Let's take a look at this talented Salt Lake designer's work.

Last year she participated in the ORC with her office and boy was I jealous.  Mine looks like a room on "Hoarders".

Then you have this nursery....

So eclectic and it!

I remember watching this bathroom come together.  Crazy about this wallpaper.

Or when she got a hold of this dining room which now serves double duty as a library.

Girl can knock out a design board which make mine look scribbling from a kid at pre school. are my thoughts.

Why do I write/create what I do?
Heck I don't about the fact that one day I just said "I want to shout my thoughts to the world and then read what people would say about it!"  As far as design.....I can't do math so it seemed like design would be a good alternative.  Little did I know that invoicing would would take some of that "fun" away:)

How does my style differ from others in my genre?
Oh I'm all over the place.  I might not like a particular style for myself but I can totally appreciate a well done space.   If I had to pin it down it would be casual, functional and well edited rooms.  It's no secret that I like neutrals.

What am I working on now?
I just announced that I am doing the ORC again and along with a few other clients fall is looking pretty busy!  

To continue the tour I am selecting another favorite designer and blog friend Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home.  

Ambush!  I better send her an email and let her know!

I think our styles are very similar.  Check it out...

She has just moved into a rental in SF and I love seeing how her things look all mixed up in different rooms.

We both share a love of neutrals, blue and Pyne Hollyhock fabric:)

And these bookshelves.....hello mommie.

This is a picture of her old home.  I could move right in.....

Mary Ann if you aren't cussing me right now then hopefully you can keep this going....if not no biggy.  

Cause it has to stop somewhere:)

Take a visit to both Autumn and Mary Ann's blogs for a look at some really good talent.

Come back on Wednesday and find out what I am doing for the ORC this round!





Good friday morning to ya.

You know we all love a good design fact I would not hesitate to say that it is a small addiction  among design bloggers.

Count me in on that obsession.

There are 3 books coming out from design icons right here in Hot'lanta baby!

The first one is renowned architect Norman Askins.  A native of Birmingham, Alabama he started his firm in 1977.

Here are a few images from his portfolio.  Could not love this entrance more.

These doors are taunting me.  I mean hubba hubba.

His attention to detail....

Another crazy good door

His book will be out this October.

Next up is Nancy Braithwaite.  She started her firm here in 1969.  

I have loved her work so hard.

 This has been in my files back since we actually ripped out pictures from magazines.  Yup....before Pinterest....before cars and indoor plumbing.

I adore her minimalist look so much. is the day I remove all of my junk and streamline:)


Dang special.

Her book comes out this October.

Last is Barbara Westbrook.  She started her firm in 1992 and actually designed under Nancy Braithwaite in the beginning of her career.

This room just kills me 

 She is a master at layering just perfectly.

Sadly her book is not due until spring of 2015.

You can read more about Norman and Nancy in the October issue of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.

I have a little news for you.  

I am again participating in the One Room Challenge.  I know....can you believe it?  It will be the 5th time and I am excited that Linda still wants me.  I can be kind of a trouble maker at times.

Shocking right:)

Just for your pleasure.  I hid in the closet the other night while my husband was in the bathroom.....waiting.....patiently..... to jump out at the right time.  Lord people it was so good.  The look on his face made my legs go numb and I fell to the floor laughing so hard that I had to change my PJ's.  The bottoms.

It is events like that when I know life is definitely worth living.




OK.....first things first.  You might not know that I  have had a long love affair with Schumachers Pyne Hollyhock fabric.  


You did know that?  Of course you did because I blubber on about it like someone who hears voices.

It's finally here...the WALLPAPER!

I kept going in the showroom.... like a kid waiting for Christmas....and it got to the point where all they did was shake their head and I would sulk out.

On Friday I came around the corner to this....

Oh mommie......could you die.  Now I know I can't put it in my house because I have curtains and pillows but you can bet I will be pushing this on clients like the corner crack dealer.

It comes in gray also.....said in a "sing songy" voice:)

I am sure when the showroom girls came around the corner to see what the commotion was they saw me dancing and skipping like a 4 year old in a tutu.

Please share in my excitement.

But wait....there is more goodness for you.

Imperial Trellis in black

Chiang Mai in new colors [wallpaper]

And more.....

Hello beautiful trim.....

New fabrics

And.....wait for it....

Overwhelming right?  That is a lot of goodness up in here....

On Sunday my friend Erika asked me to help style a project  being photographed for her portfolio.  I hope I am not bursting your bubble when I tell you that those images in magazines is not really how people live.

You can go here to see her take on the day!  It was so much fun jumping around and squealing when we felt like we had a great shot.  Of course the homeowner was there and had that "deer in the headlights" look on her face when were started moving everything around.

It's all about natural light and a little smoke and mirrors.

That's it guys.....
Have a great week.




Serenbe is a small planned community located south of Atlanta airport.  It's really picturesque with some of the cutest homes ever....

Ally and I trekked down yesterday to check out the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Showhouse and have a little lunch.  

Let's start with the house first.  Wowza.  Get in your car now and go [open through September 28th].  It's pretty darn special.  In fact the entrance had us right away....

I mean really.  I want this going down my driveway right?

The first room right off the kitchen is the dining room by Robert Brown.

iPhone pictures....I did the best I could.

This chair.  This rug.  I die.

The ceiling in the kitchen....

Designed by Janie Hirsch

The family room [designed by Melanie Millner] was a long room and I liked that she put a game table at one end.

 This bench around the FP.

Pretty curtain detail.

Bedroom designed by Julie Witzel

Good Texture
Pretty linens by Peacock Ally

James ripped out my heart with these wallpapers in the laundry room and bathroom.

This eclectic space by Niki Papadopoulos

Awesome gallery wall

Interesting floor

Melanie Davis did this great space

Interesting how they used 2 different styles of railings

There is so much more and you know how everything looks better in person.

We ate lunch at The Hill which was mighty good.

Alrighty then....we made it to Friday.  Time is whizzing by.  A little over a 100 days until Christmas huh.


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