I feel like I won.....not money but the paint lottery.  

After all of the agonizing over choosing a color for the body of my house....I am in love with BM China White.  So in marry and have children....commit for a lifetime in love.

Do not hesitate to ever use this perfectly creamy.... chalky.....white. 

I could show you pictures of homes painted this color but it just does not look the same.  Because I researched it and even painted a swatch.....but I didn't know how truly perfect this white is. where are we with the shutter color. 

I know you are tired of all this paint talk but.....not as stinking over it as I am......I have had all of my paint decks [and cans of paint samples]  on the kitchen countertop for about 3 weeks now.

My inspiration picture...which I a still love so much that I have an 8 x 10 glossy framed by my bedside.  

But let's face it. 

 I don't have the metal roof or that freaking fabulous front porch.


Here is the sample of Manchester Tan.  Not really feeling it.  From the street it just not show up at all....

So then I put on my designer hat and started thinking.  I have a white fence with a gate that shows to the left of my house...

And from far away it looks good but.... up close it is dirty and chippy.  Has to be painted. is my thought.  Since I have a dark gray roof use a medium dark gray on the shutters and then I will paint the gate and fence that same color.  Won't show dirt and green plants will look so good against it.


I know what you are thinking. us your house painted white so we can help you.  Well I would but I am sitting in a Comfort Inn....only the best accommodations for me..... [in Grove City, Pittsburg to attend a family wedding] as I write this and forgot to take a picture.

In other news around mi casa...I am doing some summer accessorizing.

Can you see I just ripped this white plate off the wall to use [it still has the plate hanger on it].  Details.... #alwaysinahurry

Here is an update on the umbrella situation.  I caved and went back to Ballard for the frame.  What was I gonna do.....I mean with the Memorial Day discount....I could see no alternative.  

Canopy + Frame......happiness.

Now that it is getting really hot I have to get my backyard area whipped into shape.....good times.




Well.....not exactly the after.....but the beginning.  I have been blabbing on and on about getting my house painted.  It has finally know after all the prep of caulking, sanding, and power washing.  

This is just the primer but I am so excited about the lighter color.

I used Benjamin Moore China White.  Believe it or not....I have not picked the shutter color.  I have about a hundred samples on the back of the house and I am sure my painter will be standing over me with a hot dagger waiting for a decision.

It actually looks good with the color they are now which is SW Porpoise.  But I am ready for a change.

Now to the back of the house.  Don't cringe....cause I think you can tell the front is rather traditional.....but something like this is in the works.
I wanted something fun.
I think I am in good hands with this little beauty.

Also....I have been slobbering over this umbrella canopy from Ballard forever.

I have been checking the Backroom every time I am in the area and the other day I was close to the location and low and behold they had "one".  By that I mean only one the size I needed and it was the black and sand.

Shut up.

I scooped it up and just walked around thinking about how lucky I was.....maybe doing the Gangnam Style dance in the isles.

  "Assistance in isle 2 for help with ....uncoordinated old lady having a seizure."

  I got out of there with 25% off [on top of another  20%] for a total   around $120.00.  

Yesterday I went to Home Depot for some spray paint.  I needed to spray the base because it was black and my umbrella was not.

Easy right.....getting pretty excited to get this sucker up and running....

I might be dancing around my back yard with the cover like a super hero waiting for the paint to dry.

Cue sound of scratchy record.


It does not work with my umbrella.  

But they told me it would work with ANY umbrella.  

Liars.  Mine has 6 spikes [proper term?[ and the cover is made for 8.

I mean really.   Good Lord.  

All the joy just left the backyard.

Now what.  I don't know....brick hammer.

Cause with my savings I was thinking these might have my name on them.....

Nothing has my name on it now except my birth certificate.

I know this is not earth one one is house did not get flattened by a tornado.

I try to keep things in perspective.

But crap. 
There is always something that can bring a smile back though.

Alrighty then......Have a great day.  I mean it.




Yesterday I had a colonoscopy.  I can say with absolute clarity it was no day at the beach.  Drinking the prep...and not eating for 2 days......sucked.

I got it in my mind that I would limit my food intake the few days before so as reduce the amount of food in my colon [you know...less in...less out].  Oh....I'm full of good ideas.

I forgot how flipping starving I would be by procedure time.  How hungry you "where is the nearest hot dog, pie, or hush puppy eating contest" hungry.

When my friend Maria picked me up she asked if I wanted some lunch....I practically  blew her ear drums screaming YES....and let's go to Zesto's.  I wolfed down a chili dog with slaw and some tater tots....along with onion rings.  In about 5 minutes.  Like it was my first meal since being discovered living on a deserted island for 6 months.  Don't judge.  That hot dog tasted like filet mignon to me.

I don't know about you but if I decide to be a doctor and then specialize in something I am not checking the box that reads: messing around with the area that poop comes out of.  All the time.

Enough about me.

I ordered some art on Etsy the other day.  Just a little something with color in it.  

Like this is news to anyone....but I LOVE ETSY.

I first discovered Linda Donahue's work at the mart here in Atlanta.

Her style and colors just speak to me.  
Wanna see?

She lives in the San Francisco Bay area......

I could hardly decide which one to get.  

Lately I have noticed more color in her work.....

This is a new one and I am so crazy for green, white and black lately.......

It just works.....

She also does horses....

And check these out....

Linda is so talented.....when I think of my silly DIY black and white pictures.....I sigh.  No...the Art God's did not rain down on me.

But Linda can save the day.

I poped it into a little Target frame and Ta Da......

She has ton's of selections....large and small......go here and take a look.

Holiday weekend people......Let's have fun!




Monday is described as the day of the week between Sunday and Tuesday.  Whatever Wikipedia.

I have another description of it and it ain't pretty :)

Especially the Monday after vacation.....which can pretty much be like hitting a brick wall.....sobering you up quickly.......  like "get the heck out of that vacation fog" cause life is about to rain down on you in a "bad ass Mr T" kind of way.

No worries....I got this.

Stripe rugs.  We love them.  

If you have not heard of Dash and Albert then you are gonna love this.  They have been around since 2003.  

Take a look.....

I just got their new summer catalog.  Wowza.

Pink chevron goodness.

Stripey stripeness. In every color.
Most of them come in 2.5 by 8 ft  runners also.....

Can you imagine this kitchen without the rug?

Or this hallway? 

This one is from their new summer collection.
And this...yellow and pink and mint.

Last summer I did a porch for a client and used one of their indoor/outdoor rugs as my inspiration for the space.

I was over there the other day and the rug still looks new.

I also have one in my kitchen and when it gets dirty I can take that bad boy out and hose it off.

On the plus side their prices are great.  Go here and pick one out to brighten up your room for summer.

Colorful stripe rugs are the new in how to change up yo room.

A few people asked me about the size of my foyer stripes....they are 10" wide and there are 4 black ones and 5 white ones.  My white is BM White Dove and the black is just Home Depot black paint.  Nothing fancy.

 The paint color for the stripes in my nephews dining room was Sherwin Williams Anonymous 7046.

Don't let Monday get you down.....




I have been making a few changes around the joint.....


Don't look at me like know you do it all the time :)

I had this mirror hanging around [left over from a client install about a year ago] and decided to give it a coat of white paint and hang it in my black and white foyer.

I saw this picture a while back on Pinterest and that gave me the idea
Kind of makes me want to paint my front door white....

I got my mirror at Homegoods.....haven't really accessorized it yet....but I might keep it for a hot minute.

We have been at the beach all week and the weather has been incredible.  It can be hot in May but there were a couple of days where we turned off the AC....

If you follow me on Instagram then you saw that I fell while running.

This was after I cleaned it up.....Seriously one minute I was looking at blue sky and then I was pulling grass and dirt out of my mouth.  

I thought I had turned into a bird cause all of the sudden I was flying through the air....only I was trying to figure out the best way to land without losing all of my teeth.

I got up and finished that run.  #nopainnogain

I wasn't too injured to take a stroll down to the Tracery and drool over these awesome pillows.  2 of my favorite Schumacher fabrics.

I was also able to talk my friends into this picture.....#imprettyconvincing

Before I left....I was working on a couple of plans for a bachelor....

Last day in paradise and then back to reality....which I compare to the actual landing when I fell.....

Jump into the weekend....


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