Fall Sunday Supper and a "smackdown"

Smackdown you ask???  This might not be funny to you but it literally had me in tears....
Last night I heard my husband making some noises and I looked over.  It appeared  like he was doing a dance or something.  He was stomping and then flicking something off his pants.  Then he started laughing and I got interested in this turn of events.

He said there was a roach or what he thought was a roach and he was trying to kill it.  Then in some strange way it "flicked" up to the side of his pant leg and he was trying to get it off, [the dancing part].  It wouldn't budge and as he got closer this is when the giggling started.  

You know how when people start laughing and they won't tell you what happened???  I am standing there going "what.....WHAT?"  Finally he spilled the beans  and it turns out he was trying to kill a pillow feather.

Here is that dang feather that wouldn't die and stuck to the side of his pant leg.  People, I laughed for a solid 10 minutes.  I am still laughing as I write this.  Looks almost like a bee to me :)

On to Sunday Supper.  Jan's beautiful backyard.  Actually this post will be more about the backyard than the supper because once I started eating, I forgot to take pictures of the food.

Is this not beautiful?

An no...my backyard does NOT look like this.
She just had the fire pit put in. And when is it supposed to cool down?????

Beautiful pots.

More pretty!


The best part is coming...according to me!

The party lights!!!  On a dimmer no less....She just had these installed.  Cause I said she must!!!  Jan said they look like Cinco De Mayo.  I said "No they would be colored and flashing then".  I wanted it to look like the backyard on the TV show Parenthood!   See that torch in the RH corner?  Well there was another one at the bottom of the stairs and I flicked my hair and realized I almost caught it on fire!  Not to self...don't get drunk tonight. 
This is where we used to have Sunday Supper.....

But I gotta tell you.....this was fabulous.  AND...just in case you were wondering...no mosquitos either.  You don't have a backyard that pretty and not have it sprayed once a month.
It was awesome.

On to Wednesday....Let's "get er done" people!!!

Don't forget about the giveaway!!!  Go here

Also I am guest posting at Casey's blog Loft and Cottage today.  I am putting a bathroom together for one of my clients!  There is so much more goodness there....so go take a look.


Hola my little chicas!

Here it is Sunday...weekend almost over.  Why do weekends go fast and an hour spin class drags on for like a year?????

Atlanta delivered us some incredible weather these last few days.  No humidity, no clouds and a slight breeze.  Perfect.  I did my install on Friday and it went really well.  I love it when the homeowner hugs me!!  Nothing is better than that :)  I sound desperate huh?  For hugs?  Maybe...I take it when I can...

But enough about me.  I am giving something away again.  Yeah...yeah...blaa...blaa...cause I want too.

So heads up, here it is.

Let us look a little closer.


Beautiful standard white pillowcases.  The embroidery comes with....

3 white carpenter's folding rulers that you could put in a glass jar.  Or just go around the house measuring crap.  Your choice.

2 vintage thingys.  With words on them.  Do I have to explain everything????

And of course fabric.  1 1/4 yard.  I always include a little fabric.  Maybe because my basement looks like the clearance bin at a Hancock's or Joanne's.

Closeup.  Linen.

All for you.  No strings attached this time.  You don't have to make your bed or clean out your linen closet.  Just follow.  Period.  Easy.

Now, I told you I bought 2 things from the Diane Keaton line at BB&B.  And yes I had coupons cause it "weren't cheap" [I know that is redneck speak].

The stripe blanket and the pillow.  
The blanket is really soft.  Along with my pillow addiction, is my new found stripe obsession......

And you can also see how my gallery wall is progressing.....

So that is that.  

Also I  just thought you might like to see how cleaver some people are.  Look what Rachel did over at Accessorize and Organize!

So cute.  Beats a card table huh?????  She made it out of pallets.  Go here to see how.  Good Lord, I have got to snag me a few of those to sit in my garage for 5 years, so I can look at them and say "I need to make something".

Here is just a sneak of the bookcases at my installation.
He is a radiologist.  So many medical books.....The things I bought were the books on the top RHS.  The brass candle holder, the small cute vase on the second shelf in the LHS, and the picture frame which of course does NOT have a cute picture in it yet.

Damn...bookcases take a crapload of time.  I was whipping through those suckers like grunge in the 90's through Seattle.  

Done here.....I am going to spend the rest of the day putting together a dining room plan.  Just trying to catch up....

If I don't say it enough, love you guys, thanks for all of your comments and for reading my blog.

Sheriky Freaky.....


No 9 Thompson and Martyn Bullard=Fabric love!

OK...it is no secret that many people get into design because they love textiles and I am no exception.   I don't have to tell you of my love for fabrics....it has been mentioned a time or two.....and the fact that pillows are made of fabric [whoa...there's a news flash for you!]  well that is just the icing on the cake.

The other day at the end of my post I showed you a new fabric from Jim Thompson's lesser priced line called No.9 Thompson.  Yesterday I was at ADAC to hear Steve and Brook Giannetti speak about their new book Patina Style.  I am sure you are familiar with Brook's blog Velvet and Linen.  I have to tell you they were so engaging and cute.  How wonderful to be married to someone who is passionate about the same thing as you are.  Some of the projects they have worked on are amazing.

But let's go back to the subject....I did take a few pictures of No. 9 Thompson fabrics.  Here for your viewing pleasure is some beauty....
Here are a few colorways...
I think I am in love with the blues....

Of course who doesn't like a bit of black and brown together...

I love how it looks hand painted.
Here is another fun large print.

 The blue and green
Blue and gray....likey.
I like that this has a dark gray in it instead of black.

A nice paisley.

I am all over this pattern...could you die?
So loverly.....
Kind of retro....
I like this colorway.

Ok...now for Martyn Bullards new line for Schumacher

OH yeah...I can see you waking up now!
I am in love with this line and I think the price point is not to bad either.
Fun and fresh right?
Hold on people cause there is more...
Yeah baby......that Ikat on the left....come to mama.
Which room can I redo?  Geez...which room can I just flipping finish.

Hold on...it gets even better....
This fabric is saying "BAM I look good!"
More chevron goodness.
Care for some soft and pretty?
Cause he did that also.
Bad picture but trust me....
These were just beautiful.
Are you impressed? I am.  I think this line is going to be a big hit.
Celerie came out with a few more colorways of Betwixt.
This bright green, the black and white, the soft gray, & the cobalt blue.  This is a great fabric to throw in the mix when you need some geometric and texture.

So are you crazy with lust now?
Well I have a little more eye candy for you in the form of rugs.  These are from Moattar, LTD at ADAC here in Atlanta.  I wandered in there after I saw this from the stairway...

Really...seriously?  I adore.  Jason Moattar came over and gave me a tour and told me that this is a reproduction collection that they have now. I could die for this.  Here are a few others that caught my eye.
Almost wrote a bad check for this one......so Ralph right?

This is from the same collection.

Unfortunately this was NOT a reproduction....and of course it had me at blue and brown.

But OK...this was and how fun [like a slip and slide]......I bet your mind is spinning now.
You want one...call Jason  404 237 5100.  He will hook you up :)

Take Thursday and tear it up baby!

Sha fabulous!

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