OK…"bunny" is on a roll.  While we were working on the ORC I kept nagging to makeover her foyer.  I mean seriously…..15 years is long enough without any changes don't cha think?


Beside the fact that she is giving me some good blogging material you know?

Here is where we started.

This wall treatment is one I did in my guest bath at least 17 years ago.

This was the very fist time I was published in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles.  Thanks Lisa:)

Try as I might I could not talk her out of stripes.  I showed her a million wallpapers but "bunny" stood firm.  Stripes.

K…..but I did talk her into not using black.

How about this color.

In fact I have been thinking of changing mine to this color…..

So we got to taping one afternoon.  You know the drill.

Stripes painted.
Of course we talked about doing something to this piece but it's an antique and makes a nice focal point in the foyer.   

After the room was freshened up with paint I started thinking about how to accessorize.  My first thought was blue and white.  

Problem was she only had plates.  Not really a problem for me right?  Shopper extraordinar.   

I'm on it. 

I thought it might take me a while to dig up that much loot.

But the angels were singing when I stopped at one of my favorite haunts last week.  Right out front was a plethora of more than enough.


As fast as I could I scooped it up, carried it in saying start wrapping and boxing!

I knew we would need more items so I did not think we would be doing this yesterday but my sister is 10x's more impatient than I am….uh huh.

The minute I mentioned my find she started hounding me to bring it in.  

"No….I want to wait until I have the vision"….

She said "blah blah blah" 

I'm bringing it in.

Allrighty then….so be it.
Thank goodness for the plates. It turned out we needed some roundness and they helped with the layering.



We decided to stage it like "bunny" came in after winning her trophy and threw down her fur:)

I guess she is going to have to keep shoving magnolia branches in there until that tree is nothing but a stump.

I ripped this out of her bedroom shelf.  Since we decided to keep the doors open I thought it would be a good place to hang something.

Now we need a rug and I think we will cover the bench.

Betwixt …..and cheetah maybe.  Do you think I could talk her into putting it up the stairs?

Let her know what you think.

Stay tune for more "bunny" foyer updates in the future.  

OK…Sherika's  got to get her butt in gear today. No more messing around.

I sincerely hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.





A few months back I got a call from a cute client who recently got married and moved into a new home.

She needed help with her dining area….[ off the kitchen] and wanted a fun casual look.

Here is what we started with.

It was a rainy day but every time I look at this picture it looks like the rain forest through the window.  The table, bench and wall color stays.

Here is my inspiration for the room.

Now my job as a designer is to throw out ideas like a baseball pitching machine.  That being said…..sometimes I get "poo pooed" grrrrrrrrr 

But I usually recover and get over myself:)

Here is a picture of what got done before I went over yesterday to accessorize.

No chalk board wall but the next best thing:)

She got the Ikea chairs, a chalk board and per my suggestion brought in this old bakers rack and mirror that was in another room.

She also purchased the rug and the tolix chairs.  

Isn't she a good client?

This was kind of like an e design…..although lucky for her [I hope]  she lives in Atlanta so I got to do the shushing.

A new light fixture was installed.
Fast forward a couple of months and after a few hours of shopping and accessorizing we had this!

A few pictures from Ikea….black and white runner and wooden bowl from HomeGoods.  

I did use as many of her items as I could.

Love the Ballard lantern.



I have been wanting to use this large Ikea botanical and this large wall was perfect [along with the colors].

I was thinking how anxious I get before an installation no matter if small or large.  I wonder if I have enough stuff….what if they don't like it….blaa…blaa.

Design tip:  Sometimes when I am working on an area and it just isn't coming together….I leave it and start on something else.  

Clear the mind you know.  Take a few pictures with my iPhone…..so I can see where I need to edit.  You can't rush this stuff.

And that's it!

Last job before Thanksgiving.




I had the pleasure of previewing the Christmas Showhouse last night.


It almost made me want to decorate my home….almost.  I mean I want to so so badly.  I really do.

help me.

please sherry just do it.

maybe the mantel and a wreath

some greenery sprinkled around

I'm gonna try!

Back to the show house.
Built by Dovetail Homes…..they can build my house any day.

Some heavy hitters in the design industry like Barbara Westbrook, Jimmy Stanton, William Peace, Kay Douglas, Steve McKenzie, Courtney Giles, and Karen Furguson.

Color from The Tracery [Rosemary Beach].  So much yellow in this house.  I was feeling it!

All pretty photography by Kate Byars.

Crappy taken at night detail shots by moi.

4 pretty good colors together….yellow, red, gold, blue.

The talented Jimmy Stanton.  You know I love a good neutral room and he always delivers.

Designed by Barbara Westbrook.  Photography by From The Right Bank

Oh look more of my favorite color.  Will Huff & Heather Dewberry

Courtney Giles.
Purdy rug.

My friend Steve McKenzie.  Love the chandy!

Musso Design Group

Kelly Wolf Anthony

Love the traditional feel of this home.  It's just gorgeous.  

You have until December 8th and there are some great workshops on the weekends to attend also.

Check out the website here to get the details.

*update….check out Things That Inspire for more images of this beautiful home.




Oh boy people….I am pretty damn glad it is Friday.  Not that it was a horrible week or anything but I spent all day Wednesday doing paperwork and crunching numbers.

For this right brain girl…..it is considered "hard labor" and I can usually find something else to do like tweeze the hairs out of my nose:)

But…..that is the other side of design.

I posted a picture on instagram of a corner in my living room the other day.  The afternoon light was perfect and it actually made the area look prettier that it actually is but well….hey I'll take it!

The chair was one of 2 that I got at a flea market 15 years ago.  They sat in my basement forever and about 5 years ago I painted it white.  Then it sat some more until my buddy Zipper chewed half of my zebra rug up…. so I had just enough to cover the cushions.

Miss that boy:(

I used the other one in my United Methodist charity project.

This is actually how they looked when I bought them for about $20 each.

I also recycled the pillows from my room in the Inspiration Show House.  I am so in love with that Schumacher fabric.

I mentioned a while back that I switched out coffee tables in my den and living room.  It was an ah ha moment for me.   I love the rustic feel of this one in my LR with all of the light colors.

Here is a shot of the acrylic waterfall table from before I made the great switch.

And you have already seen this but here is the vintage waterfall table in my den now.

I'm pretty sure I made the right decision….but well you know….nothing is safe around here.  Remember….shop your house first!

Hope you guys rock this weekend!

40 days until Christmas….WHAT?

Shaswitcheroo girl!

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