Creatures of the sea

I LOVE the beach!!  We vacationed for 20 years at Pawley's Island, South Carolina growing up.  When I smell the ocean air, it brings up the greatest memories of friends and family.  I will always choose the beach if I have a choice of a vacation destination.  Another thing I like to do is incorporate shells when I accessorize.  There is something so beautiful and natural about a beautiful piece of coral. doesn't help that I like white, so it works for me.  There is a great site that I go to when I need them for a job.
They have everything and at great prices.  The following pictures show how they can be used in many rooms, and any style.
Here are a few that I took directly from their site
Here is how Suzanne Kasler used them in a beach house
On a coffee table
I sewed these on chair covers
The next few are how I have used them in bookcases

I used these to fill up a concrete vase
I used these on a mantel at Christmas
Another shot of Christmas decor
In a jar
On a book
Here are some others that I came across in my files
I am not sure where I got this, but it is stunning
As is this
I have seen this on quite a few blogs and I love it.
What an inexpensive way to add something organic to a room...... we are at the annual July 4th parade at Pawleys!  I don't think I am in this picture, but that is my brother with the white nose and all that hair!!!

Just a little browsing.... maybe it was a little out of my way, but I happened to swing by one of my favorite "junk" flea markets  in Atlanta.  It is called "My Favorite Place".....really!  Seriously thought is really is a junk store.  I have taken a few friends in there and they were like "are you kidding me?"....this place is crappy!  But, I guess you have to be able to spot the "gems" cause I have scored in there many times.  Here are a few things I bought.
These, because I am going to do this for someone.....
Pretty huh???
This, because you can do this....
and this...
Love brown transfer-ware....
2 of these... for 3.00
Because you can frame and they look good!!!

And this
Cause it was only 20.00 WITH the cushion....
This because I loved the colors.....Not sure what I am going to do with it but Orange and Navy...2 great combinations agree???
Not these specifically, but some like them.  I forgot to take a picture of the ones I got.  Have to go do that......But you get the picture.  I need a store!!  Or maybe I have a sale and "deck" out my garage like I saw another blogger do.  It was SO cute.  Of course, who am I kidding???  I would have to get serious about cleaning out the garage and basement first.  That would require Ritalin....I am not sure I have it in me.

New at West Elm...

I don't know about you but I love West Elm.  They always have good texture and their price point for modern clean lines can't be beat!  Here are a few items from their new fall catalog.
This one comes in black and white, and tan.
Who doesn't love this!!!
And gray is SO big this year.  So is this circle!  Ha....
Sweet love.....
Cheaper than a skin......
A cool lamp.  I like the color and the style.
Some accessories.
More charcoal
Love the could paint or put some Liming wax on to lighten up.
Put a big piece of coral in this....
I really love this...
Awesome texture
More love!
Black and white
A little black in EVERY room!
Love this one also
Great chair
Love the black and white one....
OK...I have to find a place for these...
And these...
A little modern in every room keeps it from looking predictable... don't you think?
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