A little peek.....

You know how I can tell it is going to be a good day?????  

Well first thing this morning I get an email from my hair salon saying that all services are 20% off today.  First come, first serve.

AND....I was going to call to get my hair colored today anyway....yee haw!

For those of you who are young and do not have to color your hair....I got nuthin to say.  Your dead to me.

Yesterday I had the kitchen curtains installed at my clients house.  The one I was working on this winter.


Well here is the inspiration picture for the treatment over the sink...
When you open the front door and look down the hall the window over the sink is the first thing you see.
Now I am no "picture taking expert here"....so I did the best I could.  Had to climb up on a barstool and try to get a shot without it looking like a black hole.

Here is the valance.  It has a slight curve to it.

This fabric has what they call a "drop repeat".  Which in curtain terms means "you need extra fabric"...which in money terms means "$$$$$".

A small price to pay for happiness when you stand over your kitchen sink for like a third of your life.  At least right???

Here is the before view of the dining area.  And yes those bulbs are heinous....there.....caught you before you muttered it under your breath.

Here is a picture of the slipper chairs before....
And yes...I picked that fabric 20 years ago.  Again....stop snickering.  I want to see what you picked when you were all of 15.

And here is a peek of the after.  If you look closely, we used a fan pleat.  My fav.

These were not staged.....no rug yet...yada...yada...yada....
She has a lot of really colorful art and I love this one to keep it fun and not so traditional...

Baby steps.....I love these rods from Gifer [their iron collection].  This is the only site I found online  [not where I get mine].  You can get 19 ft rods that are easy for your installer to cut.  He said they are his favorite.  

And I want my installer to be happy.

On another note....I saw these Suzanne Kasler lamps in Ballard's.  I went over there yesterday to preview.

Can I just tell you how awesome they are for the price???  Perfect height [they come in a tall and short], and really nice shade.  I ordered 2 cream ones for her den.

I really wanted a blue/green one but had to settle for cream.  I will probably add some blue trim to the shade.

And the last thing today my little chicas....... the winner of the giveaway is Erin....who does not blog but leaves me sweet comments all the time...:)

So there you have it.

One other little tidbit that I am sure will either make you smile or consider me a loser.  The other day when I came home from teaching my fitness class, I noticed that I had my pants on backwards.  Yup...the whole class.

Let's get through this Wednesday.....check you pants.....



Modern art.....

I know all of you have been to Sarah's blog Flourish Design & Style right?  I think her site was one of the first blogs I discovered and started following.  I adore her clean, tailored style.

Awhile back she opened an Etsy shop where you can get some inexpensive modern art for your gallery wall.

What a great idea...why didn't I think of it :)

Anyway...I ordered one a couple of weeks ago.  Of course it came and then I got busy.  Duh.

BUT...I was at Target this weekend and picked up a frame that was perfect.

I put it together so that meant I had to figure out where it was going.  And....you know how that goes.  Something HAD to be changed.  Paint was involved which I did not document because I think we all know how to paint right?  

There is this little area in my kitchen, and it always looked like crap.  I have had a million things there and I would walk by and stick my tongue out it looked so bad.  I doubt it was fazed by this.

So I just left it empty for a while.

Inspiration struck yesterday.

It didn't take much....paint the box white. 

Layer a few cutting boards and a wicker tray.  Throw in some books.....

Fill up some small zinc pots.

Dig out an old ironstone pitcher.

Bam......it stays for a while.  

But then this morning I had another idea.

Just to show you how versatile this little number really is.....

I set up a bar.
Clipped some camellia from my yard.

Changed out the liquor bottles....

Added a black striped box.

So...there you have it.  A cottage look, and a more modern look but the picture works with both.

Now I know you are thinking...I could paint that myself.  Yes you could.  But the whole purpose is to support our fellow bloggers with their endeavors....

You know you'll never get around to it anyway.

And I for one think she came up with a darn swell idea.

Way to go Sarah....I LOVE mine.

Before I go...a reminder about that  giveaway which you can see here

I am thinking since I am going out of town next Saturday for a week...I will pick the winner on Wednesday so I can get it in the mail before I leave!

So last chance.

By the way...Zipper is doing much better.  I bought some Gas-X for the next time.  Much cheaper.

Have a wonderful week....may the force be with you....

Sha Ray


Guest Post

First of all I am SO excited about all of your comments about my 2 year "blogiversary ".  Good Lord is that even a word?   Webster's?

Ya'll might think I am funny but most of my friends think I am one fry short of a happy meal.....at times anyway.......but I still love most of them.

Today I am over at Amanda Carol at Home.

She and I have a lot in common....she loves coffee....me too!  Fabrics and thrifting....me too.....
News flash......I bet you guys do also...am I right.  Are we all separated at birth?????

Do we need a small country to run?  Do you wait for breaks in conversation so you can start blabbing on about design, paint colors, your latest purchase at the Goodwill?  Are people starting to avoid you?????

Oh yeah...back to Amanda.

She has good taste....for instance her office....

And she can set a pretty table...see...we even both love blue vases.

How about her photography skills....

So go on over....I did a feature called "Coffee With"....and you can bet that I made myself sound way more interesting than I really am....:)

Tuesday I had to rush to the emergency vet with my dog.  He has already been operated on for twisted stomach...uh huh...about 6 grand [that is moola, jack, CASH for those of you interested] for that one, 2 years ago.  He exhibited the same symptoms again so off we went.  Well of course the stomach has already been sewn so that it can not twist again, but he was so bloated and disoriented I knew he was sick.

Turns out that he is just maybe prone to this type of thing....bloat.  Great.  Another 2 grand.  AYFKM?????

Holy Mackerel.....

Sometimes I feel like I just can't get ahead.

Sha Poor


2 years of blogging....giveaway

Hard to believe.

2 years ago I did not know what a "guest post" was, or anything else associated with the "art of blogging" .  I had only just started reading blogs about 3 months before and it was like when I discovered down inserts for pillows....trust me on this one.....

I decided to start my own on a whim....like I do everything else.  My friends and family will read it and they can learn what I do "in real life"......

Never. In. A. Million. Years. did I ever think other people will find me.  I am still amazed that happens.....

Cyber space = weirdness.

BUT...like everything else in my life an obsession was cultivated and laundry was put on hold....indefinitely, along with many other things that I used to do........

Here we are....2 years later.  Friendships, a few projects, [my butt might be bigger from sitting at the computer] and a whole heck of a lot of enjoyment.

Still going strong.  Here is the giveaway.....

Since orange , excuse me "Tangerine Tango", is the color of the year......

Vintage....linen tablecloth and 4 napkins....

6 vintage kitchen towels....

nubby linen flour sack

Old scale, cup, and milk jug

Place setting for 12!!!  Which includes, knife, fork, salad fork, spoon,  & teaspoon.

Cute huh?

Can you feel spring just around the corner???

You only have to do one thing and that is become a follower of Design Indulgence.  Well.....maybe one more thing......be happy and enjoy your life!

To everyone out there that reads my blog...and takes the time to comment.....seriously from the bottom of my heart....Gracias!!!

Sheriky Freaky


Progress and paint colors....


Rainy Sunday afternoon.....here in Atlanta.

I have a few updates on one of my projects...the one where we did the mantle and surround out of reclaimed wood.

I thought I would share the paint colors with you.  I know if you are like me, we are always on the search for the "perfect color"....

She wanted mostly  neutrals, especially in the common areas [family room, kitchen, and hallways].

We also painted the 3 boys rooms the same.

Here are the names:
Liv's room [her daughter]
walls are SW 7112 Pinkish.  Y'all this is the prettiest pink ever...so soft...just a hint of color.  
ceiling is BM 866 Winter Ice.  Perfect.

Hard to tell because it was a rainy dreary day when I took these.

The playroom is BM Bleeker Beige HC 80.  No picture yet but it is one of my staples!  Nice neutral.

Boy's rooms:  BM Clay Beige OC 11.  A great neutral without yellow.
The Jack and Jill bath is SW 7506 Loggia.  A shade deeper than the bedrooms.
The master bedroom is going to be BM Natural Cream OC 14.  Nice neutral....a little chalky.
The Dining room is BM 1479 Alaskan Husky....swoon...


So soft...it looks more blue than it is....gray with just a hint of blue.

The Laundry room: BM AC 16 Kentucky Haze.....everything.  Trim, ceiling, and walls.  The wood banisters are going to be SW Iron Ore 7069

If you remember, I used the same honed slate tile in there.  Should be painted today, so I will have shots soon.....

The floors are done.  We used Dark Walnut stain.  We painted the brick but we might have to tweak the color.....

The common areas are BM White Sand.  
All the trim and ceilings are BM White Dove.

Here is the sofa we ordered for the family room.  It looks messy here but we were lounging all over to make sure it was comfy!!!  And boy is it.  I have MG sofa and chairs that are 10 years old.  I just found out that their cushions have a lifetime warranty!!!  Good to know.  Plus, I love the option of being able to order extra slipcovers.  I have the white ones that I use for the summer and the flax linen for the winter.

It is the Mitchell Gold Morgan 90" slipcovered sofa.  We also got the 2 chairs that match.  

Next step is rug, pillows and some window treatments.....

I am trying to get my giveaway photographed and I NEED some sun!!!
But here is a hint...place setting for 12....cute huh?  

AND...there is more......think vintage for this one.

My husband is in the other room doing taxes.  I am trying to be invisible........are you feeling my pain here:)

Sha Whisper.....


The rest of Scott's plus a little Ikea

You can score some great artwork at Scott's.  Well really you can get just about anything there.....it is like "one stop shopping"......

Somebody asked me the other day "is stuff cheap?".  Yes....and no.

You can get deals..... when you think of what the retail price would be.  The best part about it [in my opinion] is getting things from creative people who have either built, or scavenged.  They do all the work for you.

When I shopp for my clients, I am trying to keep their room from looking " brand spanking new".

I always want to give it a little patina....throw a little dirt in there.

Anyway...back to some crazy good art.

One of my favs.....Andrea Costa.  If you remember, I used some of her work in my bank project here.
Here are a few pictures of recent work.

I am actually going to use this one on a Lake Burton project.....purdy huh?

I love her colors......

I would SO love to have this one in my home......

Serious talent.....

This one would look great in my LR....someday!  I'm greedy...want them all....

Love the colors...Bill Harrison.

Another pretty one...

He has been painting on the Alabama and Florida coast for 30 years.  Call Carolyn Huff @ 251 232 5102 for info.

These are by L.R. King......904 536 0067

Love the slight lavender/periwinkle colors of this one....

So many good artist...wish I was one of them......

WHAT....... no pillows this month....

WRONG.....here they are my little sweets....
Green...did you see the cover of HB this month?????  All about this wonderful color.

Should I be tired of this pattern?...I am not.

I kinda loved this one.....have not seen this fabric before.

More green......my girl Sudi [404 434 2263] does it again.  Love this combo.

I love this one.....

Beautiful old textile from Iran.....

My favorite colorway in this pattern.....

From Scott's to Ikea.....whoa....kind of scary.

This rug used to come in only 2 colors....guess they figured out we liked it and now it comes in this one, and red and white.  So cute on a porch huh???

Tweed......serious rug love.

Pink buffalo check....really.....are you looking at the price here?????
Linen shams.....Holy goodness.  $13.  Run. Get. Some. Now.

Blue and white ticking duvet......orgotoPotteryBarnandgetonefor$200.00.  Your choice.

Ikea....you rock.  Thank you for coming to Atlanta.

Trying to get my anniversary [2 years of blogging] giveaway photographed but need sunshine to get a decent picture.  I think you will like what I have put together.....

It's Friday.....what cha up to?????

Sha Ray

By the way....my wonderful, talented blog designer Shari Miller of Little Blue Deer added a pinterest,  before and after, and community giveback [need to add pictures of the Nicholas House to that one]  buttons for me.  

I still love the way my blog looks......which is saying something since I can't seem to NOT get tired of everything else......in a nano second!  
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