Ha Ha.

I am grateful for a few things though.  My BIL is getting so much stronger.  My sister has been busy cooking and he has gained back 11 lbs which is good as he needs to be strong for his surgery on May 1st.  He is walking everyday and she said he is back to running her life....hee haw.  It's so true about really does take you right to the brink of death.  Anyway we are hopeful that all will go well.

As for divorce is not final yet but probably close.  It has been rough being alone during quarantine ....this new normal stuff has way more meaning that I really wanted and I can definitely get stressed out over all of the change in my life.... but I really try not to go there.

As I mentioned before....I started an "outfit of the day" on my instastories and I gotta say it has been very helpful!  I really do have a reason to get dressed in the morning and try to be creative with the clothes that I have.  Since I am not sure what my financial situation will be....I have curbed my shopping [which isn't fun] but I am finding that I really don't need anything!

Just like design I try to keep it simple....and especially in the do not have to spend as much to look cute!  I went to J Crew Factory and put together some outfits for you.

I am not linking everything because it is ALL from J Crew Factory.

I love this cute dress and have seen a version of it everywhere.  It's only 29.00....

Their white t-shirt got good reviews.....and this cute skirt!  Love it.  It's 34.50 with 15% off!

The blue seersucker jacket is probably the most expensive thing but at 79.00 plus another 15% off it is still a steal!

If you want a cheaper version of the above outfit just add a blue denim shirt!

White jeans will always be a staple in my closet.  I probably wear them 3 days a week and I have a few different styles!  Plus....I can always change the look of an outfit with some animal print shoes.

My Target t-shirt [6.00]

Old J-Crew jacket ....but I think they still carry this!

This Madewell duster is probably 4 years old but I wear it all the time!

There is not a more classic summer outfit than a stripe shirt and jeans.  Count on this one for heavy rotation!

And this black sweater jacket from the Factory is such a favorite I have 2 of them! 

Styling up jeans......

I wore these J Crew Factory pants yesterday!  I bought them last year.

Alrighty then....I am off to an appointment so I have to get Cami walked and of course pick out my #ootd!

You guys hang in least its nice weather and not the middle of the winter!

I will have some updates on Friday from my Ladisic Fine Homes spec house!  It's amazing y'all!



THIS AND THAT we are again....and I am getting tired of people saying "when can we get back to normal".  Dang people....

Normal is not static.  

But y'all...... I really miss my friends and family.  It feels weird to be alone during this time in the world.  I spoke to my sister yesterday and she has to drop my BIL off at the hospital on May 1st for his surgery.  She can't be with him.  He will be there for about 8 days.  How freaking hard will that be.

Just so much hardship everywhere and I get it.  Times are tough for everyone.

I don't have much today.  But you know what?  I am just going to show up and share a few snippets of my life:)

Rose needed a head shot so I called my friend Tina Rowden and since there is a pretty wildlife preserve  behind her house we decided that would be a safe place to do it.  Look at her cute dog! 

We were discussing positions and she snapped this shot of me.....and we decided that there is joy back in my face:)

I ordered this pretty leather sample to put on this Charles Stewart ottoman for the farm....

I was in Target and got a glimpse of this new line that arrived!

OK....I told you.  My obsession is growing.

But look at this pretty house I saw on my walk.

I had a chair delivered to Madison and I love how my delivery guy draped the throw.....haha

This wallpaper at the farm is hard to photograph but it really looks good!

The light was pretty in my kitchen yesterday and it happened to be clean.....
That Grohe faucet is still my fav!

These Charles Stewart diners [covered in Schumacher fabric] were also delivered to Madison and I am in love!

I got nuthin else.  I promise I will be more prepared next week!

I hope you are all hanging in there.  I know it's tough.  And .....of course every time I put that dang mask on I practically suffocate:)

I need  want botox
I need  want to get my hair done
I need want to go out to dinner


I love all of your support.





Man....I do not know how it got to be Tuesday already.  Even though I am still working....I tried to take the weekend off which helped a little not having the days run together!

Since my gym is closed I have been walking like I am getting paid for it.  I think on Sat I did 10 miles and of course my OCD kicks in and once I do something like that then I want to do 11 and so on....gahhhhhh.

Why can't I apply that to my invoicing.....:)

I have a few pics today of one of the bedrooms at my Madison project.  No judging as it's not fully accessorized yet but I am pretty pleased with how it is looking!

Here are some of the items I ordered for this bedroom.....

Painted the walls BM Alaskan Skies

The floors are from Authentic Reclaimed Floors.  

Here is the rug.....

The sofa is from Charles Stewart....don't be's a performance fabric!

The pillows are from Noah J and Co.

Noir Bed....a favorite.... with Regina Andrews lamps.  Romo fabric on bed pillows.

Over in the  corner we have a Noir chair and my fav Circa Lighting lamp! I am going to cover the chair in something more textural.

I was nervous to order the sofa at the foot of the bed....yes I still get nervous with my decisions....thinking "would it overwhelm the room" but surprisingly it works!

The profile of the sofa is not bulky.  It is a new style from Charles Stewart.  I don't have a shot but the view while sitting on the sofa is lovely!

On Saturday my neighbor came  over and we cooked.  Let me preface this by saying she cooked  and I chopped and cleaned up behind....which is a job I am completely happy with.

The first thing she made were these lemon squares.  Good Lord you guys....I have never tasted anything so good.  And I sure wish I had a pretty glass dish to cook it in....but sadly this is real life!

We each ate a corner cause everyone knows that crunchy corners are better:)

Then we she made this.  Whoaaaaa mama.  Another winner.  I had it for dinner that night and put it over a little rice.  Yummers.

I spent a whopping 3.99 on these...from Target.

Sunday was a stormy raining day so I chilled.  I got sucked in watching a cheesy romance novel type show in Netflix called Virgin River.  It kind of reminded me of a Hallmark movie.  It's no Ozark but got me through a few days:)

And last night my sister [she owns Southern Bistro in Sandy Springs]  delivered some meals to my was Meatloaf Monday and dayum it was so good.

Especially the collard greens.

How lucky am I?

Alrighty catching up with you guys.
Pamela .....I am praying for your Mom and hope she recovers from the virus.


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