First of all Happy Easter to everyone.....although you may be reading this tomorrow :)

Taking a break with part 2 of my thoughts on putting together the ORC......because I got another little challenge I had to tackle last week.

My nephew just got an apartment [in Atlanta] after working in Chicago for a year so my sister and I were hired [I use that term very lightly of course] to put his room together quickly.  I'm thinking payment will be a nice dinner out somewhere.....hint...hint.

The thing is we could have gone to Ikea and gotten everything but it is time for him to step it up and get some furniture he can keep.  Plus putting Ikea furniture together will make you go crazy.  

I don't love anyone that much.  Sorry Tay.

We went over to see it last Sunday [yes...a week ago].

It was pretty much a mess as someone had just moved out.

He had left some things behind and in my grownup mind that means you don't want them right?

When we went back Thursday to clean we apparently threw away a rug in the bathroom [which you can see in the corner] cause it looked skanky to me.

Had to go dig that sucker out of the trash today. 


I helped my sister clean the room....you know wipe down the shutters and moulding....but she did the dirty work and cleaned the bathroom.  She had on her gloves and a hazmat suit....

Then we decided to hit some stores.

I dug around in my fabric closet and came up with these.....Sometimes it's good to be a hoarder right?

We found this bed at World Market and thought it was a great deal for the price.

It was on sale and the color was perfect.

They did not have one at the store next to me so we couldn't get it that day.


We went to Target and got all the sheets, shower curtain, towels and decided to go get the bed the next day....

That night I got on the internet to look for some things that might work in the room....
Found this at West Elm and loved it.  On sale and with my discount...still over 600.00.  We were ready to buy but they did not have one at the store.

Loved this rug from West Elm....

And this desk....

 I sent these pictures to my sister and  said [as an after thought].....hey call the Pottery Barn outlet [about 50 minutes away] tomorrow morning to see if they might have one of those dressers.  In case you don't know Pottery Barn and West Elm are owned by Williams and Sonoma which means they carry merchandise from both stores.


She called me the next morning at 10:00 screaming  "yes they did have one and it was 349.00!!! "

So off we went.

You are going to have to wait until part 2 of this post to get a glimpse of how we made out!  

You won't believe it.....my sisters eyes rolled back in her head and I had to pull her back down to earth.  She wanted to buy everything she saw :)

 If you follow me on Instagram [sherryhdesigns] then you know some of the incredible bargains we found....




Before we get to the details....I have a confession to make.  

This might make your jaw drop to the floor.....but here goes.

Remember the pictures of that gorgeous water from my sailing trip to the BVI?  Well I never went in it.  Yeah....I know.

What the.....?

Truth is I am not a water person.  Why?  Cause there are big fish in there.  AND....that scares me.  
Now many people have tried to convince me otherwise.
Oh yeah.
They sit there and say "there are no fish in this water".  Then they come back from snorkeling and talk about that huge barracuda they just saw.

Seriously......this is not my first time at the rodeo.  And the fact that if there happens to be a shark in those waters my ass is going to be on the boat.

OK that is enough true confession for today.

I said I would give you more thoughts on my ORC room.

So here you go.

 If you remember I planned on using this greek trim on the curtains.  Even ordered it but glad I waited because it just seemed too busy in the room.

I love how soft the window treatments look and with no trim it just creates texture.  Like I said these are just ready made [96"] panels though I used 2 on each side for fullness.  The reason I pulled them back is because of how close the headboard is to the window.  In my opinion it would have been too busy if I had left them hanging.

I also decided not to use rings to help with creating a cleaner look. AND.....I did not even have them sewn together.....just slipped them through these loops.  I love these curtains and they carry them at Lewis and Sheron if you are inclined to get yourself a pair.
I couldn't find them on the website but you could just give them a call.

These pillows were made by Sudi and I just trimmed them out in some dark gray fabric to create a frame.
The burlap headboard had these letters and numbers already on it.  They were coffee bags and to make it work I had to do it upside down.....worked for me :)  

I got the bedskirt at a thrift store for 2 dollars.  So lucky....it was made out of really nice fabric and had a longer drop which is what I needed.  Whoop.
I have had this skin for years and it has of course been used in every room at one time or another. 
Shocking huh?

This cloche used to be in my den.  I bought these vintage lightbulbs at The Queen and even though it is glass with glass....again....I like that it does not scream.  You have to decide what are the focal points in a room and then stop.  We have heard this before.....not everything can be the star.

In keeping with the black, cream and white theme....I used books, a couple of old cameras and the beads on a silver tray.  The silver of the camera kind of coordinates with the patina of the old silver tray.

I also mixed my metals in this room with the vintage brass lamp and the gold in the chandelier.
 If you remember I had 4 choices of lighting [you can find pictures of all the selections on this post].  I liked the one that was originally hanging  but in my opinion it was too rustic for the room.  With the burlap headboard.....I wanted to do the opposite and that meant crystals.  I thought the Circa lighting brass one from the show house[my second favorite]  was just too plain.  The black iron one from my foyer was too predictable.

I think that is enough about how my brain works for today :)
 I have also been searching for like items so you can put this room together for yourself...... if you want.

Hoping it will get warmer here in Atlanta....we are not used to temps in the 30's so late in March.  
No snide remarks from you people who live in frozen tundra.

How did Wednesday creep on us so fast?




I am taking a little trip to Charlotte, NC today to hang out with Amy Vermillion on her blog.  

Amy has been designing beautiful interiors for 18 years and the first time I read her blog she had just finished designing a private jet.

Uh huh.....she can add aviation design to her gorgeous portfolio!

The subject is a peek into our bedrooms and what our nightstands look like.

So redirect yourself here to see what these bloggers: Marianne Simon, Tina from The Enchanted Home, Annie from Most Lovely Things , Amy and myself have to show you.

Meanwhile.....if you feel like I do you might want to punch Monday in it's face.

Just saying.




Just checking in after being away for 10 days.....trying to ease into this "re-entry" gig very slowly so as not to throw my brain into a tailspin.

Vacations are fun.  No kidding.  Of course the prep before you leave can be a little daunting but then when you see this view it is all worth it.

Not to go on and on about it because I realize most of you will loose interest pretty fast....just a few facts about how this trip plays out.

We have actually done this 10 times in the last 20 years.  We started on a monohull  and switched to the 50 ft catamaran after we realized there was more room.  For partying.  Just saying.

The first time we sailed the BVI..... then decided to try the Greek Islands.  Bad move.....long sails, colder water and sea sickness.  

Switched back to BVI.  Then we tried the Grenadines.  Another bad move...long sails and so hot your skin melted.

Switched back to the BVI.....short sails.....great weather.

We charter through Voyage Charters .  The boats are updated and really nice.  We also get a cook and a captain.....I mean is it a vacation if you have to cook?  NO.

It is one of the most relaxing vacations you can take.  No TV....very little internet....and a lot of just hanging out.  

Water so blue you die.

Other pretty boats to look at....

Incredible food....eggs benedict for breakfast.  She even baked fresh bread everyday.  

My butt got bigger.

Fresh lobster from Anegada.

Eating dinner every night under the stars....playing Uno, laughing so very hard....and imagine this...conversation!

It is a great way to check out for a week.

OK.....back to reality.  I am glad that my ORC reveal posted but not without a little tweaking.  When I set it up I forgot to push publish which is why it didn't show up at 9:00 AM like I thought it would.  Thankfully we had an IT guy aboard who got me some internet so I could figure out what the crap happened.  Of course after I tinkered with it  my friend told me she got it 3x's.  

Sorry if that happened to anyone else.

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback on my guest room.  I am so glad I decided to do my own space and pleased with how it turned out.....now let's just see if I can leave the sucker alone.



Everyone did such a great job and I hope you all enjoyed their reveals.  Linda does such a good job putting it together and keeping us moving forward.

I will try to do a post on all of the resources and why I made the decisions I did soon....now I am up to my boobs in laundry.

Have a peaceful Saturday my friends....




So if you are reading this then I succeeded in figuring out how to schedule a post.....for the first time I might add.

Techno wizard baby.

Or not.

Here we are...the final reveal.

I had to finish early and seriously I am used to writing in real time...this is strange to me.

I got as far as I could....and took a gob of pictures...edited my butt off.  I mean I can't think about it anymore right?

So let's roll baby.

One before shot just to remind you what we started with.

I didn't change the headboard....just raised it for more presence.

So here we are.  Really....only bought the curtains and the coverlet [Pottery Barn].  I did find the brass lamp at a flea market for 20.00 and got the shade for 19.00 at the Ballard outlet.

Whoops...I did order these from Restoration.

Whoops...I bought that little vase at Target.

The big mystery of which chandelier I used is now revealed!  The pillows used to be in my LR.

The chest painted black.  I ended up using a skin I already had instead of buying seagrass....

I got the turtle shell at Scott's for 12.00 and painted it with chalk paint.

I had that little bench [the throw came from Goodwill] and the mirror is one I have had for at least 10 years.  

I got those beads at Scott's.  The table is old, got it at a yard sale.

The floor lamp is also old and came from Target.  The blinds were ordered from Overstock.

And...the pictures that used to be in my LR now recycled to the guest room.

Alrighty then....done...and done.

In all honesty....it does feel good to have it finished.  

I can't wait to see everyones finished space......so here are the links for you!




ORC:  A process that literally forces you to make a freaking decision whether you want to or not.  Similar to poking a stick in your eyes until it hurts really bad.

Yep.....down to the wire people.  Here we all are busy finishing up so we can style and photograph for the big reveal next week.

If you are new here....and don't know what the ORC is too bad.  You're smart.....I know you can figure it out :)

I left you last week with the challenging job of hanging 11 pictures into plaster.

 My husband so graciously hung these for me 6 years ago in my LR.  6 years.....a lot can happen.  He wasn't so excited about it this time so I found myself with a tape measure, nails, hammer, level and a shitload of anxiety.  Anyone else have this phobia about nailing things into the wall?  Is there a pill for someone who has nightmares about numerous nail-holes behind pictures?

But....as I have said before....deadlines will make a person do things out of character.

I am here to tell you that I am standing on the mountain screaming out to the world....."take that hula hoop".  Don't even try and keep me down...."gimme the hammer baby.....and move back".  "I got this".

Not one extra hole....

Took me 2 hours though.

You can see out of the corner that I used crystal knobs on the black chest.  Linda suggested it.  I was at Anthro and...well they were there....so done.  I had checked around for some cool brass ones but to be truthful.....got lazy  Can you relate?

I tried about 20 throws....what?  Don't act surprised...you know you have a bunch stashed about.  Anyway...amazing how when I put the black and white on and took the picture it was perfect.  

When you read this I will be on an airplane  heading down to Tortola to sail the BVI on a 50 ft catamaran for a week with a cook,  captain, and 3 other couples.  Whoop.

The bad part of this vacation is I had to go buy a bathing suit.  Tell me something worse and I will slap you back into reality.

I was in the dressing room and I looked in the mirror and screamed...."who the hell is that?  Grandma?"....turned around and I was alone.  WHAT....I was shocked!!  The salesperson came to the door and asked if I needed any help....guess she heard the commotion.  

Can you help?  Not unless you can turn the clock back 20 years babe.  Now beat it.


Go and see what progress everyone else has made!


****Going off the grid.....so don't forget about me!  I will be back and I have some great giveaways for you......I forgot to celebrate my 3 years of blogging in February!


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