$5 and ten minutes for some cuteness!

I was in Goodwill the other day just cruising the isles when I spied a PAIR of lamps, which you hardly ever see.  And....they were a white/cream ginger jar style.  AND.....they were $5 each!!!  The base was a very rusted brass, but I knew it could be painted.  So [like I need ANOTHER pair of lamps],  I could not leave them in the store.  Which is WHY my basement looks the way it does.  Which is WHY my husband might kill me someday.
I  did not take a before picture, [haven't gotten this before/after/blog gig in order yet but I am working on it] but here is the after.  I unscrewed the bottom so the base would be easier to spray paint black.   I actually did find a spot for one of them in my guest room that I am slowing working on.
I wanted a number or letter on it, and I thought that would be easy to find.  HA.  Because I an SO impatient I  ended up going to Home Depot and got the vinyl numbers that you put on mailboxes.   I had to carefully cut it out [after butchering the first try with a small knife] but it actually worked.  I may change it to a better selection later.
 Here are the old apothecary bottles I picked up at the flea market a while back.
The shade was a Target purchase from years ago.  I bought at least 10 of them because they were such a great size and linen!

On another note, I was searching on Overstock for some rugs that had red in them and came up with these....

I am loving some red again....

This is the one I like the best
But this one was pretty cool also.

None of them were over 500.00, with the cheapest being 197.00.

And they would all look good with this image from Mrs. Blandings blog  How cute is this!!!

Have a great week!  



So, I have figured out that this blogging gig takes some time.  Seriously, I DO NOT know how you people with kids do it!  I mean you have to keep up with your own, read all the updates [Lord knows, I do not want to miss an idea or a tip from someone else!] and on top of the list is think of new post!  I have only been at it a little over 7 months, and some of you have been doing it for 3 years or more.  After while when I run out of things to say, one of mine might read....."I made my bed today.  Let me show you how good it looks with all the corners tucked in so nice.  Isn't it pretty?  How about all of you out there.....any suggestions on how to make it better?"  Somebody take away the keyboard then......
On to other important things.  I was at Ikea the other day, yes I admit, I do love that store.  sue me.
I saw this
It is actually a planter with a little metal tray in the bottom [haven't figured out what to do with that yet]
So I sprayed it white and taped it with one inch tape
Then sprayed it black.  This is a picture with one strip of tape torn off.
Are you getting the picture here?  I wanted something to put on my countertop to hold hand towels [cute ones that you don't really use]
You can see after I tore off the tape, I had a little touch up to do but dang....I like it.  This week.....



Thanks to Rachel from Raenoavte, you can view her blog here,  for featuring me with my small bath renovation.  How exciting!  Whoop Whoop!

Wallpaper....and a little more

   You might  notice some changes at Design Indulgence today.  The sweet person I have to thank is Abby.  Yep in between taking care of her kids, her own blog, and cooking yummy meals [you can see them on her site] she took time out to help me make a difference.  Now that is a special person I must say.

OK, on with the topic of the day.  Wallpaper. Again.  Yea I know, but there are so many yummy ones out there that I must share.  It might help you with a little inspiration.  

I am so dying to find a place for this one by Casamance.
I love both of these from Gaetano

This is on it's side, but another yummy one from Gaetano.

Dang.  Wrong direction again!  Casamance



Love these green fabrics with it!


Love this one...Osborne & Little

Designers Guild

Osborne & Little.  It is looking like I had green, black and gray on my mind that day.

I know this isn't wallpaper, but darn if it isn't pretty freaking awesome.  I want to use it so bad, but I have no place for it in my house right now.  Of course that has not stopped me in the past :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  How does Monday come SO fast???

Interview with Blogger......

Sherry:  Blogger, thanks for spending a few minutes chatting with me today.

Blogger:  Well, I am pretty busy, but I understand you have a few things to say and thought I could help you clear up a few issues.

Sherry:  Yes, as you know [you know everything, kind of like OZ in the Wizard of Oz], I am fairly new to this whole blogger gig and I have come to learn that it is freakin enormous!!!  I literally had NO idea what to expect.

Blogger:  Well, it has really gained in popularity in the last few years, the numbers are HUGE!

Sherry:  Right, so when I started, I figured it would be friends and family, because I really could not figure out how other people would know I was doing it.  AND...as usual, I did not read up on how to do it.  I am really bad with directions, and after just getting the basics, I was all "OK...I can do this, I don't need to know anymore".

Blogger:  Well Sherry, I hope you have learned your lesson.  Your old enough to know better than that. 

Sherry:  Hey dude, we don't have to bring my age into this.  I already have a husband who tells me those very words ALL the time.  So back off buckwheat.

Blogger:  Simmer down there cowboy, can we get back to why I am here please?

Sherry:  Yes sorry, you just touched a nerve.  OK, what I wanted to say [and please do not roll your eyes] is that in the beginning when I would receive a comment on my email, I would hit reply to send  a follow up email to thank them.  I thought....

Blogger:  What?  Are you for real?  Did you not read that it said "no-reply"....

Sherry:  Hey, can I finish please?

Blogger:  Sure, this ought to be good [loud sigh]

Sherry:  Cut me some slack, I never got one back, so I thought it  was some crazy blogging phenomenon.  

Blogger:  Yea, well I am sure a lot of people thought you were SO rude by not answering their questions.

Sherry:  I get it MR. BLOGGER....my bad.  I feel really stupid that I did it for so long and did not figure it out sooner.

Blogger:  OK, enough wining, I have things to do so we need to wrap up this little party here.

Sherry:  Of course MR. IMPORTANT PERSON [said under my breath, "somebody needs to take you down a notch"].  That last thing I want to say is a HUGE thanks to all the people who have featured me on their blogs Emily from: emilyaclark.blogspot.com.    Rhoda from southernhospitalityblog.com.  Michelle from mynottinghill.blogspot.com.   Abby from themancheskys.blogspot.com.  

Blogger:  You said it little lady!  Come on, interviews on blogs can be boring with out pictures.  Wrap it up.

Sherry:  OK OK.....I hear ya.  Thank to everyone for all of your comments and please know that there are replies  somewhere out there in cyberspace.  I WAS NOT IGNORING YOU.......if that is what you were thinking.

Blogger:  We're done here, this was painful. 

Sherry:  Bite me. 


A little tip...

I am sure that I am not showing you anything new here, but just in case there is that one person reading this post  who has just awakened from a 5 year coma, here goes.

I have a console which I purchased years ago, and definitely  a "what was I thinking" period in my design style!  Lord, I hope I am done with those times [highly doubtful].  So anyway, my point is, yes I could have painted it, but it was just too "leggy" for the look  I wanted to accomplish now.
With that in mind, here is an inexpensive alternative.
Yep...here is the before.  I know it would look good painted and maybe someday, when I change the decor in my LR [for the gazillionth time] I might do it!
Here is the cover I made.  It is actually out of a linen burlap, which was about 15.00@yd.  Now the thing is,  cording would not have looked good on this [my opinion], so I did this....

I think it gives it a more casual look and you don't have to worry about the cording fitting perfectly.  Here is another view
Of course I change it up quite often.  Here is a picture with a piece of french linen over it.
And, if you noticed the pillows in the before picture, I change those  quite often also :)
I can never make up my freaking mind!  I never realized what a "wishy washy" [real technical word] person I was until I went into the design arena.

Here is a picture of what we did for a client with the same problem
  Putting a piece of antiqued mirror on top of it and adding the buttons.
And here is one I found in my files.  I apologize, but I am not sure where I grabbed this, so I don't know the source.
 I do love the trim element in this picture.

AND....remember the shutters I bought at Scott's last weekend??????  Well here is a picture of them in my house.  I can not decide where to put them [are you surprised with that statement????]  So they are resting here on either side of the opening into the den.
As you can see in the next picture I have these transoms, and I would love to take them out and put the shutters in their place.  BUT....then I am committed to this color......waaayyyyy to scary for me!
Would you do that??????  Opinions?

Just a glance

Whew...I am glad that Scott's weekend is over.  I only went one day, and it was SO tempting to go back.  I  definitely need to use restraint  or I would have to become an organ donor on the black market just to pay my bills!
I know I have posted pictures of my master but I did run across these before pictures of the ceiling.  I had the cedar installed about 8 years ago, and loved it for a long time.  After installing the hardwoods, it was just wood overload for me.  My husband really fought me on this [why do men hate to paint wood?].  And when I say fought, I mean he got a big hand in his face with "this coming from the guy who bought this "Armani" suit in China [he is an international pilot] with about 50 gazzillion gold buttons on it"  "Please dude, you are not a captain on the Love Boat".  The suit cost 30.00, replacing all the buttons cost 100.00.  He is a bad shopper.
I got the first light fixture on sale at a lighting store for 50.00.  I was pretty pleased with myself, and then my husband was hanging it and it fell off the ladder.  Yep...back to the lighting store for another one.  Wasn't such a good deal after that. 
Wish I still had the broken one, it would look great painted black!  I gave the second one to a friend and she painted it black.  Dang.

Here is the new one.  I actually saw it in a really cool store for 2000.00.  Right, wrap it up.  Not.
So I saw the basket at Scott's for 150.00 and realized it was the same one, and I could have one made.  Done, that I can handle!
I used scrim [very gauzy linen] for the cover, just to soften it a little.
I like the ceiling and the fixture so much better.  This gets me to thinking about all the things we end up replacing in our homes.  We often buy something cheap, and then just keep  going after the look we want.  I would be right up there with Warren Buffett now if I had all of those funds back.
Don't think about it.


Scott's...part 2

OK....I am not trying to be mean.  I know how lucky I am to have such a great resource as this.  Really.  But if it makes you feel any better, think of all the money I have spent over the last 20 years.....I would be rich, seriously.  I mean, it was so bad for a while that I did not even go for  2 years.  Why you ask.....because I have no restraint.  It is like crack, and I could not control myself.  I used to go Thursday-Sunday.  Now I go one day.  I had to set limits, plus my garage was  full.
Anyway......here are just a few shots of cool stuff, and then I promise no more (until next month of course).
I wanted these so bad!  I could picture the cute makeover in my head, but no place to put them  Story of my life.
This was just such a cute display.  A beach house window treatment......
Hmmm....silver spoons in a shadow box.  Cute and cheap idea.
Just loved the bright blue inside this cabinet.
I am not a fan of fake greenery, except a fake orchid :).....but these were so cute and natural looking.

And now for a few more pillows.  Don't roll your eyes, cause these are  nice and you can order them custom!
How about that monogram!
Pretty huh?
I think she said that this was the most popular.
I love this one, so classic.

Well there you have it.  You can contact Myra McKinney @ 770 330 4621 if you are interested in any of these.  I think they are pretty special.
So, now it is another 4 weeks until the fun starts all over again.
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