Antique mirror

I am trying to think of when I first saw this done in a home or picture.  It was probably about 10 years ago and I was in LOVE!!!  Antique mirror.....I had to have me some.  Here are just a few pictures of where I have used it.  I could search the internet for a gazillion other images but I have a Christmas install today and I am madly rushing about like pigs after food.
This is from my master bathroom.  The whole wall was mirrored and I had them take it down and add about a 9" wide border in pieces all the way around.  
I was trying to take the picture without me being in it.
It is amazing that I still love it after so many years.  I can't say that about much [in the decorating world that is!]
This is in a foyer I did.  There were 2 closet doors and we were trying to dress it up a little.  Had the inserts made to fit right in.
I know you are wanting it now......
Here is the same foyer...a picture of the chandelier.  I think we found this at Lakewood Flea Market [tear drop falling...I still miss that place] in a box and it was so cheap.
Isn't the finish great?  We did not do a thing to it! did this go from mirrors to chandeliers? "add" is in full swing today :)  Please forgive.

On another thought, Denise and I got 2 place settings done more to go.  Our presentation is Sat.  Think we could have started this a little earlier?  I have lots of pictures and will share after it is over.  Our theme is "using what you have" to set a table.  Lord, we tore up her house yesterday looking for things and trying to be creative.  Of course we both have quite a bit of stuff being in the  design business. I am sure people will be thinking "those girls are on crack if they think I am going to believe they didn't buy anything".  OK...we did buy 2 cans of spray paint.  Stand down people.

Thanks for all of the comments about the pink bedroom.  Carson loved it!  


It's all about pink

I hope everyone is getting over their food coma!  This will be the last relaxing day of the weekend and then it is practically non stop until Christmas right?  Decorating for the holidays, school parties, shopping, cocktail parties....use this day wisely my friend :)  I managed to make it through Black Friday without spending a dime.  Of course I tied cement blocks to my is hard to walk in those things.

Last week a friend of mine sent me some pictures of her friends daughters room.  Her question: It's her birthday and "Aunt Jan" [my friend] wanted to "zhush" up her room, would I help.  We spent about 3 hours shopping at Target and Homegoods.  I had not seen the room only pictures but I did pick out the paint colors for the stripes.  She promised it would only take a couple of hours but I knew better.  OK...4 but what a transformation.  Carson had a pile of things that absolutely had to stay in the room.  What?  A seven year old with demands?  Future "diva".
Here are a few pictures.

This is a before.  Aunt Jan gave her the curtains from a bedroom of hers.  We decided to decorate it a little for Christmas!
Tying back the curtains really helped.  She has wooden blinds so privacy was not an issue.
Before shot of the bed.
We tweaked the bedding to help bring in the brown.  Moved the bedside table to the other side and placed the taller bookshelf  against the wall.  I think that made a huge difference.
  Another before shot.  We moved the bench over in front of the window.
Target:  mirror,large cream pillows,brown coverlet, pillows, pictures over the bed.  

Lamp and Christmas decor from Homegoods.
Before shot.
Just a little organizing here....
Changed out the knobs on the dresser and found the dress in her closet!  Too funny!
Another before.
Again, changing out the bedding was key.  It provided editing alone.
Christmas decor hung from the curtain rods with cream ribbon.  What are the chances that she will take that down after Christmas :)

From what I understand she was a happy little girl when they came home on Sat. 
I have a few Christmas installs this week.  By the time I am done....I am too tired to do my own house.  Maybe a little greenery and a wreath on the door.  BUT...I can live through all the beautiful decorations that I have been seeing around the blogs!  You guys ROCK!


What I'm thankful for......

Today is Thanksgiving.  I got up early to teach a 8:00 AM spin class....I know... what was I thinking.  It sounded like a good idea at the time :)
I have read so many beautiful post yesterday and today about family, table settings, and what people are thankful for.  I started this post yesterday, but found out that I had hit my limit with google and could not upload any more pictures?????  WTF?  Are you kidding me? 5.00 for 10,000 more pictures.  So, even though today is the day after Thanksgiving and you guys are all probably shopping, here are a few reasons that I am blessed.

I am thankful for my family and friends.
This photo was taken about 19 years ago on Daufauskie Island.  Back row is my brother in law Brad, my sister Maggie, my nephew Taylor, me, my bother Tommy, their daughter Catherine, his wife Tiphany.  Front row is my Mom, my niece Caitlin, my sister Nancy.  So much has happened since this Mom passed away from cancer, my brother had 2 more children, and my sister Nancy and I got married.  Life goes by in a blink...

All of in 2002.  I'm the oldest.  I hate that.

My stepdaughter Cari and her husband Greg.
My stepson Chris and his new bride Amy.
My husband David.
My design partner Denise.  She and I have worked together for 15 years.  During those years, she has suffered through cancer, job loss, and financial difficulties.  But...she always has a smile and a positive attitude.  And...with all of my craziness, she helps me stay organized!!  That is a big job believe me :)
My smoochie muffins...I have 2 but my other one never stands still!

This is my first year on the blog train.  It is hard to explain to people how much fun it is.  Of course my house is messier, my laundry does not get done as fast and  today we are out of cream because I was probably reading blogs instead of grocery shopping [I do have to get a handle on this issue].  I have met some great people, some in person [Julie and Ally] and some just through their comments.  My appreciation goes out to everyone who finds time in their busy life to read Design Indulgence.  I know how HUGE that is! reading and commenting could be a full time job.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


The Den...before and after....

Thank you guys so much for all the wonderful comments about the foyer.  I really can't wait to get the right mirror and accessorize the area.  I wish I had a foyer bigger than a postage stamp.  I shouldn't least I have a house :)

OK...on to the den.  I am going to start with a few before shots, then with just the furniture [before all accessories] and then the fun part.  I know I have said this before but that is what makes the room so personal.  Nancy and Don, the homeowners, are pretty traditional.  This home is located in East Lake, which is a historic neighborhood in Atlanta.  It was part of a plantation owned by Civil War Col. Robert A. Alston.  The Antebellum home is the 2nd oldest home in Atlanta and is right next to this property.  

Here are a few starting pictures of the den:

Decisions...where to put the TV???  Over the mantel or to the right.  I think my preference would be the mantel only because it just seems more balanced to me.  Everyone has pretty strong opinions about this issue but I  decided to let the homeowners make the decision.  I am not going to living there!

This is before we started, just getting the furniture placement first.  To me this is the first step, no tables or lamps.  The pillows are there because we had originally thought they were going to be in the chairs, but you will see later one we changed that up.

Here is the final shot after we decided what went where!  The tobacco basket from Scott's.  The bookends and books belonged to the homeowner.  Throw from Homegoods and small bench from a flea market in Atlanta.  Since it is such a small room they can use it for extra seating and end tables.  I love when furniture can do double duty!

We purchased the shutters at the same flea market.  They help to fill up the space a little.  The TV can go in either space and the basket or shutters are versatile enough to be used in other areas.
On to another area....
The sofa before we started.
Mixed up the pillows a little with a few from Pottery Barn.  The bird prints are reproductions from Scott's and the frames are from Michaels.  The pharmacy lamp is Homegoods and the small table is Pottery Barn also.

We picked up the ottoman at the same flea market as the other things.  Once again for a small room, more seating.  It really is the "pow" for the room.

Another angle.
This is the chair we had at first.  It belonged to the homeowner.  We switched it out for another one they had.
It just fit the space better and I did not like the leather with the ottoman.
Here is a view of the room from the kitchen.  The door on the left leads to the foyer.  The door on the right leads to a small vestibule that we set up as a  reading room.  I am saving those pictures for another time!  Gotta stretch it out right!
A few up close shots....
I know what you're thinking....their kids are grown so no one is going to pull off the books and jar :)
The homeowner had the mirror and we just sprayed it black.  Had a bird picture left over...more layering. check this out.... A before shot of the kitchen cabinets.

And after...
Painted the cabinet black.  One on each side of the stove.  I LOVE this!!!  Where else can I do it???? It really made a big difference.  "Screech"...I know that is the sound that your chairs are making as you RUN into your kitchen to see if you can do it :)
Cafe curtains out of burlap.
The black leather barstools we ordered from Overstock.  They are so comfortable and I think all 3 were 550.00 maybe?

So later this week.....the reading room.  I also have that nursery almost completed and an update from the house with the blue doors.

AND....the Christmas House opens the Nov 26th.  Sponsored by Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles it is at the Mansion on Peachtree.  AND.....Denise and I are giving a presentation on Dec. 4th at 12:30 on table setting..using what you have in your home.  I am hoping to fill the room with just my friends so I won't be skeared!!!  This is SO not my thing [talking in front of a crowd].  I got talked into it after a few too many glasses of wine.  When I woke up the next morning I was hoping it was all a bad dream.  Nope.  Reality.  I am going to pass out alcohol to the crowd so they will be drunk and then I can wow them with cheap crap from Big Lots.  In fact I think I will make it so tacky they won't know whether I am for real or not..hee haw!

Hope you all had a great weekend.

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