I know you guys remember this room that I completed about 2 years ago.

Well....she gave me a call to come and do her DR and office.

I am not going to show you the before ....because it's definitely more impact to be able to compare.

But.....I am going to show you some of the plan.

We wanted to lighten it up and of course since I am a "pusher" I decided to show her some wallpapers.

 Hands down this was her favorite right from the get go.

It's by Harlequin and it has the soft blue green colors that she likes so much.

We are going to keep her existing table and chairs but add some 2 upholstered pieces for softness.

This one by Charles Stewart.

In this fabric by Kravet.

But then we thought since stripe can be kind of straight laced sometimes.... we decided to do the same version with a skirt.

The curtains will be this gorgeous silk taffeta [Robert Allen] with a small beaded trim

I looked at rugs from Surya....trying to find one with a pattern.  Much more forgiving to stains [she has 3 kids]

Now we get to chandeliers.....
I love this classic bronze one from Circa Lighting...

And I ran across this one but now I can't remember where.....rats.

That is as far as we have gotten....

Looking forward to getting this baby up and running:)

Now about Camelot....Cami!

Lord I forgot what it was like to have a younger dog in the house.  Busy....busy.....

The "hand-off" went so much better than expected.  The first night in the hotel [Gainesville, Florida] was a little crazy....but in reality the first night at our house was crazy times 10.

She tricked me with that sweet face.

My husband and I kept looking at each other like "wtf have we done?"  She.....brought out 4 pair of shoes from the closet [those doors are now kept closed], a pair of pajamas, ate a peony, dragged into the den 6 throws, 2 Ikea sheepskins, a stick from outside, took a couple of bites off a plant, started in on a Flokati rug....[that got a big NO] and is now pulled up as are all of the throws. That was only in a few hours.

Whew...and after being walked about 3.5 miles!

  It is day 5 and she is doing a little better....I am trying to wean her off the drugs that her Mom had her on.  Paxil and Clonidine [for anxiety].  Walking her up to 4 times a day.  I just want to see what she is like in her "raw" state so I can access. I realize she is a puppy [17 months old].  Energy is to be expected right?

I just had to put this post on hold while I ran her around the block....she came in jumped up on the bed and threw up so now the sheets are being washed.

I have a feeling it is going to be a long summer.

Hope you guys have a nice calm weekend:)





Without sounding like a broken record.....there is nothing like changing out a few pillows to make your room feel like an impostor.....you know pretend to be a space that you didn't know it could be!

I was cruising Etsy and rounded up a few of my favorites just incase you were ready to "throw down".....which I am always on the verge of doing.

Here is a group that could liven up any space!

These could take you into the fall....throw a pretty pale green into the mix!

Love the abstract black and white [one of my favorite patterns] with these.....can't go wrong here.

I used it in my sister ORC last year.

I mixed it with these....

It works with this combo also!

And.....I added the abstract to these....
Do you hate me yet....cause I know how to drill down on a subject.....

Black and white buffalo check gives this grouping a playful mix.

Loving these colors.....for a "boho" collection

There you have it.....it's up to you now:)
All pillows from Etsy.

I will update you on Camelot later this week.....whew it has been a wild ride!




As a designer when you start putting a room together it can be overwhelming.  Do you even know how many furniture lines there are?

A gazillion.  Of course you have your favorites like Lee Industries or Bernhardt Interiors but there are so many more.

When I was working on that huge project I had to wrack my brain so that everything did not look the same.....using different lines and price points available to me.

It had been a while since I flipped through the reasonably priced  Hooker Furniture catalog and.... yes there is a lot that made my eyes bleed but on the other hand I was quite surprised with some of the things I saw!

The first few images are from the Corsica Collection.  I think it has a slight Restoration Hardware feel.

Comes in this dark finish also

Love this dresser

And these beds.

Then I stumbled across these

I still love a pretty  windsor chair.

I think these red ones could work in the right setting.

What about this bed?

And this etagere 

 This leather sofa is almost an exact replica of a Lee style I have used many times.
It's nice to be able to mix in the high and low when putting a room together don't cha think?

It's all about the look!

So what did I order from Hooker?

This buffet from the Corsica collection to be used as a console under the TV.

It has that Belgium gray finish and worked perfectly.  The chaise is from Lee and the owner built that nook to house their beautiful antique bookcase.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!  Everything is still a go for driving down to get Camelot.....so watch for pictures on Instagram!




After I started reading the ORC linkups I couldn't stop.....it was like I was getting paid to review....hey Linda maybe that could be my job!

I took my time and whipped through about 10 a day:).  Let me say again that I am continually  amazed at all the talent I saw.

I want to share a few more with you....some that inspired me.

Nesting With Grace did a kitchen makeover filled with vintage and of course I am a little obsessed with those floors....

Inspiration....the floors!

I love what Kate did with this guest bedroom for a client.
Inspiration....mixing high with low!

Kate from Miss Dixie gave her outdated bathroom a makeover

Inspiration....lots of white paint!

Brittany from White Dog Vintage did a great job on her kitchen makeover.
Inspiration.....green floors!

Albertina from Mimosa Lane did a mudroom makeover.  Right....like this is really her mudroom:)

Inspiration....start with a neutral background and then add color!

Melissa from Online Interior Design completed a kitchen makeover
Inspiration....those black and white painted floors....!

And there is more....

How about this for a boys room!  Katie Grace Designs did such a creative space.
Inspiration....mostly monochromatic colors mixed with some industrial and retro furniture.  It works.

Rita [The Crane Concept] created a colorful seating area in her kitchen!
Inspiration....she lives in a rental so she built this to take with her!

Need more kitchen encouragement?  Check out what Tera Janelle did with hers....when you see the before you will be wowed!

Inspiration....Using big box store kitchen cabinets.

This New York kitchen is the size of a postage stamp but Chloe Livingston did not let that stop her from giving it so much style! 

Inspiration....styling is everything!

Erin over at Holtwood Hipster shares her talent with us in her man's office makeover.
Inspiration.....that dark wall gives this space so much!

And last I have to pay homage to my cottage style roots....Take a look at Jessica's [ Dear Emmeline ] new dining space.
Inspiration....paint and great styling!

And so ORC spring 2015 comes to a close.  This fall it starts all over again.  Can you believe the creativity that is out there?  Shoot...if you can't put a room together with pinterest, magazines and blogs then there is a problem somewhere....no brainer.

You guys are awesome with your supportive comments on my dog rescue....I  am excited but still apprehensive about taking a dog away from somebody who loves her:(



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