What a week!  I think I say that way too much:)  For some reason....[probably peer pressure from my friend] I decided to do Hell Week at Orange Theory.  What does that mean?  ....take 5 classes in a row.  This morning is #5 and I'm damn ready for it to be over.

For realz.....

That on top of working on the ORC and installing some curtains......spend a day picking out tile for bathrooms along with 3 hours of figuring out where all the light fixtures and switches go in a renovation.

I can't catch you up on the ORC [come back next Wednesday for that!] but here are some pictures of other happenings.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this combination.

Cream silk with some pretty Fabricut trim.

The rug was placed and this beautiful Circa Lighting chandelier was also hung.

Rug from Surya

You can see there is not much chain.  This dining room has 8 ft ceilings but it's really long.  Taking note that the existing light fixture looked dwarfed this was the only one I could find that I thought would work.  

I am not going to lie.  When I saw the box I started sweating.  It was huge y'all.  But.....after it was hung I relaxed.  The fact that there is no glass helps to discuss the size while filling up the space.

This tile....

Here are some selections for a kitchen I'm working on.  The dark gray antique limestone is going on the floors.  The wood will be the island and the rest of the cabinets will be white.....

Here was my inspiration....


I took a trip last Saturday with Sudi to see the This Old House country cottage showhouse. She had done the window treatments for the designer Yvonne McFadden

I have always love her style.....


There you have it.....time for the weekend and I am thrilled.....overjoyed....clicking my heels.

Happy Halloween!

Sheriky Freaky



Oh boy....that was hard to admit....week 4.  Since I participated in the first ORC and didn't finish I have been diligent about being prepared in the last 4.  This one might be an exception.

I am struggling y'all.  It's  just a big old fat reminder that my time management skills suck. is the kicker.  I have actually had more than 6 weeks to finish.  I mean I had to order furniture right?  I can't really put my finger on where it went south.....

I can say that last weeks decision to paint the floors might be the culprit.

Yes....the bid to refinish them came in at over 1200.00.  It seemed like a no-brainer.  

We prepped by renting a sander.
Vacuuming 3 times.....lightly mopping and then using a tack cloth.  I read numerous articles about using SW Porch paint so that is what I went with.  Tinted to SW Alabaster.

3 coats later and I realized this....
See where it says in essence no furniture for 7 days?  WTH.....I do not have that much time!  Then as much as SW said I do not need to put a clear coat of Poly over it....I have read online that I should.  Good Lord....why don't I ever read the small print.  Have I learned nothing in 63 years?

But they look oh so pretty:)


Then I started re-thinking the dining area.  Cause I got all the time in the world right.

So I started auditioning.....

I brought this bench in along with a 30" round table that I would skirt in a cream linen....

Found this great throw at HG's.

The verdict is still out.

While I was doing the first round [of many I'm sure] of accessorizing the bookshelves the "bunny" helped with this last minute decision.

A word about one of our sponsors....Karastan!
My selection is called Woolston Plaid and it is made from 100% New Zealand wool.  It's available in 8 colors and the good news is that it's National Karastan Month!  Yep..... and along with the lowest prices of the season you can go to this link where they are offering a 1000.00 cash back coupon! 

This gorgeous rug is waiting for me along with the beautiful sofa and chairs from Lee Industries and as soon as I figure out what to do with the floors then all will be delivered.  Let's just hope it's sooner rather than later:)

A reminder of the furniture.  Sofa in pinstripe and chairs in solid.

But here is an unexpected piece of news with someone who decided I needed help....Ballard Designs.  They gifted me these Marguerite barstools!

My sister was elated!!!

Another sponsor is Decorators Best!  Since I wanted to wallpaper something....I decided the foyer could use a little love:)

Ya think?  Yes.... this was a popular wall treatment in the late 90's.  Shocking.

So this Schumacher Lace went up yesterday and I feel like I won the wallpaper lottery.  I have always loved this classic paper.

I am in love......

17 days to go....but not really because I have to  photograph and write the darn let's just say 12 days.

I just got the shivers and threw up in my mouth a little.

That's life.  It might be smoke and mirrors but I will style it up best I can!

Time to catch up with everyone else and see if there is panic among the ranks!




If you follow me on Instagram then you heard the news!  The project that I have been working on for the last year was photographed last week for one of my favorite magazines.....Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.

It was shot by Erica George Dines who also shot a project I did 12 years ago for AH&L.

She is the ultimate professional.....sometimes taking 15 minutes to perfect a shot asking each of us to also take a look and make sure everything is good.

It was 2 very long days....I had my Fit Bit on and did 23,000 steps in one day.  Boom!

I took a few detail shots......

I spent 2 days before the shoot ironing all of the bedding so it was crisp:)

This is Michael's [Michael Ladisic Fine Homes] personal home [his 4th in our neighborhood!] and the 3rd one that I have worked on.
It took over a year to build and the detailing is amazing.  He was very involved with the design and put together quite the team starting with Matthew Quinn for the kitchen, Architect Linda MacArthur and landscape designer Graham Pittman & Assoc. 

I think he bought every boxwood in the city.

Erica was joined by the  editor of AH&L Elizabeth Ralls,  Blake Dowling Weeks [who did all of the flowers and helped style] and the talented Eleanor Roper.....stylist extraordinar.  

I learned so much just watching her.  Talk about edit.  I went home and looked at my house through new eyes. Crikey.....what a hot mess. 

Anyway......the good news is that it's going to be in the January issue.....Merry Christmas to me:)

Alrighty's Friday.  I am damn happy about that.


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